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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3), Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.0.9
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a configurable music radio mod. It provides an ability to play music inside of the vehicles. Mod itself doesn't come with any music. It's up to you to add anything you want.

Date: 2018-04-15 09:14

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KLPQ Music Radio


This is a configurable music radio mod. It provides an ability to play music inside of the vehicles.
How it works in-game and how to configure it for your community is explained in the videos above.
Mod itself doesn't come with any music. It's up to you to add anything you want.

Armaholic note:
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Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when any file you download from our website causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing these files is totally at your own risk!
We have run anti-virus tools on the included files and found inconclusive results!

Run the exe.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the KLPQ Music Radio please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.


Rebel - configs, scripting.
Facel - icons.

klpq_musicRadio_enable - bool, enables music radio.
klpq_musicRadio_radioThemes - array, sets themes for music radio, leave empty for all themes.
klpq_musicRadio_startRadioSongs - array, sets certain songs for music radio to play first.
klpq_musicRadio_radioSongs - array, sets songs for music radio, leave empty for all songs.
0 = [_object, true] call klpq_musicRadio_fnc_addRadio; - adds radio to the object, true to make it play at start.
0 = [_unit] call klpq_musicRadio_fnc_addBackpackRadio; - adds radio to the backpack of the unit.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Credits & Thanks:
Rebel - configs, scripting, tools.
Facel - icons.

JIP add radio fix.
Easy pack option for the configuration tool.

Vanilla interaction menu support. CBA is still a requirement.
Tool is now located inside of the zip release archive.

Completely revamped tag creation and tiles display.
Tool now converts special symbols into html entries which are properly displayed by the game and that should help with ensuring that no bad symbols break the config. That also allows to not filter other languages and have tiles display tags in all languages that arma fonts support. Just as a fallback, tool now has option to not generate any tags, in case you've stumbled on some song that has problematic symbols in tags.
Tiles displaying had some fixes.
In short, text shouldn't get cut out anymore (display area was enlarged), longer names use smaller font size and other small fixes.
Also, tiles are now shown when you are in proximity of a loudspeaker that started playing a new song, can be disabled by an option.
Also, export function now outputs all tags and info if track is ignored by general queue (known issue, export can't copy some non-english text properly to clipboard, can loose encoding).

Added mission support. Mission makers can add music and configs generated with the tool to the description.ext
Ignore system for music tracks. When generating configs in the tool, you can now select which themes will be ignored when there are no themes selected. So you can basically add some music that will not be mixed into the general queue when all themes are used (this is kinda WIP, still not sure how to make this less convoluted for configuration).
And other small stuff.

Another small fix for the backpacks.

Music volume setting is now a slider.
Music actions are now hidden when you're looking at map and using interaction.
Other small fixes.

Volume control for radio, songs list export, config tag update, backp…
…ack loudspeaker api update, readme update.

It now uses md5 as a base for the classname.
Previously the tool generated classnames depending on the order of the songs in the folder, so if you added something new the order could change, breaking compatibility with missions that use classnames of the songs.
And old method didn't allow for packing new songs into other pbo since the new classnames would overwrite previous classnames.
Now, the classnames will always be the same unless the file was actually changed somehow. I wanted to actually build classnames using tags but it's not 100% reliable.
And now you can create music_config2.pbo and music_files2.pbo and just add it.
There's a progress bar in the program now and a copy to clipboard button.

Initial release

- Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
- Community Base addons A3

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