Author: chasEE
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.7

Short description: Allows people to access DLC vehicles without needing the DLC.

Date: 2017-04-20 08:51

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DLC Vehicle Unlocker Script


Allows people without certain DLC to be able to use those vehicles. I have seen this done with the Karts DLC, but not with all DLC's (Maybe I'm just blind) so I decided to make this to help those who don't have a certain DLC enjoy the game a bit more. Although I made this script, I do highly recommend buying the DLC as it helps support Bohemia Interactive and their endeavor on Arma 3.

- Is only active with the DLC you don't have in order to increase performance.
- Works with spawned vehicles.
- Works with locked/unlocked vehicles.
- All client side as to not affect server performance.
- Works with the Jet DLC.
- Works on single-player, hosted, and dedicated.
- Easy to install.

Installation / Usage:
In the "Scripts only" folder, drag the dlc_unlocker.sqf and init.sqf to your mission file.
If you already have an init.sqf, add the following to your init.
[] execVM "dlc_unlocker.sqf";

- This is a script DLC unlocker meant for mission files.
- This will not remove DLC watermarks.
- As of right now it only unlocks vehicles, not weapons / UAV's. I do plan on expanding the functionality to cover those grounds.
- If you already own all Arma 3 DLC, you will not get any options on DLC vehicles.

Known Bugs:
- Nothing as of now. If you find any, please be sure to let me know.

Credits & Thanks:
[34ID] talcminner11 - TESTING
Larry [No.4] - TESTING

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