Chernarus Isles by torndeco
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Jeza informed us Torndeco released the Chernarus Isles on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is basically Chernarus and Utes maps from Arma2 combined together atm.

    Other changes include
    1) Duplicated map objects got removed
    2) Some minor fixes to object positions on Chernarus
    Bench block barracks near top left airfield.
    Moved silo in chernarus so guard rails on top walkway are lined up correctly
    And some other minor changes

    You should be able to use this in replace of Chernarus with existing positions i.e the mapsize is unchanged.
    Also the SAT Image isn't perfectly blended in, but its good enough for now imo.

    • Berezino: 2 Shipping Containers behind shop rotated, so open doors aren't glitching through a wall.
    • Fixed floating Land_A_Office01
    • Few other small fixes

Written on 2017-03-20 19:19 by Armaholic  

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