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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Here is why i searched for scripts that enhance vanilla gameplay, and merged them togheter fixing all the problems to have a single stable script base to enahance gameplay.

Date: 2017-05-20 07:57

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Dlegion's Enhanced Vanilla - Arma 3 (DEV-A3)


Vanilla (default) ARMA3 gameplay and gameworld interaction is way too limited, really unacceptable for today standard, especially for a game like ARMA3!
each DLC (like jets) that comes out, i ask myself why,why and why they dont want to fix simple things like attach explosives to objects/vehicles,
open inventory underwater (at least charges!!), manipulate game objects like move barrels, push a car ecc.....but obviously they dont intend to fix all this.

here is why i searched for scripts that enhance vanilla gameplay, and merged them togheter fixing all the problems to have a single stable script base to enahance gameplay (so no mod needed, just join a server with this scripts and play!).
it took me almost 1 year to discover all this awesome scripts and edit them to make they work togheter, i dont want any glory, just give back something
to the community that helped me, and make life easier for other people in my situation, so in few minutes and not a year they will set-up theyr enhanced gameplay!

its a collection of many scripts, made from different authors,all great people, that gived me permission to use theyr awesome work (and in many cases helped me editing).
i made it so its Multiplayer, Join-In-Progress and respawn compatible, there is no noticeable FPS or any kind of performance drop
(adding 1 infantry squad to the game has waaay more impact on performance).

it adds many very basic features so much needed for any game of this kind. to name some of the most relevant:
- logistic to EVERY game object, including man, allow move every object (can disable unwanted objects by a variable or class)
- attach explosives to EVERY object (including man, unnamed map objects like trees, vehicles ecc...) and detonate only specific one.
- drag & drop wounded, alive or corpses!
- melee kill.
- make AI (of your side) join your squad and command of it.
- factory to build every object for a cost (can limit object types) and credit sytem.
- dual (secondary) primary weapon, to carry two primary.
- selectable grenades throw force, can pick-up and throw-back grenades.
- selectable random civilian spawn with traffic in a range around player.
- magazines repack.
- random survivable helicopters and aircraft crashes
- towing system to recover damaged vehicles or simply bring one more around.
- many more little tweaks.

as i saied it has no noticeable performance impact, every feature is selectable or can be removed (knowing how edit scripts),
are just scripts,so everyone who will join your mission will found this ready and working without need of mods !

this lack of gameplay interactions was killing my game experience, i was about to drop ARMA for other games,
but thanks to the help of some guys i was able to make this, and finally play happily!

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Dlegion's Enhanced Vanilla - Arma 3 (DEV-A3) please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Credits & Thanks:
for helping a poor script-noob like me,and sahring theyr work, my best and sincere thanks to (in random order):
Dolf,Sarogahtyp,Pierremgi,Kauppapekka, Nikander, BlacKnightBK, Lucullus, Xeno, Ilias48RUS,French R3F team and especially KillJoe, Serena,
Fred41,Grumpy Old Man, Tankbuster, Larrow, Midnighters, Davidoss,Zorilya,Stealthstick...and everyone else that helped!

i will not name them, but i wish to let you know that there is people that called me "troll", laughted at me and closed my post about fixing
the game just for pointing out that ARMA, after 16 years of development, still lacks very basic features, and that developers should take care of this problem.
afterall, thanks to the "good guys" that helped me (a lot), seems that was possible in simple way and few time to fix the basic features,
with no noticeable performance impact at all.
i still dream about devs giving one single day of theyr work to fix once for all the basic ARMA features...but seems that is just a dream.


EDITED CONTENT LIST --- edited where needed by Dlegion just to merge properly all togheter
DRAG & DROP & melee -- by llias48RUS
dual_primary_weapon -- by misterious scripter
Explosives_To_Vehicles -- by zooloo75
magazine repack -- by Outlawled (updated to 3.1.2 by GiPPO)
survivable crashes -- by r0ed
3D explosives & re-throw -- by zorylias
enhanced movements -- by bad benson
R3F logistic system -- by R3F team (i cant share this because i dont have permission, i'm sorry about that, i suggest you to download the original from:
or if you wish to apply logistic to everything, contact me, i will explain how modify the script ! )

ADDITIONAL CONTENT FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE, i use this addons that are compatible with vanilla ARMA3 (you can join a server with them even if you dont have the addons)

enhanced movements -- by bad benson ( to climb obstacles ecc...)
unlocked uniforms -- by haleks ( can wear any game uniform)
A.R.E.S. -- by antonStruyk ( better zeus functionalities)


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