ArmAlib by Kegetys updated to v1.03

Kegetys has released version 1.03 of his ArmAlib tool for ArmA in the BI forums.

Quote Kegetys :
v1.03 with ArmA 1.16 support is now available from my site.

It also has some SQL crash fixes, hopefully I didnt screw anything up there this time (Previously I had apparently broken some array handling in v1.02 which caused crashing)

In addition, this version contains an (highly) experimental feature that allows you to use scripting functions to draw onto textures using basic drawing operations (rectangles, squares, polygons with color gradients etc.). This allows creating, for example, fully custom MFD displays or HUDs in airplanes as shown in the video below.


Written on 2009-05-03 21:09 by Big  

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