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Requirements: RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, VSM - Accessory, VSM - Uniforms, VSM - Vests and Helmets

Version: 1.2
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Short description: Special Forces Faction that adds Russian 'Spetznaz' Forces, based on the Spetznaz 'Vympel' unit from 2012-2015 and the Spetznaz SSO from 2016-2017. It contains a range of ground and air forces, with vehicle supports.

Date: 2017-07-24 09:54

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Russian Spetznaz [SFF-R]


Special Forces Faction that adds Russian 'Spetznaz' Forces, based on the Spetznaz 'Vympel' unit from 2012-2015 and the Spetznaz SSO from 2016-2017. It contains a range of ground and air forces, with vehicle supports.

Historical Info-

The term 'Spetznaz' is a general catch-all that refers to all Soviet and Russian Special Forces groups. The faction is based on the Spetznaz SSO and the Spetznaz 'Vympel' units in particular.
'Vympel' Unit was formed under the command of the KGB, the Soviet intelligence forces, in 1981, and it operates internationally, outside Russia's borders. The Unit went on to fight in Afghanistan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Angola, Mozambique, Lebanon, as either direct combat units and a raiding force, intelligence gathering recon missions, or as military advisors in fighting against guerilla or insurgent movements.

The Faction-
Spetznaz Vympel forces in the faction are equipped with SURPAT camo, with AK-74M's as the primary rifle, with Eotech's, Kobra's and other optics. The VSS, PKP, AKS-74U and RPG-18 serve in specialist roles within the faction.
Spetznaz SSO are equipped in Multicam uniforms, with more access to Zenitco AK-74's and AK103's compared to the Vympel units, with SVD's, PKP's and RPG-18's in specialist roles. The standard sidearm is the MP443 'Grach' but some Glock 17's and Makarov PM's are also used in small numbers.

They are based on photographs and helmet camera footage of Spetznaz units from 2012 to early-2017. Unlike Western special forces groups this faction has a large amount of close range weapons largely with red dot sights and the VSS for silent elimination of guards and sentries, or assassinations.

Also includes a substantial amount of SSO Spetznaz soldiers, based on photographs and helmet camer footage from Mid-2016 to March, 2017, from the fighting in the Palmyria Offensive, Syria. The SSO are much more suited to desert fighting than the Vympel forces, and have slighty more access to more advanced equipment due to being based on photos that are several years newer.

Specialist Elements-
The Spetznaz 'Vympel' unit have small teams of Recon Forces with supressed carbines, VKSS's and a Ghille suited sniper team. They also have a gunship-transported squad for heavily armed assaults into enemy bases or compounds. Spetznaz SSO also have a sniper team, but due to the high temprature and more urbanised fighting they are engaged in in Syria they are not wearing ghille suits, and have body armor similar to regular soldiers. Standard sniper rifle is the Orsis T-5000, bolt action 338. Lapua Magnum rifle.

A Hunter-Killer Mi-24 Hind Gunship team is available as heavy fire support, with 2 gunships operating in tandem to destroy ground targets. A T-80 BV and a BMP-3 (Up-armored kit) are also available as armored vehicles, with the GAZ (Tiger) being used as a lighter ground transport vehicle.

Static weapons like the KORD and AGS-30 grenade machineguns can be carried within the squads.

Faction has full Editor, Zeus, Task Force Radio and ALiVE support (faction name RUS ) Also supports ACE3 Medical system. Russian Spetznaz are an OPFOR faction.

IMPORTANT- Faction does not work as the allied/player faction in the 'Dynamic Recon Ops' scenario, but works fine as OPFOR/AI units in that scenario. All other missions have perfect function.

To install Russian Spetznaz [SFF-R] you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Russian Spetznaz [SFF-R] Updated-
Bug Fixes

Updated quality of SURPAT uniforms, thanks to LTF.


- VSM - Accessory
- VSM - Uniforms
- VSM - Vests and Helmets

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