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Version: 1.1

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Date: 2008-05-27 16:37

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SWM Ghillie Snipers mlod models
HDlaeppli (SWM)

This Addon is specialy for ARMA Addon Makers, Designers.
You can use these models as is described in the readme.
If you use these models for your addon or modification, a notification to me would be nice.
This is my first custom 100% working 3d character model for a Video game I made so it is not perfect.

Folder structure SWM Ghillie Snipers v1.1
The two main Ghillie Sniper models I used for SWM Ghillie Snipers V1.1 in Mlod.p3d Format. (half and fullmask.)
All unbinarized RVMAT`s from SWM Ghillie Snipers v1.1
unbinarized config from SWM Ghillie Snipers v1.1
SWM Ghillie Sniper Mlod.txt

    - swm_us_woodland_ghillie_sniper.mlod.p3d (halfmask)
    - swm_usmc_marpat_ghillie_sniper.mlod.p3d (fullmask)
Thanks to all helping friends and hands, BIS for the mlod-model,
all the modders, coders, scripters and designer from the ARMA, BIS-community.
(special thank to Lodu and Darkgiver)

Forum topic:
- BI forums
- switzerland-mod forums

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