Fast Paced PVP Game Type inspired by GTA4 multiplayer
Author: Der Kroi
Submitted by: Armaholic
Date: 2017-04-14 16:52
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Arma 3 Mafia Team Work

Der Kroi


Welcome to Katalaki Bay, a small coastline town, who’s inhabitants are terrorized by mafia families that fight each other to expand territories and gain respect of local godfather, Kenny Petrovic.
In Mafia Team Work, your family and yourself are working for Kenny Petrovic, in direct confrontation with an other family. Your objective is to earn more respect and prove to Petrovic that your family is the only one to trust.

This game mode is aimed to be played in 10vs10 teams with common objectives.

Each objective completed add Respect points to your team. Respect score is displayed on top-right corner of your screen.

When game time is over, the game ends once the current mission is completed. The team that got the highest Respect score will gain the trust of Mr. Petrovic, Godfather of Katalaki Bay.

A 9km² part of the map has been wisely chosen for fast-paced action with local/server optimisation in mind.

All players starts with the same equipment and can find weapons in crates, cars or enemies corpse’s during missions as rewards, don’t expect to find a rocket launcher or a marksman rifle easily we cared a lot about the balance and avoiding over-powered situation as much as possible.

Three official servers

EU #1:
EU #2:
USA #1:

Features :

_ Civilian life, on car, on foot, chatting...

_ Cops on patrol, reinforcement, apprehend.

_ FBI and Army reinforcement link to the research level.

_ A fast paced dynamic PvP mission, in a customized & optimized area (9km²)

_ Reinforcement system with research level for some Take and Drop missions.

_ Bellow 80km/h, you can get out of your vehicle safely. Get out at higher speed is still possible, but is at your own risks.

_ When a vehicle’s engine is destroyed, it will ignite, and blow up after a moment.

_ You can be polite and salute civilian, or you can dis em, or steal their car, and deal with consequences.

_ Respawn with a car, no sway, 126% speed on foot, BIS revive.

_ Custom sound for ambient life, dialogs and Hint.

_ Kill tickets.

_ Do you want the best ? Rush to the curently mission and get your reward !

_ No mods are required to play this mission, no mods are accepted on the server

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