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Version: 2

Short description: This adds a North Altis Oil Rig build from vanilla and apex assets, meaning it will work with almost any community.

Date: 2017-03-29 08:39

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Silos' North Altis Oil Rig V2


After looking at some of the brilliant inspiration on youtube and steam by Nikoleav and Xcino, (and an awesome rig by Luger from last year) I decided my original rig just didn't cut it.

This one is complete from vanilla and apex assets, meaning it will work with almost any community.
It is >4x larger than my previous rig and puts it on a similar scale to Xcino's V2.

Features include:
The structure can be accessed from any one of the 4 struts and gives unique bottlenecks at each one.
Multiple office structures and pump areas plus service pipelines to new locations.
HUGE level of verticality with multiple 'decks' and sight lines.
A secret location for SF ops.
A full size helipad and lighting for even the largest of transports.
A sensible amount of lighting to assist immersive night ops, (turn dynamic lights up to ULTRA)
AND FINALLY, I have added 4 changable respawn points that place players onto the four struts. Good for PVP or curated/role play elements.

Obviously AI will struggle to navigate the thing, but the pathing isn't the worst.

Use it / alter it as you see fit but let me know of you make any videos, please credit me if you want to re-release it in something else.

Anyway have fun. and if you like this sort of thing, drop in the CPM at or our teamspeak at

Installation / usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Silos' North Altis Oil Rig V2 please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.


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