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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, Little Yacht, Paddle Mod

Version: 1.6.01
Signed: Yes

Short description: If you've ever dreamed of sailing a boat in Arma 3 using the wind to move around, now you can! Using [Dust]Sabre's cool sailboats, once you unfurl the sails, the boat will move forward based on the wind strength and direction.

Date: 2019-08-24 09:03

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Sailing Mod


If you've ever dreamed of sailing a boat in Arma 3 using the wind to move around, now you can! Using [Dust]Sabre's cool sailboats, once you unfurl the sails, the boat will move forward based on the wind strength and direction. Different wind angles will cause the boat to automatically change the angle of the boom arm. You'll have to navigate to your destination based on the best angle of the wind. But beware, don't sail directly into the wind or you'll get stuck "In Irons" which will slow you down.

New Wind Info Display
Built In Compass (shows your heading and wind direction)
Point of Sail Indicator (changes depending on angle of boat to the wind)
Point of Sail Color Indicator (Green = Good, Blue = OK, Red = Bad)
Wind Direction Arrow (moves with changes in the wind)
Heading Display
True Wind Angle Display
True Wind Speed Display
Wind Angle to Boat Display (+ is Starboard) (- is Port)
Night Mode
Wind pushes boat forward depending on angle
Wind leans boat over port or starboard depending on wind speed
Automatic boom arm changes (just steer and relax)
Custom Sounds
In-game Instructions and tips in the Field Manual

To install Sailing Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Future plans:
Advanced Sailing Model where YOU control the boom arm and determine the speed of the boat.
Possibly a navigation system which generates lay lines for you

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to [Dust]Sabre for generously working with me on his model to help make this mod a reality.

License / Disclaimer:
Any unauthorized modification of the released files is strictly prohibited without written permission by the author(s) except in the case of fair use for the purposes of learning. In those cases, the modified files can not be released to the public.
You are using these files at your own risk.
Author(s) of these files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by usage of these files.
Usage of these files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to usage on monetized servers.

Various bug fixes

NEW: Apparent Wind Angle arrow on display
NEW: Now uses PhysX instead of old setVelocity (smoother gameplay)
NEW: More efficient Night Mode (texture coloring instead of texture replacement)
NEW: Red flag on mast instead of wind sock
NEW: Boat leaning takes into account True Wind Angle for more accuate boat leaning
NEW: Front jib sail fully animated
NEW: True Wind Direction (TWD) now indicates wind direction over the ground
FIXED: TWA (True Wind Angle) indicator now indicates correct number
UPDATED: Instructions now illustrate TWA correctly (I didn't fully understand it before)
FIXED: Now compatible with TFAR and ACE (no more hint box problems)
FIXED: Crank sounds only occur when pulling in the sails
MODIFIED: Water Spray now only comes in at top speed of boat (more immersive)
MODIFIED: Altered the names of the actions to be more clear
MODIFIED: Altered the look of the AC lights to be more realistic
MODIFIED: Added in a "reflection" to the headlight to make it look more realistic as light bounces back onto the boat from the air and water
MODIFIED: Various code improvements

Changed the way the display works - should scale correctly now
Fixed the marker lights so red is on the port side and green is on the starboard
Changed the way the marker lights look so they are more realistic (Arma 3 lighting upgrade version)
Added a new light to the cockpit so you can see better at night

Improved accuracy of wind speed calculation
Additional tweaks

Removed 'Unfurl Sail' and 'Furl Sail' control from boat passengers.
Fixed a small typo in the Field Guide

Even more additional tweaks, pre-launch.

Additional Tweaks to Initial Release.

Initial Upload - Tweaks

Initial Upload

- Community Base addons A3
- Little Yacht
- Paddle Mod

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- BI forums

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