Author: Night515
Author Website:

Requirements: Arma 3 Apex

Version: 0.54
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: is an unofficial "expansion" that aims to overhaul, expand, and improve the vanilla experience.

Date: 2020-05-18 09:28

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Arma 3 Aegis


Developed in partnership with the 2035: Russian Armed Forces mod.
Check them out here: 2035: Russian Armed Forces

Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial expansion centered around the vanilla game's 2035 setting. Along with new factions, weapons, vehicles, and gear, Aegis provides a platform update that overhauls several weapons and vehicles to make them more authentic to their real-life counterparts, while remaining loyal to their Armaverse depiction. Aegis is actively updated, with new content being added frequently.

Arma 3 Aegis is currently in its beta stage, some content may be work in progress, removed, or yet to be implemented.

• CSAT (African)
• Paramilitary
• Raven
• Russia

• AA-40 12 Gauge
• AK-107 5.45 mm (variants)
• AK-12 5.45 mm (variants)
• Bulldog 12 Gauge
• C-1911 .45 ACP
• G17 9 mm
• L85A3 6.5 mm (variants)
• M32 40 mm
• M4 SSAS 12 Gauge
• M4A1 5.56 mm (variants)
• Mk26 12.7 mm
• MP7 4.3 mm
• Punisher 25 mm
• RPK-16 5.45 mm
• SK-12 12 Gauge
• SPAR-16C 5.56 mm
• Warfare-50 12.7 mm

• DCL-120
• Flash Suppressors
• TWS Sniper

• C-192 Samson (variants)
• F-38 Widowmaker (variants)
• Small Boat

• New gear - 150+ new options for soldiers and civilians, including headgear, vests, uniforms, facewear, and backpacks
• New liveries for existing vehicles, including green hex aircraft
• New units and groups for every faction
• New music tracks and sounds for mission designers
• Authentic magazine sizes and ammo loads for most weapons and vehicles

To install Arma 3 Aegis you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Discord: Official discord:

License / Disclaimer:
License: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

Credits & Thanks:
• Bohemia Interactive - Arma 3
• AveryTheKitty - Models, textures, animations, encoding, sounds, & creative direction
• Mindas / Deathstruck - Models, textures, animations, & encoding
• Grid Studios - Models, textures (Bulldog)
• Steffe-Engdahl - Models, textures (MP7)
• SilverTM - Models, textures (M4A1)
• VISCOSITY - Models, textures (AK-107)
• ataboo - Models, textures, and animations (Punisher)
• J.Burgess - Textures (Mk14)
• TheEvanCat - Models, textures
• Lexx - Textures (Beret [CSAT])
• POLPOX - Textures, animations, and Japanese translation
• Urban & Lyaskavka - Russian translation
• Timberhawk / Slatts - Lore & writing
• Greenfist, ConservativeJustice, & Mr.Mustache - Promotional artwork
• kllrt, reyhard, & Locklear - Lots of things wouldn't be possible without them!
• NodUnit - Taught me the basics of modelling and how to improve my textures!
• Rob (Eggbeast) & Chairborne - Provided some insight into the world of encoding!
• Bohemia Interactive Forums, A3 Hub Discord, & the rest of the Arma 3 community - Thanks for your encouragement, assistance, and support!

Please let me know if I missed you!

Known issue: The F-38C pitches down too much during flight
Known issue: The Warfare-50 is missing things or entirely broken - don't know, it'll be fixed later when the new model is done
Moved: Militia Coveralls to Arma 3 Aegis - Opposing Forces (
Added: BTR-K Medical
Added: Gendarme (AT)
Added: New models, materials, and textures for the F-38C Peregrine, with a complete overhaul of the vehicle's flight model, PhysX, and configuration [WIP]
Tweaked: Renamed "F-35F Lightning II" to "F-38C Peregrine"
Tweaked: Asst. Autorifleman, Asst. Missile Specialist (AA / AT) units have received better vests for increased protection
Tweaked: Increased L85A3 rate-of-fire to 705 rounds per minute
Tweaked: Hid ED-1E drones and units added by Aegis; Enoch ED-1E drones and units are still available
Tweaked: Improved the Kitbag (Geometric), Bergen Backpack (Geometric), and Tactical Pack (Geometric)'s textures
Fixed: Some compatibility issues with the AMV-7 Marshall / FV-720 Mora
Fixed: UBACS Combat Uniform (MTP, Tee)'s t-shirt texture was too bright
Fixed: The L85A3 could incorrectly load 100Rnd magazines
Fixed: Incorrect loadout for CSAT (Pacific) Asst. Missile Specialist (AT)
Fixed: Visual glitches on the L85A3 GL's GL Holo
Fixed: Missing command bar icons for the Promet MR and Promet GL
Fixed: Incorrect icon for Farsi 01 VR
Fixed: F-38C's wreck couldn't be retextured

Tweaked: Check A3 HUB / Arma 3 Aegis discord changelog channels or look at the Arma 3 Aegis (development) change notes. There's a lot to cover and honestly I'm feeling lazy. Enjoy.

Fixed: CfgPatches issue regarding the Zamak (green hex Zamaks require Arma 3 dev branch)
Fixed: AA-40 20 round drum's cylinder axis was missing
Fixed: ACOG existed in the 5th dimension
Fixed: Compatibility issues that were breaking missions built with prior versions of Arma 3 Aegis
Fixed: Zeus compatibility for Russian infantry
Fixed: Russian Army's urban and arctic infantry were missing their backpacks
Fixed: Russian Army's urban and arctic heavy gunner units were missing

Added: Cows
Added: AK-12 5.45 mm (variants)
Added: RPK-16 5.45 mm
Added: L85A3 6.5 mm (Khaki) and L85A3 GL 6.5 mm (Khaki)
Added: LIM-85 5.56 mm (Khaki) and LIM-85 5.56 mm (Sand)
Added: Mk18 ABR 7.62 mm (Camo)
Added: Mk26 12.7 mm
Added: MP7 4.6 mm (variants)
Added: Protector 9 mm (Sand)
Added: SPAR-16C 5.56 mm (variants)
Added: New textures for the default Combat Helmet and its derivatives
Added: Pacific Expeditionary Forces for the BAF faction
Added: Editor preview images for all infantry, vehicles, and props, work-in-progress
Added: Flag (Red Lion)
Added: Take On Helicopter OST (7 tracks)
Added: An entirely new set of gear for the Russian forces due to a change in direction and creative decisions
Added: Recon Scout (GL) unit which use the XM25 (US) and M32 (CSAT) grenade launchers
Added: New model and materials for the Civilian version of the PO-30 Orca
Added: Magazine proxies for the AK-107, L85A3, AA-40, MP7, and M4A1 variants
Tweaked: NATO has been renamed to US, NATO (Pacific) has been renamed to US (Pacific), and NATO (British) has been renamed to BAF - shared items such as wetsuits, pilot helmets, ghillie suits, and et cetera will retain their NATO tag
Tweaked: All loadouts have been tweaked and rebalanced for all factions' infantry
Tweaked: All inventories have been tweaked and rebalanced for all factions' ammo boxes
Tweaked: Specop's loadouts have been assimilated into Recon infantry's equipment
Tweaked: The Animals module can now spawn cows, crows, dogs, and eagles with Zeus compatibility as well
Tweaked: The F-38's armor value was lowered for balancing purposes
Tweaked: Textures for the black and wooden Mk14 were improved
Tweaked: The MX, Mk-I EMR, MAR-10, and SPMG's sand variants were darkened slightly - furthermore, the MX magazine has been changed to a flat sand texture, with the digital magazines still being available
Tweaked: The default SPAR-16 now uses the full barrel model with foregrip while sounds and stats have been adjusted accordingly
Tweaked: Materials and textures for BAF uniforms were altered to further resemble a UBACS shirt
Fixed: The US Army and US Navy Jack flags were incorrectly symmetrical
Fixed: CTRG's Pacific soldiers wore incorrect facewear
Fixed: The F-38 Widowmaker didn't generate enough lift and thus tended to lose altitude rapidly, a new flight model has been added, though it is work-in-progress
Fixed: The US Pacific UGV Stomper RCWS had an incorrect quantity of magazines
Fixed: ".model" errors related to various infantry units' capacity
Fixed: NATO and CSAT ammo boxes didn't have CTRG and Viper equipment in their inventories
Fixed: SPMG .338 (Tropic)'s weapon holder had an incorrect name
Fixed: The Cyrus 9.3 mm (Green Hex)'s weapon holder had the incorrect magazine
Fixed: Syndikat's Offroad didn't have texture randomization
Fixed: FIA's AFV-4 Gorgon didn't have texture randomization
Fixed: Static weapon bags couldn't be assembled into static weapons properly
Fixed: The T-140K Angara lacked a unique texture for its RCWS
Fixed: Many, many other minor issues
Removed: Various assets that either couldn't work, didn't fit Aegis's scope (they will most likely return in future projects)

• Tweaked: The coyote variant of the Special Modular Helmet's textures were improved
• Tweaked: Textures for Viper's hex gear were improved
• Tweaked: The Special Modular Helmet's materials were improved
• Fixed: Missing sounds for all tanks' cannons
• Fixed: Gas Mask [Russia]'s materials didn't load correctly
• Fixed: The M8 and SCAR had incorrect textures for the UGL optics
• Fixed: The C-192 Samson's wreck proxy failed to load
• Fixed: The F-38 Widowmaker's throttle animations failed to animate
• Fixed: The F-38 Widowmaker launched off of the carrier due to a PhysX issue
• Fixed: Materials of the GAU-12 25 mm gunpod

• Added: Russia faction
• Added: Paramilitary faction
• Added: Raven faction
• Added: AK-107 5.45 mm (variants)
• Added: FAL 7.62 mm [WIP]
• Added: Mk16S 5.56 mm (variants)
• Added: PKP 9.3 mm [WIP]
• Added: PP-20 9 mm
• Added: RPK-107 5.45 mm
• Added: SK-12 12 Gauge
• Added: 9M335 Volga (variants)
• Added: AMV-7 Marshall UP
• Added: Assault Pack (EMR)
• Added: Assault Pack (Tan)
• Added: Beret [Russia]
• Added: Bergen Backpack (Flora)
• Added: Bergen Backpack (Green)
• Added: Boonie Hat (EMR)
• Added: Cap (EMR)
• Added: Carrier Rig (Coyote, No Flag)
• Added: Carryall Backpack (Flora)
• Added: Combat Fatigues [Russia] (Arctic EMR)
• Added: Combat Fatigues [Russia] (Desert EMR)
• Added: Combat Fatigues [Russia] (EMR)
• Added: Goggles (Flora)
• Added: Goggles (Tropic)
• Added: Fatigues (Digi) [Raven]
• Added: Field Pack (Flora)
• Added: Full Ghillie [Russia]
• Added: GA Carrier Rig (Desert EMR)
• Added: GA Carrier Rig (EMR)
• Added: Gas Mask [CSAT] [WIP]
• Added: Gas Mask [NATO] [WIP]
• Added: Gas Mask [Russia] [WIP]
• Added: Ghillie Suit [FIA]
• Added: Ghillie Suit [Russia]
• Added: Military Cap (EMR)
• Added: Modular Helmet (Coyote)
• Added: Modular Helmet (EMR)
• Added: Modular Helmet (White)
• Added: Officer Fatigues [Russia]
• Added: Shemag (variants)
• Added: Special Modular Helmet (variants)
• Added: Specop Helmet (variants)
• Added: Tactical Backpack (Flora)
• Added: Tactical Vest (Grey)
• Added: Tactical Vest (White)
• Added: Tanker Coveralls (Khaki) [NATO]
• Added: Tanker Coveralls [NATO]
• Added: Tanker Coveralls [Russia]
• Added: Thermal Sleeves (variants)
• Added: Ushanka (variants)
• Added: Digi, Hex, Green Hex, and Sand variants of the Bunker (Tower)
• Added: Russian green liveries for the MSE-3 Marid, BTR-K Kamysh, ZSU-39 Tigris, 2S9 Sochor, T-100 Varsuk, Ifrit, Tempest, Zamak, Quad Bike, UGV, and the Qilin
• Added: Russian grey liveries for the To-201 Shikra, To-199 Neophron, UAVs, Mi-280 Taru, Mi-48 Kajman, and the PO-30 Orca
• Added: Olive liveries for the AFV-4 Gorgon, FV-720 Mora, MBT-52 Kuma, MIM-145 Defender, AN/MPQ-105, and the Strider
• Added: Several new variants of the Rangemaster Belt plus backpack slot variants
• Added: Low ROF and high ROF modes for the single and dual M134 miniguns
• Added: New sound samples for the singlular variant of the M134 minigun
• Added: Customizable decals for the F-38 Widowmaker
• Tweaked: Bunkers' textures and materials were improved
• Tweaked: The L85 / L22's textures and materials were improved [WIP]
• Tweaked: The C-192 Samson was split into proper vehicle transport and infantry transport variants
• Tweaked: The C192 Samson's textures and materials were improved
• Tweaked: The F-38 Widowmaker's textures and materials were improved
• Tweaked: Textures for the black tactical vest were improved
• Tweaked: Textures for the Blue, DDPM, DPM, MTP, Sage, and Woodland Combat Fatigues were improved
• Tweaked: Textures for the CTRG Stealth Uniform (Sand), Stealth Combat Helmet (Sand), and the Stealth Balaclava (Sand) were improved
• Tweaked: Khaki variants of the Mk16 and Mk17's textures were improved with new black selections
• Tweaked: All variants of military tents excluding the medical variants have been hidden in the Eden Editor
• Tweaked: The AK-12's RPM was increased from 600 RPM to 700 RPM
• Tweaked: Dynamic loadout is fully configured and mirroring properly with new loadouts for the F-38 Widowmaker
• Tweaked: UV map for the Mk17 variants' rails was improved
• Tweaked: The GM6 Lynx is now capable of mounting side attachments
• Tweaked: 12 Gauge HE's damage and spread was reduced
• Fixed: Alpha-sorting for the F-38 Widowmaker's canopy was incorrect
• Fixed: Alpha-sorting for the C-192's interior seats was incorrect
• Fixed: Control-surface animations for the F-38 Widowmaker
• Fixed: The Mi-48 Kajman's HE rounds were missing
• Fixed: The Prowler and Qilin's passenger seat and gunner seat issues were fixed
• Fixed: AAF pilots' weapons were missing
• Fixed: Blue specularity in the wreck model of the C-192 Samson
• Fixed: ION infantry had headgear randomization equipping them with FIA headgear
• Fixed: Paramilitary infantry were missing backpacks
• Fixed: The Mk17 had selections using the Mk16's materials
• Fixed: The CAR-95-1 had an incorrect crosshair and classification
• Fixed: The Mk32 GMG had a tendency to flip when firing
• Fixed: CTRG Stealth Uniform (Tee) had incorrect textures
• Removed: L86 LSW 5.56 mm (variants)

• Tweaked: Legacy definitions updated for ACE Compatibility Patch update

The project has been reevaluated and we're planning on heading in a new direction. As a result, a lot of the content has changed. Do not worry, most of the removed content will be moved into their own packages.

Known issues:
• Missing UI icons and editor previews
• AAF Mk.7 helmet uses wrong model, this is a temporary placeholder
• Ammoboxes have incorrect or missing items
• F-38 Widowmaker is slightly nose-heavy
• F-38 Widowmaker (Stealth)'s pylons don't hide
• F-38 Widowmaker & C-192 Samson PhysX is currently off

Hotfix is due soon for most of these issues.

• Added: G17 9 mm (variants)
• Added: L22 5.56 mm (variants)
• Added: M8 5.56 mm (variants)
• Added: M9 9 mm (variants)
• Added: MAAWS Mk4 Mod 0 & Mod 1 (Black)
• Added: Flare Tripwire
• Added: Bergen Backpack (Black)
• Added: Bergen Backpack (Sage)
• Added: Hunting Backpack
• Added: Cap (Khaki)
• Added: Cap (MTP)
• Added: Cigarette
• Added: Shades (Yellow-Red)
• Added: EOD Specialists & SF Machine Gunners
• Added: Zamak MRL for CSAT, CSAT (African), & CSAT (Pacific)
• Added: Zamak support variants for CSAT (African)
• Added: AH-99 Blackfoot & CH-67 Huron for NATO (British)
• Added: Utility drone liveries for CSAT (Pacific), NATO (British), & NATO (Pacific)
• Added: RHIBs for AAF, CSAT, and NATO, along with new AAF and OPFOR liveries
• Added: Unarmed variants of the AMV-7 Marshall, MSE-3 Marid, & AFV-4 Gorgon
• Added: New suppressed sounds for the Zafir & M320 LRR
• Added: New sounds for the L85
• Added: New sounds for the Small Boat
• Added: Artwork for Arma 3 Aegis by Greenfist
• Tweaked: Main menu music was changed
• Tweaked: The loadouts of the CTRG faction were adjusted
• Tweaked: The loadouts of the NATO, NATO (British), & NATO (Pacific) were adjusted
• Tweaked: The loadouts of the AAF Special Forces were adjusted
• Tweaked: The loadouts of the ION faction were adjusted
• Tweaked: The loadouts of the CSAT & CSAT (Pacific) were adjusted
• Tweaked: The loadouts of the Viper faction were adjusted
• Tweaked: Special forces are issued sound suppressors
• Tweaked: Spotters are issued TWS sniper sights
• Tweaked: GMG ammo was increased from 48 rounds to 64 rounds; HMG ammo was increased from 100 rounds to 200 rounds
• Tweaked: The F-38's flight model was adjusted slightly
• Tweaked: The F-38's engine nozzle animates according to set throttle
• Tweaked: The F-38's model was optimized
• Tweaked: The F-38's cabin mesh and animations were altered to better resemble its real-life counterpart
• Tweaked: CSAT's Buzzards can carry R73s and R77s; the F-38 can carry Mk82 bombs
• Tweaked: Overhauled weapons for armored vehicles with the release of Tanks DLC
• Tweaked: Groups were overhauled
• Tweaked: Ammoboxes were overhauled
• Tweaked: The Wipeout's gatling cannon ammunition count was increased from 1000 rounds to 1350 rounds
• Tweaked: The Cheetah/Tigris's autocannons' fire-rate was reduced to a more realistic 550 rounds-per-minute
• Tweaked: Range, accuracy, and weight values were tweaked for all weapons
• Tweaked: Overhauled proxies, positioning, and configuration for all weapons
• Tweaked: The AK-12 can now attach flash suppressors
• Tweaked: The SPAR-16, SPAR-16S, SPAR-17, & LIM-85's textures were adjusted
• Tweaked: Tweaked number of rounds, mass, names, and descriptions for several magazines
• Fixed: Missing name for CTRG's urban marksman
• Fixed: AAF special forces' weapons were missing
• Fixed: Missing editor-placeable versions of the Mk20 olive variants
• Fixed: F-38 dynamic loadout drop-down lists were out of order
• Fixed: Several pistols appeared under primary weapons in the Eden/Zeus interface
• Fixed: Shotguns's range was reduced
• Fixed: The Mk17 Sniper's muzzle flash was incorrect in the 4th and 5th LOD
• Fixed: Graphical error in 2nd LOD of the Warfare-50
• Fixed: Off centered optics for the Warfare-50, Mk16, and Mk17
• Fixed: Textures were missing for various weapons
• Fixed: CSAT (African) faction's Grenadier was missing their weapon
• Fixed: The Remote Designator for the NATO (British) faction had incorrect textures
• Fixed: CTRG Sharpshooter had incompatible magazines
• Fixed: Incorrect magazines for the MSE-3 Marid and UGV Saif
• Fixed: Hole in the SA80 GL's tube mesh
• Fixed: Hole in the SA80's receiver mesh
• Fixed: SA80 GL's grenade was off-centered
• Fixed: The F-38's entering and exiting sounds didn't play properly
• Fixed: The F-38's gear indicator flickered while stowing the aircraft's gear
• Fixed: The F-38's cluster loadout was missing its cluster bombs
• Fixed: Incorrect display names for NATO (British) ammo boxes and cargo nets
• Fixed: Pop-up error relating to a missing weapon when placing the CSAT (African) supply box
• Fixed: Faulty CH-67 and UH-80 miniguns were replaced
• Removed: PiP display in the C-192/I-150's cockpit; it is replaced with a static map
• Removed: P99 9 mm (variants)
• Removed: Model and configuration changes to the P07
• Removed: Temporary sounds for the MX for testing purposes
• Removed: Some content which has been moved into their own respective packages to keep the mod more concise and focused

Fixed: The AH-1 Navajo was unavailable to Zeus
Fixed: Jackal's AAF textures [Heavy WIP]
Fixed: Zamak LRS's PhysX

Fixed: Menu Music was excessively loud

Fixed: Signatures
Fixed: Missing equipment icons

Update: 30 nov @ 23:55
Added: AH-1 Navajo [WIP]
Added: CH-49 Mohawk (Medical)
Added: Jackal [WIP]
Added: Tractor [WIP]
Added: CSAT (African)
Added: Bandits (Operation Magnitude-era faction)
Added: Kabeiroi (Operation Magnitude-era faction) Added: NATO (European)
Added: SF units for AAF
Added: Marine units for NATO and NATO (Pacific) factions
Added: Static AA systems for all factions
Added: FV-52 Cerberus for NATO (Atlantic) faction
Added: MQ-4A Greyhawk for NATO (Atlantic) faction
Added: C-192 Samson for NATO (Atlantic) faction
Added: UGV Stomper for NATO (Atlantic) faction
Added: A-149 Gryphon for NATO (Atlantic) faction
Added: Several new Civilian and Military apparel items as part of the civilians overhaul and Axiom update (70+ items)
Added: Several new flags and map markers
Added: Several new insignias
Added: Candy livery for the Van
Added: Black livery for the AH-99 Blackfoot
Added: Green Hex livery for the Zamak Ammo/Repair
Added: Green livery for the C-192 Samson
Added: FIA 3 livery for the Quad Bike
Added: Dazzle livery for the F-38 Thunderbolt
Added: Black-White and White liveries for the Caesar BTT
Added: Guerilla 13 livery for the Ofrroad
Added: Unique UAV Bags for NATO and CSAT Pacific and Atlantic factions
Added: New and placeholder UI
Added: New shot sounds for tank and howitzer cannons
Added: New shot sounds for the SA80
Added: New shot sounds for the Warfare-50
Added: "Magnitude" post-processing preset, usable through ReColor or the editor's post-processing module
Added: "Real Virtuality" post-processing preset, usable through ReColor or the editor's post-processing module
Tweaked: Raven faction was overhauled
Tweaked: Civilians faction was overhauled
Tweaked: CSAT recon and SF units were overhauled
Tweaked: NATO has issued maximum budget cuts for infantry headgear
Tweaked: NATO SF units were overhauled
Tweaked: NATO (Atlantic)'s Bulldog shoguns were replaced with the M4 SSAS
Tweaked: JTACs are now issued with UGLs
Tweaked: Turban materials didn't render correctly
Tweaked: P07's khaki textures were darkened slightly
Tweaked: Combat Helmet (Tropic, Ballistic Mandible)'s textures and materials were improved
Tweaked: Flag (China)'s textures were improved
Tweaked: Worn Combat Fatigues (MTP)'s textures were improved
Tweaked: F-38 Thunderbolt's glass and interior textures and materials were improved
Tweaked: C-192 Samson's sounds were improved
Tweaked: Names of some items were changed to easily differentiate them from other items while maintaining consistency
Fixed: Bulldog 12 Gauge's UV was offset slightly
Fixed: Wrong armor values for various factions' uniforms
Fixed: Clouds and Flames related pop-up errors
Fixed: The Small Boat couldn't carry any passengers
Fixed: Mk16/Mk17's GL sight dot wasn't rendered correctly
Fixed: Mk16 HAMR's initial firemode was changed from semi auto to full auto
Fixed: Mk17 DMR's initial firemode was changed from full auto to semi auto
Fixed: Mk26 had an incorrect shell ejection sound
Fixed: CTRG Helmets were invisible
Fixed: Ammunition types were repeated in the action menu for tanks
Fixed: Static Weapon gunners ragdoll upon death
Fixed: Various errors regarding ammoboxes and cargo nets
Fixed: Various inventory errors and issues
Removed: WY-55 Hellcat and PO-30 Orca Medical variants (classnames are still present, but the vehicles themselves are hidden from Eden and Zeus)
Removed: Various obsolete classnames and files

Fixed: Militia Uniform didn't load correctly
Fixed: Police Commander pop-up error
Fixed: Russian radio protocol pop-up error
Fixed: Police Hunter textures didn't load correctly

Fixed: I forgot to sign the files :(

Added: New props, furniture, and static vehicles, including airliners (WIP, more to come in the next update)
Added: Ambient sounds for several props
Added: Gendarmerie livery for the Van
Added: New variants of the Laws of War Tents for NATO, CSAT, and AAF
Added: Van for the ION and Gendarmerie factions
Added: New HUD for the F-38 Thunderbolt
Added: Aegis GUI color set
Added: "Limnos" post processing preset
Added: "Laws of War DLC: Actions have consequences" music track
Tweaked: The F-38 Thunderbolt's cannon sound was changed
Tweaked: Various props, structures, fortifications, and wrecks were overhauled
Tweaked: Various supply boxes' textures were improved
Tweaked: NATO (Pacific) vehicle textures were once again improved
Tweaked: NATO infantry equipment textures were improved
Tweaked: NATO (Atlantic) infantry headgear textures were shuffled
Tweaked: Bulldog's model was improved (huge thanks to Kiory!) Tweaked: Gendarmerie and Police Offroads' horns were replaced with sirens
Tweaked: Bunkers (Small & Large) should blend in with the terrain better, along with the artillery dugouts and ramparts
Tweaked: CTRG Mediterranean units are now equiped with SPAR rifles
Tweaked: Police units and equipment (Warning: classnames have changed)
Tweaked: Militia units and equipment (Warning: classnames have changed)
Fixed: FIA Sharpshooter's optic was missing
Fixed: Folding Table's materials didn't render correctly
Fixed: Medical APCs and helicopters wrongfully had weapons and ammunition in their inventories
Fixed: Clouds APCs and helicopters didn't display in Zeus
Fixed: AH-9 "BLUFOR" livery didn't display the proper texture
Fixed: Tropical artillery dugouts and ramparts had the incorrect wood texture
Fixed: Mk16 pop-up error
Removed: Modular Tents, as the new Laws of War variants are entirely superior

Tweaked: The F-38 Thunderbolt's textures and materials were improved slightly
Fixed: Bunker Wall (Rampart) & Bunker Wall (Artillery) pop-up errors
Fixed: Police Uniform's textures were missing

Added: Green Hex livery for the Zamak Fuel
Tweaked: F-35F Lightning II was renamed to F-38 Thunderbolt
Tweaked: F-38 Thunderbolt's liveries
Fixed: Start-up pop-up error
Fixed: Raven PO-30 Orca didn't spawn with pilots and caused a pop-up error
Fixed: Police Uniform was invisible
Fixed: Gendarmerie Marshal's texture was incorrect

Added: MGL 40 mm
Added: EGLM 40 mm
Added: Small Boat (2 liveries)
Added: Close-Combat Optic
Added: Cannon Pod and S-5 Rocket Pod (see Pylon settings of Hellcat and OPFOR aircraft) Added: AAF woodland camouflage infantry and equipment
Added: Guerrilla Garment (Khaki)
Added: Syndikat Uniform (Brown)
Added: Syndikat Uniform (Officer)
Added: Syndikat Uniform (Brown, Officer)
Added: Booniehat (Tropic) [CTRG]
Added: Assassin/Defender/Protector Helmet (Arid Hex)
Added: Olive variant of the Mk20
Added: Khaki variant for the TRG-20
Added: Tan variant for the Katiba (WIP)
Added: Black livery for the XH-9
Added: Black livery for the CH-49 Mohawk
Added: Green Hex livery for the Zamak (WIP)
Added: Green Hex livery for the Taru Pods
Added: Green Hex livery for the To-201 Shikra
Added: Grey Hex livery for the Ih-150 Cormorant
Added: Blue and Green Hex liveries for the To-199 Neophron
Added: Vrana and Wave liveries for the EH302
Added: Hunter variants for the NATO (Atlantic) faction
Added: Recon UAV Operator and SF UAV Operator for the NATO and CSAT faction
Added: Sharpshooter for the AAF faction
Added: SCAR weapons have received new sounds
Added: Laws of War DLC support
Added: China map marker set
Tweaked: Specop units and groups were renamed to SF units and groups
Tweaked: Flames weapons were overhauled
Tweaked: Clouds weapons were overhauled
Tweaked: CSAT special forces weapons were overhauled Tweaked: Civilian equipment and apparel was partially overhauled (WIP)
Tweaked: FIA equipment and headgear randomization was overhauled
Tweaked: Clouds headgear is now randomized
Tweaked: Flames headgear is now randomized
Tweaked: CTRG equipment is partially overhauled
Tweaked: PO-30 Orca Medical's textures for the Civilian faction
Tweaked: Flames Uniform textures
Tweaked: Booniehat [CTRG] textures, it should now match CTRG's Mediterranean camouflage
Tweaked: CTRG Mediterranean infantry are now equiped with ENVG-II instead of standard NVGs
Tweaked: F-35F's textures and materials were improved slightly
Tweaked: Zeroing a weapon now produces a more noticeable sound
Tweaked: NATO (Pacific) olive liveries were improved
Tweaked: The SCAR weapons' textures and materials were improved
Tweaked: The SA80's textures were improved
Tweaked: The Bulldog's textures and materials were improved
Tweaked: UCPT faction renamed to Militia
Tweaked: Militia Uniform's model has been replaced
Fixed: Punisher 25 mm was absent from the virtual arsenal
Fixed: NATO sage and woodland infantry had incorrect headgear
Fixed: Raven Coveralls weight was incorrect
Fixed: Clerical Robes materials were incorrect
Fixed: CSAT (Pacific) Mi-280 Taru co-pilots were incorrect
Fixed: CSAT Fighter Pilot carried incorrect magazines
Fixed: NATO (Atlantic) vehicles carried MXs instead of SA80s
Fixed: Flames vehicles didn't carry the correct weapons and magazines
Fixed: Mk26 rate-of-fire was too slow, and as a result the hammer didn't animate properly
Fixed: All files were re-signed with a new BIKEY
Removed: AA-40's semi-automatic firemode

Added: Mk18 ABR 7.62 mm (Grey)
Added: Vermin SMG .45 ACP (Khaki)
Added: Swordfish Regiment Insignia
Added: Rugged Radio and Magazine (Caseless) props
Added: Sniper Suit [AAF/NATO/CSAT]
Added: Carrier Vest (Green)
Added: New icon for the black 4-five
Tweaked: Mk16 GL optics overhauled
Tweaked: Mk17 GL optics overhauled
Tweaked: SA80 GL optics overhauled
Tweaked: NATO special forces' equipment was overhauled
Tweaked: CSAT special forces' equipment was overhauled
Tweaked: NATO Tropic helmets' textures were improved
Tweaked: Viper Hex uniform's textures were improved
Tweaked: CSAT Urban, Green Hex, and Hex uniforms' textures were improved
Tweaked: CSAT Green Hex and Hex officer uniforms' textures were improved
Tweaked: Menu Music was changed
Tweaked: MX / MX 3GL's black textures were improved
Tweaked: ION and Civilian CH-49 Mohawk was renamed
Fixed; Gendarme Marshal had wrong vest
Fixed: Worn Combat Fatigues (Kerry) was too bright
Fixed: NATO Pacific Helicopter Pilots and Crew had wrong NV Goggles
Fixed: Some dismantled weapon bags could not be assembled, the rest are still being figured out (Raised GMG/HMGs)
Fixed: NATO Urban uniforms were invisible
Fixed: M4 SSAS's sounds weren't playing

Added: Punisher 25 mm Grenade Launcher (airburst isn't functional currently)
Added: UCPT faction (infantry only currently)
Added: Heavy Grenadier for NATO faction
Added: Desert and Woodland infantry for NATO Atlantic Forces
Added: MSE-3 Marid, PO-30 Orca for the Clouds faction
Added: Hunter, Offroad, Prowler for the Flames faction
Added: Desert, Woodland, and Urban uniforms for NATO Atlantic Forces
Added: UK MTP helmets for NATO Atlantic Forces
Added: Olive texture source for the Mora
Added: Sand & Olive texture source for the Tempest
Added: New shot samples for the Mk16
Added: New shot samples for the Mk17
Added: New shot samples for the SA80
Added: Optional CBA compatibility file
Tweaked: "Netted Modular Helmet" was renamed to "Modular Helmet Mk.6"
Tweaked: "Modular Helmet (Camo)" was renamed to "Modular Helmet Mk.7"
Tweaked: NVG slot Goggles' weight was reduced to match their facewear counterpart
Tweaked: The Samson's TGP camera memory point was repositioned
Tweaked: The Lightning II's enter and exit animations have been corrected
Tweaked: CSAT's Buzzard textures were improved
Tweaked: The "dark_mtp" optional file has been integrated
Tweaked: The "bipod" memory point was repositioned for all weapons
Tweaked: The ACOG's scope view was improved
Tweaked: The Lightning II's PhysX was improved slightly (WIP)
Tweaked: The Samson's PhysX was improved slightly (WIP)
Fixed: The SA80's GL animations were unfinished
Fixed: The Samson's gear clipped through the hull
Fixed: The Samson's instruments and controls didn't animate properly
Fixed: The ACOG's red dot was visible while not aiming
Fixed: The Strider HMG's commander position wasn't accessible

Fixed: ACE is no longer required

Fixed: SA80 LSW pop-up error

Added: Several terrain structures and props
Added: SA80 5.56 mm Assault Rifle & Light Support Weapon
Added: Mk16 HAMR 5.56 mm Light Support Weapon
Added: ACOG optics (WIP)
Added: New icons for variants of the Mk16/Mk17 rifles
Added: New icons for black variant of the Bulldog shotgun
Added: New icons for black variants of the Mk20 rifle
Added: New icons for black variants of the TRG-20 rifle
Added: New icons for the black variant of the P07 pistol
Added: New icons for the black variant of the P99 pistol
Added: Optional ACE compatibility. Check download location, the file is located inside a folder named "Optional"
Tweaked: The Mk17 rifle's textures were improved slightly
Tweaked: The Bulldog shotgun's textures were darkened
Tweaked: The Special Combat Helmet tropic variant's textures were improved
Tweaked: The Combat Fatigues NATO Atlantic variant's textures were improved
Tweaked: NATO Atlantic's ammoboxes' inventories were modified
Tweaked: NATO Atlantic's units' inventories were modified
Tweaked: The AA40's recoil and performance was overhauled
Tweaked: The Bulldog's recoil and performance was overhauled
Tweaked: The M4 SSAS's recoil and performance was overhauled
Tweaked: The Mk16/Mk17's recoil and performance was overhauled
Tweaked: The Warfare-50's recoil and performance was overhauled
Fixed: The F-35F's presets didn't load properly
Fixed: The F-35F Stealth variant's presets caused a pop-up error
Fixed: The CTRG Arid Uniform variants had wrong names
Fixed: The AK-12's three-round-burst was replaced with a more accurate two-round-burst
Fixed: All files have been resigned with a new private key

Added: Bulldog 12 Gauge (Black)
Added: P99 9 mm (Black)
Added: Special Combat Helmet
Tweaked: Combat Helmet (MTP) texture was improved
Fixed: Deploying with non-bipod weapons would sink into the ground
Fixed: SCAR was missing 75 m zeroing for EGLM

Added: Gendarme Marshal
Added: Combat Helmet (Spraypaint)
Added: Gendarmerie Helmet
Added: US Combat Helmet (Sand)
Added: Outdoor Pack (Blue)
Added: Outdoor Pack (Tan)
Added: Bergen (Red)
Added: Bergen (Green)
Added: Bergen (Blue)
Tweaked: NATO forces now wear a variety of helmets
Tweaked: NATO Atlantic forces now wear a variety of helmets
Tweaked: Combat Helmet (Grass) textures were changed
Tweaked: Combat Helmet (Olive) textures were improved
Fixed: CSAT raised static weapon bags' textures were incorrect

F-35F's HUD is being worked and may have issues right now
Added: Crew Helmet
Added: Crew Helmet (Olive) [NATO]
Added: Crewman for Clouds
Added: Heavy Gunner for NATO Atlantic
Added: Machine Gunner for NATO Atlantic
Added: Recon Sharpshooter for NATO Atlantic
Added: Sharpshooter for NATO Atlantic
Tweaked: AA-40's hand animation (WIP)
Tweaked: M4 SSAS's hand animation (WIP)
Tweaked: Mk17's hand animation
Tweaked: Warfare-50's hand animation
Tweaked: Combat Helmet (Sand) texture was improved
Tweaked: US Combat Helmet texture was improved
Fixed: Raven / Police groups pop-up error
Fixed: British English voices weren't working
Fixed: NATO Atlantic Cargo Net had M320 LRRs instead of Warfare-50s

Added: Machine Gunner for NATO Pacific
Added: "Fighter Jets - (Alternative 1)" music track
Added: "Argo" music track
Added: "Clouds Build Up" music track
Added: "Flames Build Up" music track
Added: "Match Lose" music track
Added: "Match Win" music track
Added: "Round Close" music track
Added: "Round Lose" music track
Added: "Round Win" music track
Added: Several new groups
Added: Several new Ammo Boxes
Added: Several new Equipment Boxes
Added: Several new Uniforms Boxes
Added: Several new Supply Boxes
Tweaked: Clouds equipment
Tweaked: Flames equipment
Tweaked: ION equipment
Tweaked: Raven equipment
Tweaked: Groups were overhauled
Tweaked: NATO Pacific Specop equipment
Tweaked: Modular Helmet (Camo) model
Tweaked: Netted Modular Helmet model
Tweaked: Ammo Box inventories
Tweaked: Equipment Box inventories
Tweaked: Uniforms Box inventories
Tweaked: Supply Box inventories
Tweaked: Cargo Net inventories
Tweaked: Police Offroad's crew
Fixed: CSAT Pacific Heavy Gunner's weapon was missing
Fixed: Cargo Net [CSAT Pacific] item error
Fixed: Zamak LRS texture error
Fixed: TWS Sniper's zoom was inverted
Fixed: Katiba & Minigun magazine compatibility

Added: UAV Operator for CTRG
Added: Ifrit for Raven
Added: PO-30 Orca for Raven
Added: M-900 for ION
Added: SUV for ION
Tweaked: Syndikat equipment tweaked
Tweaked: Syndikat Quadbike's textures
Tweaked: Syndikat Offroad's textures
Tweaked: Syndikat Quadbike's crew
Tweaked: Syndikat Offroad's crew

Publisher issues

Publisher issues

Publisher issues

Publisher issues

Publisher issues

Publisher issues

Publisher issues

Tweaked: Compatibility with optional files

Added: "This is War (Malden Remix)" music track
Fixed: Start-up error

Added: "Flashpoint" music track
Added: "Malden" music track
Added: "Eau de Combat" music track
Added: ATGMs for Kuma / Slammer / Varsuk
Added: Rifleman (Shotgun) for FIA
Added: Zeus support for all units
Tweaked: Police units have been overhauled
Tweaked: AAF officer is now equipped with a Mk26 heavy pistol
Tweaked: ENVG-II FLIR color
Tweaked: Special Purpose Helmet FLIR color
Tweaked: Zamak LRS's textures have been improved
Fixed: Bulldog's second tube wasn't working
Fixed: Various units' backpacks were missing
Fixed: Zamak LRS's windows are destroyed properly now
Fixed: Zamak LRS's wheels are destroyed properly now
Fixed: Zamak LRS's gunner FOV
Fixed: Zamak LRS's artillery computer displayed wrong weapon text

Added: Clouds faction
Added: Flames faction
Added: Flags for Clouds, Flames, Police, and Raven
Added: Presets for the F-35F Lightning II (WIP)
Added: Specop Scout (Shotgun), Specop Sharpshooter for NATO / CSAT
Added: Sharpshooter for CTRG
Added: Scout (Shotgun) for CTRG / Viper
Added: Scientist for CSAT
Added: Black and Khaki colorations of the SCAR
Added: Placeable Mk17s in 3DEN
Added: Clouds Uniform
Added: Flames Uniform
Added: Scientist Suit
Added: Pilot camera and laser designator for the RH-9 Roach
Tweaked: CTRG, ION, Raven, and Viper units have been overhauled
Tweaked: NATO / CSAT special forces units have been overhauled
Tweaked: SCAR firing sounds (WIP)
Fixed: M-900 and RH-9 Roach's benches were removed

Added: Bergen Backpack (Green Hex)
Added: New Jets DLC music track "Reunion"
Added: Cargo Net boxes for NATO Pacific / NATO Atlantic / CSAT Pacific
Tweaked: FV-720 Mora's BLUFOR textures were improved
Tweaked: Cargo Net inventories for AAF / NATO / CSAT
Tweaked: Rahim's black textures were improved
Tweaked: Bergen Backpack (Hex) has a new texture
Fixed: AH-99 Blackfoot's pylons were missing
Fixed: A-143 Buzzard's Twin Cannon wasn't working
Fixed: 6.5 caseless mags are compatible with the Katiba again

Added: Grey Hex camouflage for the Neophron
Tweaked: SCAR firing sounds
Tweaked: Mk26 firing sounds (WIP)
Tweaked: Bulldog firing sounds
Tweaked: P07 firing sounds
Tweaked: Warfare-50 firing sounds
Tweaked: Zamak LRS launcher sounds
Improved: SCAR reload animations
Fixed: Warfare-50 muzzle flash didn't appear in first person
Fixed: Warfare-50 recoil pop-up
Fixed: CTRG Arid Uniform texture's brightness

Added: Temporary HUD for the F-35F Lightning II
Fixed: Missing classname pop-up is actually fixed now
Fixed: Light Combat Helmet (Olive) appeared twice in arsenal

Fixed: Missing classname pop-up

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