Less Explody Aircaft by taro8
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Taro8 released his Less Explody Aircaft mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This time I messed around with the aircraft configs in order to make them less of deathtraps. After many hours of trials I found out that all you really need to do is to lower the explosionShielding (to 0.5 from 10~20) on the main config part (NOT the hitpoints). The result is this: helicopters and planes can take more hits from AA fire and not turn into giant fireball right away, while the modules (engine etc.) do get damaged and destroyed. In the end aircraft are destroyed by crashing down rather than by fire. It is still possible to destroy the aircraft with gunfire or explosive, but they are more resilient to this, but their modules will get damaged, with will knock the craft out and cause AI to bail. Ii also gives you a chance and time to eject.
    I also zeroed out epeImpulseDamageCoef with in stops the crashing from being a death sentence. If you are lucky and don't hit anything during the crash, the chances are the helicopter wont explode and you will survive the crash (helo will still get damaged modules). It's pretty random though, but least its no longer a certain death sentence.
    In combination with above: I chanded the crewCrashProtection, so the crew is more likely to get injured during the crash.

    Note that these are incredibly simple config tweaks, so different aircraft might behave differently. I edited the base classes so all vanilla aircraft as well as many modded ones (pretty much all of CUP) are affected.

    • lower explosionShielding so aircraft take less damage from AA fire
    • modules still take damage as normal, so aircraft still crash
    • zeroed out epeImpulseDamageCoef so it is possible to survive a crash
    • crewCrashProtection changed so it is more likely for the crew to get injured during a crash
    • simple base config edit with affects a lot of modded aircraft without the need for compatibility patches

Written on 2017-03-20 14:20 by Armaholic  

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