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Version: 0.8

Short description: Stand-alone application for fire-mission calculations to aid you when in-game artillery computer is disabled.

Date: 2017-04-11 12:33

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Arma Offline Artillery Computer


This is a simple program that calculates firing data to aid you when in-game artillery computer is disabled.
It works independent from Arma 3 (not an addon).

• Support for the 3 vanilla artillery weapons: Howitzer, Mortar and MLRS
• Calculation of firing mode, cannon elevation angle, and bearing at which to shoot

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No installation needed. Portable

Included files:

Enter the coordinates (as displayed in-game) and altitude of:
• Firing position
• Target

Coordinates and altitude are automatically given by the crosshair of the in-game map. If unavailable, look at map edges for coords. and level curves for elevation.
It works best with guided/laser guided ammo. Guided rounds follows heat, good for destroying light vehicles. Laser guided, well... self-explanatory.

If asked by the server admin how can you fire without in-game computer you can give one of the following answers:
• Trust me, I'm an engineer
• Yeah, science b*tch!!

If BattleEye ever thinks this can be unwanted (I don´t see why, it only uses physics, and you can´t forbid physics) and updates to kick you if this program is running, you can run it
on another machine (or VM) or wait for the Android release.

Known limitations:
You may need to adjust target coordinates a little since grid size is considerably big (100m).

- Initial release

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