Author: BobTheHunted
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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core

Version: 0.14
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: First release of my terrain data addon. Contains various custom objects and other data used in my terrains. More info will be added in the future.

Date: 2020-04-13 11:59

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BTHBC Terrains Core - Objects and Shared Definitions


First release of my terrain data addon. Contains various custom objects and other data used in my terrains. More info will be added in the future.

Any feedback or input is welcome

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With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
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Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Includes ALIAScartoon's waterfall script
Thanks for letting me use it!

License / Disclaimer:
Read APL-SA_license.txt in @BTHBC_Map_Data for license information

Basic surface config tweaks.
Optimized hundreds of textures by using the proper DXT1 compression type for non-transparent textures.
Added 2 new hut model retextures.
New invisible roadway model for the roof of a trailer object so it can be walked on.

Fixed: Pond objects no longer have a purple hue in their reflections
Fixed: AI paths in bthbc_md_NewHouseMed_1_v1.p3d and variants now have properly defined selections
Fixed: Yellow runway taxiway line road type now has surface config
Changed: Heavily modified and improved pond object textures and materials
Changed: Short sidewalk models now have named property 'frequent = 1' for performance reasons
Changed: Short sidewalk models now have an addition resolution LOD with reduced faces for performance reasons
Changed: Added LODdensityCoef values to several vegetation models for slower or quicker LOD switching
Changed: Added LODdensityCoef value to capital building/governer's residence building for slower LOD switching
Changed: Added LODdensityCoef values to several non-alpha clutter models (Rocks, sticks, etc) for slower LOD switching
Changed: Added/Tweaked the LODdensityCoef property values on several other models
Changed: Added named property 'class = clutter' to clutter models where it was missing
Changed: Lawn grass surface type clutter is now much denser and uses a better matching clutter model
Changed: Slightly modified pine tree trunk materials and textures
Changed: Modified the materials for several A2 bush object retextures
Changed: Objects are now organized better in the 3den editor categories
Added: Caustics animation with twice as many frams as the vanilla animation created with ButterFlow frame interpolation
Added: 'Lawn Grass' clutter model with better matching colors and shape/scale for the lawn grass surface type
Added: New double and quadruple length sidewalk models
Added: New custom apex-style urban chainlink fences made to replace the apex assets on Krasnorus
Added: New clutter cutter models with select surface types to prevent lack of footsteps in areas where they are used
Added: Slightly transparent red guide objects for the new clutter cutter models
Added: New experimental AI path objects of three sizes
Added: AI Path guides that are visible to assist placement/alignment
Added: Custom objects now editor preview images in the 3den editor
Added: New dead/leafless picea tree object
Added: New rock decal objects
Added: New photoscanned tree stump object
Added: New photoscanned boulder object
Added: New 'thinned' dirt road type that clutter can clip through
Added: New custom clutter cutter object for new dirt road type that hides only the clutter on the dirt track part, so clutter clips through the middle
Added: Transparent red guide object for custom road clutter cutter object
Some other changes I probably forgot to write down

Added: 2 Krasnorus flag objects (editor only)
Added: 2 new Krasnorus related icons
Added: 2 new road types. A wide variant of the cobblestone path, and an unmarked federal road (has white lines still)
Added: 6 new A2 shed objects with fixed materials/textures
Added: Custom A2 proxy models for stationhouse
Added: New custom haybale retexture
Added: New custom stationhouse model with custom materials/textures + One texture variant
Added: New open-door icons for interior hallway of custom house
Added: New original house building with interior
Added: New road intersection model
Added: New tree stump retexture that matches the trees more accurately
Added: Worn road decal variants
Added: ~20 new texture variants of my house models
Changed: Added door opening/closing sounds to sheds
Changed: Added memory points to several models
Changed: Clutter textures and materials
Changed: Fallen tree log now follows the terrain slope it is on
Changed: Glass armor value slightly reduced on all buildings
Changed: Heavily modified/upgraded shed models
Changed: Many tree class types are now "class = treeSoft"
Changed: Modified populus tree's polyplane lod texture and material
Changed: Modified some surface configs
Changed: New material for rock clutter and new UV layout
Changed: Open/Close door actions are now attached to the geometry instead of being a radius for several buildings
Changed: Removed tree view density values because of AI issues
Changed: Retextured city platform models
Changed: Road corner model now just uses modified UVs instead of a custom texture
Changed: Some tree models have branches that are visible at all angles near the bottom
Changed: Surface configuration for wildgrass has been changed to match new clutter size
Changed: Tall grass clutter model height has been reduced, and the overall scale is slightly smaller
Changed: Tall grass model moved slightly more into the ground
Changed: Thick pine trees are no longer used as cover by AI
Changed: Tree geometry LOD's for most trees. Mostly view geometry tweaks
Changed: Tree texture/materials slightly tweaks
Changed: Tweaked textures and materials for forest clutter
Changed: Tweaked the pond super shader material
Changed: Tweaked/added memory points to many plant models
Fixed: Building hitpoint configuration for several buildings
Fixed: Building materials for several buildings
Fixed: Cabinshack model uses less textures/materials and no longer has 104+ sections
Fixed: City platform models materials specular issues
Fixed: Named selections issues with several models
Fixed: Removed unnecessary or duplicate geo class types in several models
Fixed: Road decal UVs for several models
Fixed: Tree armor configuration


Version 0.7a - New Models - General Fixes
- Added another completely new A3 style household building + WIP ruins model
- Added more new A2 hut variant models
- Added completely new custom straw hut building + ruins
- Removed waterfall activation script for Ryderwood Island due to bugs, may be fixed later
- General config tweaks
- General bug fixes

Version 0.5a - New Textures - Experimental Decals
- Tweaked 2 other surface textures
- Added 3 new surface textures
- Added new muddy road texture
- Modified + Added sound sets and sound shaders
- Added 2 new rock decal overlay models
- Fixed geometry issues on some models
- General config tweaks

Version 0.4a - New Objects - Road decals
- Added 12 new modified/retextured A2 city objects
- Added new wall models designed for concealing clipping between buildings
- Added new road decal models
- Removed CUP - Maps dependency - Hopefully there won't be anything I missed
- Removed BTHBC Core dependency - Not entirely necessary for terrain mods

Version 0.3.5a - Runways - New buildings
- Adapted 5 new A2/A1 buildings and modified them for A3
- Made 5 new runway models based on the original A3 runway models with some modifications
- Modified 2 surface textures

Version 0.3a - New Objects - Visual Overhaul - Minor Optimization
- Added 7 new bush models (modified from a2 samples) with updated shaders
- Updated/modified many tree textures
- Complete overhaul of all tree rvmats for upgraded appearance
- Added 2 new surface textures
- Clutter adjustments
- Redesigned pond materials - Visual upgrade

Version 0.2.5a - New Textures - Replacement Sidewalk Models - Serious Optimization
- New footpath texture
- New surface textures
- Added several new sidewalk models - Mostly ones fit to replace existing models
- Added "Point of Interest" marker for terrain development
- Changed several tree textures
- Heavily modified several tree .rvmat materials for better appearance
- General tree optimization - should noticeably help with performance
- Fixed bad file references in several models
- Updated penetration materials of several models to use the A3 version

Version 0.2.0a - New Models - New Surfaces - Buildings/Fences/Structures etc....
- Added several new surface types
- Added many new object models
- Added modern-west style shed models - has 4 texture variants
- Added modern-west style fence models - 2 types - 1 gate - 4 texture variants
- Added trampoline prop (modern-west residential areas)
- Added several sidewalk models based on western infrastructure - 6 color coded texture variants
- Tweaked surfaces and surface clutter configurations
- Tweaked overall clutter configuration for consistency between terrains
- Moderate file path/directory restructuring/tweaks
- Various config updates/tweaks/fixes
- Various model updates/tweaks/fixes
- Probably a lot more I am not thinking of right now

Version 0.1.6a - Surfaces - Model Tweaks - Config Tweaks
- Added several new surface types
- Added several new clutter models
- Tweaked textures .rvmats
- Various small config tweaks/fixes
- Various small model tweaks/fixes

Version 0.1.5a - New Bridges - Roads - Surfaces - Fixes - Config Tweaks
- Added several new road types
- Added many variants of each road type, old and new
- Added three bridge objects, designed for new roads
- Added several new surface types
- Added several new clutter models
- Replaced main terrain detail texture
- Replaced one surface and renamed it to fit the other names
- Tweaked clutter/surface configurations
- Tweaked textures .rvmats
- Various small config tweaks/fixes

Version 0.1.4a - New Trees - Fixes - General Updates
- Added three new tree objects
- Added several new surface types
- Added several new clutter models
- Added new editor objects for terrain making
- Improved polyplane LODs on several trees
- Fixed fire geometries on multiple tree objects
- Fixed view geometries on multiple objects
- Tweaked textures and some .rvmats slightly
- Various small config tweaks

Version 0.1.3a - Creeks and Ponds - General Updates
- Added creek models with flowing water (several variations, can be found in 3den)
- Added several surface types and clutter models for use in future terrains (None currently available)
- Added footpath texture and surface
- Improved view LOD for one tree that was still having minor issues with AI
- Improved polyplane LOD for one of the trees, fixed color (also applies to its smaller variant)
- Improved visual appearance of ponds
- Various small config tweaks

Version 0.1.2a - Terraforming Objects
- Added natural looking terraforming objects (humps, piles, things like that) to allow more options for mission creators (especially on my recent "Ryderwood Island" terrain, which is very mountainous)
- Improved view LOD's for most of the trees
- Improved polyplane LOD for one of the trees (color is still off, but I'm working on it)

Version 0.1.1a - Minor tweaks and fixes
- Repaired the init function to trigger the ALIAS waterfall script (wrong class name from older version)
- Repaired sound shaders and sound sets for the dead trees (still not quite perfect)
- Tweaked volume and pitch of waterfall sound effects for the waterfall script (Turned very quiet in recent update)
- Tweaked .rvmat file for small pine tree polyplane LOD (No longer glowing, actually looks like original object)

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Update: 23 jul @ 4:22
Version 1.0a - First release

- CUP Terrains Core

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