Author: Grumpy Old Man
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.35

Short description: Allows certain players to modify aircraft loadouts, as well as rearm the pylons and repair/refuel the aircraft.

Date: 2018-07-15 09:56

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GOM fnc aircraftLoadout

Grumpy Old Man

Change serial (tail) number on compatible aircraft (currently supported: Gryphon, Shikra and Black Wasp)
Change pylon priority (makes multiple pylons act as a single weapon if they have the same priority)
Works with all addon aircrafts with properly configured pylons
Preset function to save presets and load them, mission/server independent
deleting a preset works only when holding down CTRL to prevent mishaps
Option to set pylon ownership to either gunner or pilot, also works with presets
Change the livery of the aircraft if it's configured for one
Allows certain players to modify aircraft loadouts, as well as rearm the pylons and repair/refuel the aircraft
Can be restricted to work only if fuel/ammo/repair sources are within 50m of the object holding the menu
You can simultaneously only refuel as many aircraft as you have fuel sources
Can sort for compatible weapons or allow to mount all weapons on all pylons
Ability to set reporting, receiving of remote targets and own position
One click to clear all pylons if you changed your mind
Can be operated by a lone pilot or a designated logistics crew
Multiple players can install multiple pylons on the same plane, one pylon at a time
Pylon installation will take some time, depending on mag size (twin cannons or gatlings will install faster than a 12 missile dagr pod)
Rearming with engines on

Installation / Usage:
Unpack the downloaded .rar and check out the demo mission.
Copy the file structure besides init.sqf and mission.sqm into your own mission. Don't forget to back up before overwriting any files!

Functions for mission makers:
Empty all pylons: [YourAircraftName] call GOM_fnc_clearAllPylons;
Set tail number: [YourAircraftName,"123"] call GOM_fnc_aircraftSetSerialNumber; //only accepts 3 digit string for gryphon, shikra and black wasp

The following commands allow you to add ammo, fuel or repair cargo to any vehicle or building
with this you can have a HQ building holding these resources or have a hemtt(box) holding all 3 resource types, up to you, range check still applies
also possible to override the default max. capacity of 10000kg/l per vehicle

[this,2500] call GOM_fnc_setRepairCargo; //will set the vehicles repair cargo to 2500kg
[this,2500] call GOM_fnc_setFuelCargo; //will set the vehicles fuel cargo to 2500l
[this,2500] call GOM_fnc_setAmmoCargo; //will set the vehicles ammo cargo to 2500kg

_add = _this spawn GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadout; //put this into the initPlayerLocal.sqf of your mission root folder if you want every player to have access to this menu or see the existing file for another example
you can further restrict access to this menu by filtering for UID or player objects, but this is entirely up to you how to implement it, a peek into the initPlayerLocal.sqf of this mission shows one possibility
_add = this spawn GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadoutToObject; //put this into the init field of an object to have the object grant access to the loadout menu
see the mission for further examples on how to only add this to individual players

List of commands used by remoteExec:

Make sure you have aircraft placed that are dynamic loadout compatible (especially for missions made pre 1.70!).
The script now by default needs to have at least one ammo source, repair source or fuel source within 50m of the object that is holding the loadout menu.
The respective options will be greyed out otherwise.
This can be changed however. Simply adjust the variables in the first six parameters of GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutInit.sqf to your liking, the comments tell you what each variable does.

Check out the included mission file on how to add this menu to objects, players or triggers, dedicated server and local hosted server compatible.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
If you encounter any errors please send me a PM containing details (screenshots,.rpt,error messages etc).
Error messages when using other 3rd party scripts/dialogs:

Future plans:
Always open to suggestions.

I quickly threw this one together within one afternoon so please bear with me, should work fine so far though.
I just couldn't stand it anymore having to restart the mission every time I wanted to try a different loadout.

Fixed: Players are no longer able to load presets created with a different pylon restriction setting, thanks @magicsrp
Due to this change all presets needed to be reset

fixed error

Fixed: Proper removal of weapons if not used by other pylons

Made a few tweaks and improved locality related stuff.
Also added a small note that people need to lower their weapons in order to see the action on an object, heh.

(HOTFIX) Fixed yet another variable error
Aircraft will no longer refuel beyond the point where they start leaking fuel
Aircraft damaged beyond 0.95 will not be refueled

Added:(optional) Resource handling
Repairing, refueling and rearming will now deplete the resources of the respective vehicles
Mission makers can use functions mentioned above to add resources to vehicles, maybe as a reward for completing a mission or whatever comes to your mind
Added: The three digit serial (tail) number of the aircraft can be changed, if supported by the model (currently working on: Gryphon, Shikra and Black Wasp)
After selecting the aircraft enter the 3 digit number you want into the same field that's used to set the ammo amount for the pylons
Numbers like 5,6 are mirrored on the shirka, that's up on BI or the DLC dev to fix
Added: Pylon priority setting
Pylon priorities will be displayed in the info panel
Weapons on multiple pylons sharing the same priority will be listed as one weapon
Priority button usage:
LMB = Increase priority of currently selected pylon by 1
Shift+LMB = Decrease priority of currently selected pylon by 1
Alt+LMB = Set all pylons to the currently set priority
Ctrl+LMB = Set all pylons to priority 1
The priority will be set to the currently selected pylon when clicking the priority button
Selecting another pylon will display its current priority on the button
Added: Tons of functionality for the text display, loadout changes and resource changes will be displayed in realtime
Click on aircraft -> shows fuel/damage state, now also tracks kills made by the vehicle and successful landings
Click on pylon -> shows current loadout+ammo count for each pylon
Click on weapon -> shows installation details on what weapon will be installed on what pylon, who operates it and weapon details
Click on "Show Resources" Button -> will display all available supplies, their amounts and types, if the resource management is active
Upon closing the dialog all nearby supplies will display their current resource cargo value for 20 seconds
Added: Dedicated and local MP compatible example mission on how to set up the menu for players, objects and service zones
Changed: Weapon listbox is now sorting all weapons alphabetically
Changed: The aircraft loadout function will be reapplied upon respawn for players that are allowed to have it
Changed: Loadout menu can now be found in the communication menu if added to players (default: 0 - 8 - 1)
Changed: Rearming sound will be positional for each pylon
Changed: Rearming the plane will no longer empty all pylons, and just fill up the existing pylons instead
Changed: The menu now updates in real time, new planes within range will be displayed as soon as they are stationary and on the ground, same goes for resource vehicles if the option is enabled. So you no longer need to reOpen the dialog if any of these change
Fixed: Pylon loadout changes were not properly broadcast

(HOTFIX) Fixed further dialog shenanigans (thanks @Teuf)

(HOTFIX) Renamed the last remaining dialog parent classes, heh.

(HOTFIX) Renamed dialog parents classes to prevent conflicts with other scripts (thanks @sarogahtyp), should fix any further compatibility issues with other scripts/mods

(HOTFIX) Fixed error being unable to use repair/rearm/refuel with resource dependencies disabled (thanks @loopdk)
Changed the description.ext and cfgFunctions part to avoid issues with other scripts that are using this feature
Adjusted startup text info to be more clear if and which fuel/ammo/repair sources are nearby

Added button to select who has control over the pylon (pilot or gunner)
Added customer presets saved individually for each vehicle for every player
-Presets will be saved for each vehicle type, so you can equip multiple aircraft with the same loadout within a few clicks
-Presets will contain the pylon loadout, ammo amount from each pylon, respective pylon owners (pilot, gunner) and the livery of the aircraft
-Presets are stored in profileNamespace, so they'll persist everytime you use this loadout menu, no matter which server you're on
-Delete button is locked by default, can only be used when holding CTRL to prevent mishaps
Added livery option, will change texture if the aircraft has any in the config
Added option to override the pylon compatibility check, yay 120 DAGR wipeout
Added option to make the presence of ammo/fuel/repair supplies necessary, no ammotruck? no fancy weapons!
Added duration to rearming an aircraft, fully rearming an empty 120 DAGR wipeout can take up to 2 minutes
Added duration to repairing an aircraft, default is set to 60s from 0 to 100% health
-repair speed can be adjusted
Added duration to refuelling an aircraft, fillrate is set to 1800l/min as default and will be calculated accordingly (wipeout with 1000l fuel capacity will take 33s to refill to 100%)
-refill rate can be adjusted
-refuelling will abort when the aircraft is not stationary
-you can only simultaneously refuel as much airplanes as you have fuel sources
Fixed 'clear all pylons' button now to properly remove all leftover weapon classes from the aircraft
Fixed 'rearm' button now to properly rearm all weapons, on board cannons, flare/chaff launchers
Adjusted text size
Improved the mission to give a quick 'demo'
Most likely some stuff I forgot

Added compatibility check for magazines and pylons, so you can't add everything on every pylon.
Installing a pylon takes some time.
Added possibility to execute this for one pilot in a stationary aircraft or as an action from an ammo truck or whatever you'd like.
Added options for reporting and receiving of remote targets as well as reporting the aircrafts own position.


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