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Requirements: Arma 3 Apex, ASR AI 3, CBA
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.1

Date: 2017-09-26 18:39

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Eco Terrorists

HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag(zTt)

Eco-friendly organizations want to attack Governor Reynold's motorcade! Will you be able to deliver him safely to Altis main airport or will he end up being executed?

1.] Hypothesis: Tanoa is an island where many eco-friendly organizations operate. These organizations claim that Tanoa should not be harassed by human interventions because a lot of rare plant and animal species live there. That is why they have convinced prior governments to not let Tanoa locals use the lands for farming or fishing and to ban all non renewable energy sources. As a result most locals have no source of income and are therefore extremely poor. Now Tanoa has a new Governor named Mr. Reynolds. Reynolds decided to stop the aforementioned bans and to let the locals prosper as long as some basic limits are kept. The eco-organizations however disagree and now want to assassinate the governor! You see due to his policies there will be no more funding for them and the super expensive eco-products will stop being sold. Today Reynolds will be visiting the governor of Altis to discuss how to get rid of the so called eco-friendly organizations. You, as a PMC, will be responsible for his safety. You are to escort him to the airport where he will get in a chopper so as to be transferred to the meeting pos.

2.] Important details:

a)Playing in SP will be hard but if you do play in SP you will have to be THE GROUP LEADER of the vehicle that will be IN THE MIDDLE of the motorcade. You will find which slot that is at the start of the mission.
b)This mission has low replayability. Once and if you manage to complete the mission successfully you might never play it again.
c)The motorcade should remain in formation. The one vehicle should be behind the other and at logical speeds. Driving too fast can result in accidents, such as missing a turn, turning upside down and exploding. Not that we would know while testing :whistle:
d)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your team. Those units should exist for your convenience.


3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat abilities and basic organizing skills.
3.2]Technical: Arma 3 Apex


4.1]Minor: One unit refuses to follow waypoints while playing in a server. In the editor all works perfectly but not in the server.
4.2]Serious: None

5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder.

6.] Changelog

6.1] Version 1.1:
Fixed Dedicated Server Vip not moving issue.
Fixed one task taking 10 seconds longer than intended to be created.

Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great.
If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits
Enjoy ...

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