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Date: 2018-07-17 19:11

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Arma 3 Mafia Team Work

Der Kroi

Welcome to Katalaki Bay, a small coastline town, who’s inhabitants are terrorized by mafia families that fight each other to expand territories and gain respect of local godfather, Kenny Petrovic.

In Mafia Team Work, your family and yourself are working for Kenny Petrovic, in direct confrontation with an other family. Your objective is to earn more respect and prove to Petrovic that your family is the only one to trust.

This gamemode is a fast paced dynamic PvP mission, in a customized & optimized area of 9km². (But you can play in coop for testing)

Missions & Targets are common to both teams.

Each objective completed add Respect points to your team. When game time is over, the game ends once the current mission is completed.
The team that got the highest Respect score will gain the trust of Mr. Petrovic, Godfather of Katalaki Bay.

At respawn location, use flag’s menu to get a car. All cars can be field-repaired anytime.
Open your GPS to reach objectives faster. You can also follow waypoints (3D Icons) that point objectives locations.

. RED Objective: Kill or Destroy
. BLUE Objective: Take and drop (do not destroy)
. YELLOW Objective: Drop location for car or briefcase (only seen by the driver/carrier)

Equipment and weapons can be found in Ammo Crates on objectives, or in your Victim’s Vehicles.

If you want to play SINGLEPLAYER, simply host a LAN game in the Multiplayer menu, Server Browser, host Server tab.

Official Dedicated Server :

NO NEED MOD. A version with modded cars will come later.

Many more information on your Website :

Most wanted !

The Wanted Level is inspired from “Grand Thef Auto”, and tells players how much police attention they are getting, or in a few missions, how much they are actively searching for the objective.

Wanted Level 1 and 2 stars are related to your own actions, only the wanted mafia member sees it, and cops will only be after him.

Level 3, 4 and 5 stars however, are global. All mafia members will be actively wanted by Law Enforcers. Expect cops, FBI agents, and Army to come in number, protecting objectives assets against the mob.

How it works

Level 1:

Depends on checks and stops (usually on foot) that randomly happen on the map. If the patrol has not been neutralized or outrun, it will trigger level 2.

Level 2 :

Hitting a police patrol car, or shooting next to cops or on their vehicle, will trigger Level 2 star, as well as Level 1 backup calls.

The various events impacting Wanted levels overlap each other. As a result, shooting down or outrun a patrol does not reset your Wanted index if another patrol is also on your trail.

Despite Levels 1 and 2 are related to a single mafia member’s actions, other mobsters are not safe: if a patrol sees a mafia member, they can decide to engage him as well.

Level 3-4-5 :

Are related to "Take and Bring Back" type missions. Law enforcers will spawn continuously until the end of the current mission. The amount of active reinforcements simultaneously depends on the mission and the number of players connected. Backups, as well as regular patrols will head towards the objective to protect it from the mafia.
Wanted Level progression is based on the number of patrols neutralized. Take down a helicopter patrol will piss the cops 2x more than losing a ground patrol.

Lvl 1: Police foot patrol
Lvl 2: Police patrol car
Lvl 3: Police patrol car + Police helicopter
Lvl 4: FBI SUV + Police patrol car + Police helicopter
Lvl 5: Military armored vehicle + Police patrol car + Army helicopter with sharp shooters

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Features :
_ Detailled civilian life, on car, on foot, chatting...
_ Cops on patrol, reinforcement, apprehend.
_ The difficulty level and the amount of weapons are dynamic, depend on the number of player connected.
_ FBI and Army reinforcement link to the research level.
_ A fast paced dynamic PvP mission, in a customized & optimized area with terrain cleanup for nice driving (9km²)
_ Reinforcement system with research level for some Take and Drop missions.
_ Stunt Jump with score.
_ Bellow 80km/h, you can get out of your vehicle safely. Get out at higher speed is still possible, but is at your own risks.
_ 15 detailed missions each with a large random combination. (Others will come).
_ Event random with awesome stuff (Heli Army crash for the moment and one Army convoy very soon).
_ When a vehicle’s engine is destroyed, it will ignite, and blow up after a moment.
_ You can be polite and salute civilian, or you can dis em, or steal their car, and deal with consequences.
_ Respawn with a car, no sway, 126% speed on foot, BIS revive.
_ Custom sound for ambient life, dialogs and Hint.
_ Ballas and Triads gang with an exclusive car color.
_ Kill tickets.
_ Every player's respawn with same weapon/stuff.
Do you want the best ? Rush to the curently mission and get your reward !
_ If you like Hip Hop, you like this mission

Custom difficulty for the best experience:
class DifficultyPresets
class CustomDifficulty
class Options
class CustomAILevel
// Change thirdPersonView=1 to thirdPersonView=0 if you really want third person view.

Update 1.09 :
_ CLAG Algorythm : First version of my "Civilian Life Automatic Generator" Algorythm who handles civilian spawn and behavior.
_ Clean up manager : minor optimisation & script error deletion.

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