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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3), Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.5.7
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: With ADV - ACE CPR you can finally use CPR to get someone out of the revive state without healing him completely, making gameplay much more interesting.

Date: 2019-03-02 10:55

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ADV - ACE CPR (only for aceĀ³ versions until 3.12.6)

My community and I had a serious problem with the way ACE handles its CPR.

If you're playing with ace_medical_enableRevive=1 you might have found out that CPR practically does nothing as long as your patient has no pulse (i.e. is in the revive state). You would need to use a Personal Aid Kit to revive your patient, setting all his health variables back to their start values - practically doing a magical heal with the magical wand called PAK.

With adv_aceCPR you can finally use CPR to get someone out of the revive state without healing him completely, making gameplay much more interesting.

After successfully "stabilizing" the patient, he/she will have a basic pulse of at least 30bpm. ACE-doctors have a 40% success rate and ACE-medics have a 15% success rate. Regular riflemen can resuscitate a patient, but they will have a much lower success rate. They can still keep the patient from dying due to an expired revive timer though. The success rate is lowered if the patient looses blood and is raised if the patient received Epinephrine right before CPR. The minimum rate is always 2%, unless the player starts with a success probability of 0 (look at "For mission builders" for additonal info). Depending on your settings (adv_aceCPR_maxTime) you might be too late to resuscitate a player with CPR alone - in that case I have good news for you:

With version 1.4.0 a new item has been added to adv_aceCPR: A defibrillator.

The defibrillator works almost like the CPR action, but you have to have a defibrillator in your inventory and it's much faster and the success rate is way higher. You can only use the defibrillator if you're a medic (ace_medical_medicClass > 0).

With version 1.5.4 I have added the option to use stationary AEDs. You can set the stationary AED objects via CBA settings. Default is Land_Defibrillator_F.
You can place a stationary AED via editor or curator. Players can approach the item and use an ACE action to activate the stationary AED.
By activating it they have 12 seconds to use it on any unconscious patient in a radius of five meters. After 12 seconds the stationary AED will deactivate again.

I highly recommend to put your PAKs in mothballs.

(Btw.: ADV is my nametag, it's not an abbreviation for 'advanced'. ;))

The Steam Workshop Version will not be as regularly updated as versions available at the official channels:

To install ADV - ACE CPR you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the ADV - ACE CPR please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Known issues:
- Unknown

Credits & Thanks:
- LeWarz and the whole Spezialeinheit Luchs for playtesting
- Markus from Boom Tools Filmton for his support and the AED sound!
- T.Fork
- NorX Aengell
- DeliciousJaffa

License / Disclaimer:
This addon - as a whole - is allowed to be copied, distributed or modified as per the GPL-2.0 licence.

Additional terms apply for using this addon:
You may not use this addon or parts or derivatives of it for any commercial purposes, including monetized game servers.
This addon or parts or derivatives of it may not be used in any derivative of Life gamemode.

Different licences may apply to parts of this addon if it's not copied or distributed as a whole.

UPDATED: licence

ADDED: spanish translation

FIXED: Duplication of aedstation-actions.
FIXED: RPT spam from checkPulse-action.
ADDED: Polish translation. (Thanks to veteran29!)

IMPROVED: compatibility to diwako_ragdoll.
IMPROVED: added new sound and reworked aed station sounds.
IMPROVED: added adv_aceCPR_aed to ace medical advanced crate.
IMPROVED: replaced ace_medical_fnc_actionCheckPulseLocal with slightly edited function.
IMPROVED: added chinese translation (thanks to GodofMonkeys!)
IMPROVED: added stationary AED.

IMPROVED: isResurrectable should always return true if only ace_medical_inCardiacArrest is true.
IMPROVED: removed superfluous check for ace_medical_enableRevive.
IMPROVED: variables will be set to nil instead of false. Might mitigate issues. Don't know...
IMPROVED: added check for inReviveState OR inCardiacArrest.

Update 1.5.2:
ADDED: setting to enable AED usage only in medical facilities/medical vehicles/both/all.

Update 1.5.1:
ADDED: Setting to enable/disable ADV - ACE CPR.

Update 1.5.0:
ADDED: added cba settings.
ADDED: setting for maximum duration for CPR to be still successful.
IMPROVED: time added to revive-timer upon CPR now depending on new variable adv_aceCPR_timeAdd.
REMOVED: deprecated variables adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors and adv_aceCPR_quotient.

IMPROVED: added french translation to stringtable.xml - courtesy of NorX Aengell.

FIXED: removed superfluous animation start on CPR or AED action.

FIXED: Compatibility to ACE 3.11.0

FIXED: removed time quotient again - seemed to cause issues.
IMPROVED: Added model for defibrillator.

FIXED: wrong query for revive enabled.
IMPROVED: pulse reducing medication will now lower the chance of success significantly.
IMPROVED: adv_aceCPR_quotient will revert to 1 for values below 1.
IMPROVED: changed nomenclature of functions.
IMPROVED: moved call for fn_addTime.
IMPROVED: readded time quotient.
IMPROVED: bloodvolume and pulse will only be reset if revive is enabled.
IMPROVED: morphine now lowers probability.

FIXED: CPR action wasn't available in some cases.

IMPROVED: Raised weight of AED item.
IMPROVED: AED will "show" heartrate of patient after use.
IMPROVED: Added pain for every use of AED.
IMPROVED: Added probability for AED to adv_aceCPR_probabilities.
MATCHED: licence

ADDED: sound for AED (great shoutout to Boom Tools Filmton!)
FIXED: Wrong function called on non-local AED usage.

ADDED: New defibrillator item

FIXED: CPR hasn't been working properly since 1.3.3.

FIXED: CPR not possible in cardiac arrest (Thanks to T.Fork for pointing that out!)

Changed animation for CPR action.
Added prefix to pbo.

Added new variable adv_aceCPR_probabilities that contains an array of probabilities for [ace_medical_medicClass == 2, ace_medical_medicClass == 1, ace_medical_medicClass == 0 ]. Default values are: [40,15,5].
Added new debugging function to streamline the code.
Standard ACE-CPR is no longer executed additionally.
Revive timer will now gain a random value between 0 and 5 seconds additional to the 15 seconds the action takes to perform.

adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors can now have a value of 0 (all can resuscitate), 1 (medics and doctors can resuscitate), 2 (only doctors can resuscitate). Compatibility with boolean-values is still provided (false for 0, true for 2).

reduced probability of successfull resuscitation for regular soldiers.

added variable adv_aceCPR_onlyDoctors (default: false) to allow successfull CPR only for medics with ace_medical_medicClass = 2.
updated ReadMe & license.

added a lot of debugging possibilities (set adv_aceCPR_diag = true)
added changing probability of success depending on medication and bloodloss
fixed a minor locality issue

-Fixed locality issues.

- first release

- Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

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