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Requirements: Arma 3 Apex, HG264bit
Island(s): Tanoa
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.1

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Date: 2019-02-05 22:41

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Hired Guns 2 - Mercenary Campaign [COOP:1-15+](64-bit)


• [COOP1-15+]
• ~100 unique, hand-crafted, story-linked jobs
• Progress/Gear/Vehicles/Money saved to the host
• Hire players/AI to strengthen Tanoa’s new leaders, or just to raid supplies!

Mission Style
• Assassinations, demolitions, total eliminations, deliveries, detonations, escorts, defences,
• Slowly increasing difficult,
• Jobs can be taken from any leader,
• 10 jobs per leader,
• Respawn at any leader's home once you have met with them,
• Raid weapon caches, banks, steal vehicles, helicopters, planes with 'Personal Jobs',
• Cannot pay for more 'hired guns' than you or the Tanoan Leader can afford!

• 70 Leader missions, 28 'Personal Jobs' (supply raids and Final Mission), 4 taxis,
• Interact with voice-acted leaders to lead a mission for them, and hire a team to carry it out,
• Money-List highscores,
• Ambient civilian populations to hire for missions,
• Multiple teams can play different jobs simultaneously,
• Custom squad-building GUI,
• Headless client optional (Werthles' Headless Module built in but not essential to run),
• Alternate units possible for each enemy faction (re-write unit class-lists and rebuild).

In a moment of CSAT weakness, leaders across Tanoa rose up to expunge their CSAT oppressors.
CSAT will be back, and in force. The only way to unite Tanoa before their return is to strengthen these leaders against the spectre of anarchy.

Progress Saving
- Campaign progress saves after each task is completed.
- Stored gear in the caches and carried personal gear will save when you select the 'Save Gear' option from the caches.
- Locations are saved when speaking to the Leaders.

Personal Missions
- Choose your target (weaponry/equipment/vehicles/cash) and hire your team.
- Job leader must pick up the crate/vehicle using the action menu.
- They must then take it to the assigned cache.
- Once there, the job leader must select the 'Loot - Distribute' option.
- The leader and participants will then receive their share of the loot into the cache, or their payments for helping the job leader. (Only your share is visible to you.)

Add file to your mpmissions folder in the Arma 3 directory.
Launch the server with the @HG264bit mod.
Players who join do not need to run the mod. The mod is for hosts only.

Included files:
Mission .PBO

This is the mission file for HG2 64bit. Add it to your mpmissions folder.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

To transfer save game files from the 32-bit only version, see here.

Credits & Thanks:
Voice of The Old Man - Johnny Castagneto
Voice of The Cult Elder - The Uncertain Man
Voice of The Investor - PlantLamp
Voice of The Market Protector - Reid Granke
Voice of The Slave Commander - Reid Granke
Voice of The Rich Man - Reid Granke
Voice of The Mine Supervisor - PlantLamp
Meatball's RandomWeather2 - Meatball
iniDBI - code34
Tester, Adviser, Mission Helper - ian

Removed loading blackout

64-bit Changes:
• Hired Civilian AIs will now fight for you correctly on dedicated servers.
• Mission now can take advantage of 64bitness!
• "inidbi2" is now used instead of "inidbi".
• Don't mix up the 32bit only versions! Use the 64bit mod with the 64bit mission file and the 32bit
• Updating the original would have meant potentially damaging saved progress files.
See here for how to transfer progress between the two mods.
• Works on both 32bit and 64bit game versions.

- Arma 3 Apex
- HG264bit

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- BI forums

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