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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2020-08-27

Short description: lets you add a ClothingShop, a VehiclesShop and a WeaponsShop into your Arma 3 mission.

Date: 2020-09-04 11:16

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Simple Shops


This script lets you use a ClothingShop, a VehiclesShop and a WeaponsShop

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Simple Shops please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.
Or check github: Simple Shops on Github

Credits & Thanks:
Torndeco - extDB3
FlatIcons - Icons
TteMerino - Spanish translation
Atlas1205 - Chinese translation
N3V3RD134l0N3 - Logo

License / Disclaimer:
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

now includes a units shop.

v 1.0
Initial Release

v 1.1
Global - Localization support
Global - Custom shops support
Global - Redo parts of dialogs (some were complaining about dialogs being too small)
Global - Ability to whitelist shops by ranks (waiting for feedback, is it a good idea?), see respective shop config
Global - Support for different currency
Global - Better comments
Clothing Shop - Added slider to dialog to turn player left or right for better preview
Vehicles Shop - Support for multiple markers for vehicle spawning (the system will select first free spawn point)
Vehicles Shop - Vehicle preview is now spawned in the air, it is no longer needed to have it on a flat surface
Vehicles Shop - Ability to clear vehicle inventory when spawned or not, up to mission makers
Weapons Shop - Magazines / Items / Scopes support
Weapons Shop - More weapon infos (instead of just the price...)

v 1.2
Global - Ability to choose what shop you want to display (better shop customization)
Global - Persistent cash (toggleable)
Global - Persistent vehicles (toggleable)
Global - Cash display in HUD (toggleable)
Global - Ability to set start cash
Global - Ability to give money to other players
Vehicles Shop - Virtual garage
Vehicles Shop - Ability to lock/unlock owned vehicles

v 1.3
Global - Support for different currency
Weapons Shop - Altered fn_handleItems.sqf file, it does now handle items better

v 1.4
Garage - Dialog can be moved with mouse while holding top left icon
Weapons Shop - Dialog can be moved with mouse while holding top left icon
Global - Better currency support

v 1.5
Clothing Shop - Added total price text in top bar & added option to remove glasses/headgear/uniform/vest/backpack in dialog list
Global - Toggleable clothing crate
Global - Toggleable give money action

v 1.6
Global - Fixed rewards
Global - Added rating handling (players can't have negative rating anymore so they are not considered enemies)
Global - Fixed cash hints
Global - Removed hiding of units when in shop view (muzzle flashs were still visible)

v 1.7
Global - Player inventory saving (toggleable)
Global - Vehicles inventory saving (toggleable)
Global - Locked inventory when vehicle is locked (vehicle owner can still access it)
Global - Added sound for locking/unlocking vehicles
Global - Fixed AI script
Global - Fixed missing ; in fn_clientInitialization.sqf
Global - Changed addUniform to forceAddUniform

Global - XP (ranks) system (toggleable)
Global - Kill count in HUD (toggleable)
Global - Player tags (toggleable)
Global - Map markers showing teammates in real time (toggleable)

Global - Fixed XP not updating
Global - Fixed killed count addition & HUD killed count update
Global - Fixed player tags were laggin
Global - Fixed missing money icon error
Global - Added Submarine type for vehicle spawn detection
Global - Added function to add or sub XP (HG_fnc_addOrSubXP)
Global - Added function to add or sub kills (HG_fnc_addOrSubKills)
Global - Added set rank function, set unit rank on the go (HG_fnc_setRank)
Global - Added set owner function, set vehicle ownership on the go (HG_fnc_setOwner)
Global - Added multiple ranks whitelist to shops (instead of only one rank for one shop)
Global - Added arrows to set number of items to buy in weapons shop, you can now buy 1,2,3,4... magazines in one click
Global - Altered fn_handleItems to reflect the above change
Global - Changed the HG_XP variable type, you will have to run this in editor before tryin to join any server (you will lose your old XP & rank)

v 2.0 (milestone)
Global - Added admin menu dialog for easier management (give money, xp etc... remotely), default key is Left Windows (219) see adminKey in config
Global - Added admins array in main config (HG_Config.h) that goes along with the above addition
Global - Fixed AI teamkill penalty
Global - Fixed money not working in editor & dedicated environments
Global - Fixed money & gear "hacking"

v 2.1
Global - Fixed saved rank not setting up properly
Global - Changed config layout
Global - Fixed name tags appearing on NPC
Global - Added Truck/Ship/Submarine vehicle types
Global - Added head mounted displays & binoculars saving
Global - Added vehicle inventory saving when closing inventory
Global - Added option to disable vehicles storing automatically when player disconnects (see HG_Config.h > storeVehiclesOnDisconnect)
Global - Fixed vehicles disappearing from garage when server crashes or restarts
Global - Added option to reset players garages when server starts (see HG_Config.h > resetGaragesOnServerStart)
Global - Fixed HUD not updating when connecting for the first time
Global - Added config for garages where you can set individual garages and what vehicle types you can store & also setup spawn points & store point (see HG_GaragesCfg.h) see Usage Virtual Garage part
Note #1 Your old garages and store points won't work after the update due to system changes
Note #2 Make sure to reset both client & server profile vars -> username.vars.Arma3Profile (you will lose all your saved stuff)

v 2.2
Global - Separation of client & server functions in their respective folders HG\Functions\Client - HG\Functions\Server
Global - Added addAction localization (only those added via scripts atm)
Global - Added warning message when trying to empty vehicle inventory
Global - Fixed vehicle locking itself when changing locality (get in)
Global - Dialogs sizes are now better scaled (Issue #2)
Global - Redo give money dialog
Global - Redo HUD
Global - Added shop discount per rank option (see HG_Config.h > HG_MasterCfg > RANK > wShopDiscount / cShopDiscount / vShopDiscount respectively)
Global - Weapons in inventory are now saved WITHOUT ATTACHMENTS
Garage - If the store point isn't defined player position is used to detect vehicles in a certain radius
Vehicle shop - Added toggleable "buy to garage" option via button (see HG_Config.h > enableBuyToGarage)
Vehicle shop - Fixed selected vehicle seat count display was wrong
Global - extDB3 support see dedicated wiki page for instructions

v 2.3
Global - Added addAction localization (external ones eg: in mission)
Global - Clothing shop is now gear shop (weapons have to be added there) & Weapons shop is now items shop (for magazines, scopes, mines etc...). This change unlocks weapon preview
Global - Renamed wShopDiscount / cShopDiscount to iShopDiscount / gShopDiscount respectively
Global - Renamed HG_ClothingShopCfg.h / HG_WeaponsShopCfg.h to HG_GearShopCfg.h / HG_ItemsShopCfg.h respectively
Global - Changed addActions to reflect the shop changes (also replaced addActions icons with money.paa) Global - Fixed _discount variable error in shops
Global - Fixed HG_fnc_disconnect function

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