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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Uses addActions on an editor placed "firing device" to detonate editor placed mines.

Date: 2017-06-20 08:15

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Remote Detonator Function


As part of a campaign I've been making for some mates and I, I'd made a scenario involving a small defensive engagement and wanted to give each player the ability to detonate claymores that were laid out in front of the position. The idea was to do something similar to having a firing device linked to a claymore, that anyone could activate. But with the lack of an M57 (firing device) I went for a tablet that was linked to a number of claymores. Anyway, someone saw a short video I did demonstrating it and asked if they could use it, so I turned it from a bodgey, mission specific thing into something easy to use in any mission.

Uses addActions on an editor placed "firing device" to detonate editor placed mines.

- Detonate mines using an object (firing device) via addActions.
- Have multiple mines linked to the firing device.
- Customise addAction menu description of mines.
- Can be used by multiple players.
- Group (text) chat and vanilla sounds to indicate arming, firing and disarming.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Remote Detonator Function please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

- Copy the folder MIL_remoteDet to your mission folder.
- Place an object to interact with as the clacker/firing device and name it.
- Place and name claymore/s.
- Run this command anywhere (e.g. initServer.sqf) before the mission starts:
nul = [] execVM "MIL_remoteDet\init.sqf";
- To create the addActions, run this command where the mines are local (e.g. server for editor placed firing device and mines):
[_firingDevice,[[_mineDescription,_mineName],[_mineDescription,_mineName]]] remoteExec ["MIL_fnc_remoteDet",_players];
_firingDevice - object - name given to your firing device.
_mineDescription - string - description of which claymore to fire (e.g Fire Claymore - _mineDescription).
_mineName - object - name given to _mineDescription claymore.
_players - array - list of all players to be using the firing device.

waitUntil {!isNil "MIL_fnc_remoteDet"};
nul = [
	[["Near Left",mine1],["Near Right",mine2],["Far Left",mine3],["Far Right",mine4]]
] remoteExec ["MIL_fnc_remoteDet",call BIS_fnc_listPlayers];

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License / Disclaimer:
Use and abuse as required. Please just give credit for the original concept.


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