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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, RHSUSAF, FIR AWS (AirWeaponSystem), FIR Pilot & Crew Pack, Road Runners LBT 6094, RH Pistol pack

Version: 5.0.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod is bringing some vehicles which are used at the moment by Turkish Army. Vehicles: C-130, AH-1, CH-47

Date: 2021-02-11 11:08

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Devas Turkish Armed Forces Mod


This mod will bring vehicles, units, weapons and objects which are used at the moment by Turkish Army via re-texturing (i.e. RHS and Firewill's models) and including donated models (i.e. HAFM F-4 and TRYK Hood).

- C-130
- AH-1
- CH-47
- UH-60
- F-4E 2020 Terminator
- Leopard 2a4

- Fixed Wing Pilots
- Rotary Wing Pilots
- OKK Operators (Turkish Special Forces, Maroon Berrets)
- Mechanized Vehicle Crew

- Turkish Flag
- Military Zone Sign
- Mine Field Sign
- Items and equipment boxes

To install Devas Turkish Armed Forces Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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Credits & Thanks:
- Red Hammer Studio for their awesome mod
- Aplion for the F-4 and help!
- PuFu and da12thMonkey. Thanks a lot guys for your support and patience!
- Simfighterstr for reference photos

- Tweaked: Mask textures
- Fixed: Facewear adjustment works now for mask with goggles as well as rhs green shemagh

- Tweaked: Unimog and Uniform textures
- Tweaked: Flags can be add into mission by Zeus
- Fixed: Submarine weapons are firing now
- Fixed: Missing AR infantry mags
- Added: Kirpi BMC versions!
- Added: New special forces multicam uniform
- Added: HAR-66 and RPG
- Added: CH-47 and C-130 cargo versions
- Added: New banners
- Added: New Red Crescent Objects
- Added: New helmets
- Added: New facewears
Tweaked: Dependency to Firewill Filot Pack removed and adjustments are done
Tweaked: Silencers of SAT units are changed with Tan color
Fixed: Preview picture of diver changed
Added: Ship horns for frigate and resupply ships (over action menu)
Fixed: Meko-200 right side zodiac release fixed
Fixed: Sound effects by naval vehicles are working now
Tweaked: Ship texture adjustments

Added: SAT Trainer T-Shirt
Tweaked: ACE3 Custom Rank sizes
Tweaked: Flag textures
Tweaked: Akar Class Ship heli landing action's activation distance

Added: ACE3 Custom Ranks
Fixed: Sumbarine texture

- Added: C130 static parachute jump funtionality
- Fixed: AH-1 pylons
- Fixed: Multicam boonie hat display names
By C-130, if soldiers in cargo have the non-steering parachute then the static line jump can be simulated via giving green jump light while any back door or ramp is open. Green light will start deploying the soldies with non-steering parachute and that parachute will be opened automatically when the soldiers left the airplane

Fixed: AH-1 flare dispanser
Fixed: SDV is available in Zeus
Fixed: Unimogs are avaialable in Zeus

- Tweaked: Sensors and panels by submarine and ships are improved
- Tweaked: Radar footprints of naval assets are improved
- Tweaked: Air assets textures and materials are improved
- Fixed: Rotation bug by naval asset turrets is fixed
- Fixed: Sea-Zenith fire animation fixed by Meko200TN
- Fixed: Akar Class Resupply ship's zodiacs are fixed

- Fixed: Re-arm for submarine is fixed
- Fixed: Meko-200 will attack to enemy air units
- Tweaked: Ship and submarines will be visible from longer distances

- Tweaked: Helicopters can land to ship and take off from ship via action menu
- Tweaked: Zodiac ammounts by ships and submarine reduced
- Tweaked: GUIs have new colors and pins
- Tweaked: MK45 Mod 2 naval gun RPM reduced
- Fixed: Rearm ship functionality fixed for dedicated servers
- Added: New RHIB
- Added: New SDV

- Twealed: UGM-84's speed increased to 700kmh
- Tweaked: ACE3 cargo framework settings by vehicles adjusted
- Tweaked: New get in action added to submarine to ease enterence
- Fixed: Zeus units can use the GUIs of submarine
- Added: MEKO200TN Track II frigate added. TCG Barbaros, TCG Orucreis, TCG Salihreis and TCG Kemalreis textures can be selected via EDEN Editor
- Added: Akar Class resupply ship added. It can be used to resupply the ship and submarine of this mod.
- Added: Pilot Visor and Mask actions are added to F-4E

- Fixed: Umtas (Hellfire) can lock now to targets
- Fixed: Error message due to chemlights of default mech. driver fixed
- Twealed: Helicopter and C130 huds are tweaked
- Tweaked: SAT Insignia and Ranks have better textures
- Tweaked: OKK Camo color adjusted
- Tweaked: Turkish map on G-Suit has correct direction
- Added: New Turkish Red Crescent Flag
- Added: New Turkish Map Marker
- Added: New OKK Boonies
- Added: Flight suit for 161 and 181. F-16 Fleets

- Added: Typ-209 Submarine
- Added: Unimog 1300L
- Added: SAT Operators (Turkish Navy Special Forces, Underwater Offence)
- Added: Navy Crew
- Tweaked: Leopard 2A4 Camo and Material Files
- Fixed: F-4 Engine Idle Inside sound fixed
User Manual for Submarine is inside mod folder / Denizalti icin kullanim klavuzu mod folderinin icinde bulunmaktadir.

- Fixed:Missing long distance texture for UH-60 added
- Fixed:Missing long distance texture for CH-47 added

- Tweaked: Leopard 2A4 Hitpoints in general tuned further based on feedbacks.

- Fixed: Leopard 2a4 hull hitpoint. Not it is possible to destroy it totally.
- Tweaked: Leopard 2a4 commander optic has similar zoom levels like real PERI-R17A1
- Tweaked: Leopard 2a4 gunner optic has similar zoom levels like real EMES-15
- Tweaked: Leopard 2a4 commander and gunner optics have only Thermal and normal vision
- Added: Engine destruction effects added to Leopard 2a4
- Tweaked: Leopard 2a4 commander optic turn limits adjusted
- Tweaked: Leopard 2a4 barrel vertical adjustment speed reduced

- Added: Leopard 2a4 (2 Desert and 1 Woodland Camo)
- Added: Mechanized Vehicle Crew
- Added: Patches for the ranks
- Fixed: F-4E landing gear physix adjustment
- Fixed: Jettison fuel tank fixed

- Tweaked: Default scopes of infantry changed
- Tweaked: Pilot class has preset ACE3 settings for G-Force limits
- Tweaked: Uniform description fixed from Multicam to Tubitak Nano
- Tweaked: Equipment box will have only PARA version of M249
- Added: Equipment box has M1911 and Yavuz 16 handguns
- Added: Yavuz 16 handgun
- Tweaked: Texture fixes for hood and pilot suits
- Tweaked: Jettison Fuel Tanks works properly. F-4E will have less fuel in case it has no fuel tanks loaded

- Added: OKK Personal
- Added: Fix & Rotary Wing Pilots
- Added: Uniforms, Helmets, Vests, Bags, Bandanna
- Added: Equipment boxes

- Tweaked: Move inside command is fixed by C-130 and CH-47
- Tweaked: Mission ";" in F-4 config fixed to prevent RPT entries

- Tweaked: AH-1 will have single object in editor as RHS started to use pylons to set different weapon settings
- Tweaked: AH-1 missiles (Hellfire & DAGR) are replaced with Turkish equivalents
- Tweaked: AH-1 will have tracer round per 5 rounds
- Tweaked: AH-1 fold rotor option disabled
- Tweaked: Existing UH-60 with gun replaced with unarmed version
- Tweaked: It will not be possible to choose US Army skins for CH-47
- Tweaked: C-130, AH-1, UH-60 and CH-47 will have empty storage initially

- Added: Pylons for F-4E (thanks Aplion)
- Added: Firewill's AWS integration for F-4E (weapons, ECM, Sead and I-TGT)
- Added: CBA A3 keybind for F-4E Afterburner (default is Shift + Ctrl + A)
- Tweaked: F-4E Vanilla engine sounds are replaced
- Tweaked: F-4E Collison lights at wingtips are more visible
- Tweaked: F-4E Afterburner fixed. It will use more fuel but will give better acceleration and has sound now
- Tweaked: F-4E Wingtip vortices enhanced

- Added: F-4E 2020 Terminator
- Tweaked: Turkish Flag texture improved

- Added: Turkish Flag
- Added: Military Zone Sign
- Added: Mine Field Sign

Added: Turkish Camo for UH-60 is ready and included in the mod

Initial Version

- FIR AWS (AirWeaponSystem)
- Community Base addons A3
- FIR Pilot & Crew Pack
- Road Runners LBT 6094
- RH Pistol pack

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