Author: ZluskeN
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Requirements: Arma 3 Apex

Version: 0.40
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod alters loadouts of vanilla units in Arma 3.

Date: 2021-01-10 00:58

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ZluskeN Modified Loadouts


This mod alters loadouts of vanilla units in Arma 3.
Apex is required, Marksmen DLC is recommended.


- NATO now use SPAR Series as main weapon, they make more sense as a future NATO standard rifle.
- Regular infantry use the khaki version with black details, SF use the fully painted version (they are the same color)
- AAF now use .45 exclusively for handguns and SMGs (4-five and Vermin)
- ACP-C2 .45 ACP is now the NATO heavy handgun, used by officers and combat patrol
- NATO and CSAT now use 9mm ammo for handguns and SMGs
- Gendarmes now use Black SPAR16s and Rook-40 pistols
- The MX Series is now a CTRG Prototype weapon system much like the Type 115 for CSAT
- NATO Sharpshooters now use Mk18 EBR, swapped with AAF
- AAF Now have tan coloured Mk20s, to match their new handgun
- AAF AR's now use LIM-85, it is the same caliber and manufacturer as their Mk20s
- AAF Marksmen now use the Mk-I EMR, swapped with NATO
- Added Recon soldiers and groups for AAF
- FIA AR's now use Zafirs
- FIA Marksmen now use the Mk14 Battle Rifle
- CSAT AR's now use Mk200s, it is the only AR that has the same caliber as their Katibas
- CSAT infantry now use crew helmets, it think it makes for a much better "Future soldier" look
- CSAT Guardsmen now use tan weapons, heavy handguns and the old NATO Crew Helmets.
- NATO Crewmen use AAF Helmets. The old ones were the same as CSAT.
- CSAT infantry helmets now used by CSAT Pilots, I always thought they looked like pilot helmets
- CSAT Pilot helmets now used by NATO Tropic pilots, it was the same helmet in a different color
- Vehicles and ammo crate contents updated to reflect these changes
- Some other small tweaks to loadouts that I don't remember

To install ZluskeN Modified Loadouts you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Changelog: (10-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
Updated mag change script to hopefully work on dedicated servers

Fixed BLUFOR Pilots now have sights on their SMGs again

Added Syndikat soldiers and squads
Altered ADR-97 loadouts
Fixed Combat patrol weapons
Fixed incorrect pistol mags for LDF Helicrew
Fixed incorrect pistol magazines for BLUFOR Sharpshooter


- Updated weapons for BLUFOR Combat Patrol
- Reverted weapons for CTRG Story Units

The mag fix script should now be MP compatible

- Added Arid CTRG Units and Squads with a black LSV
- Unhid CSAT's Scimitar Regiment & added Squads with them
- CSAT Recon units now use caps instead of helmets
- CSAT Jet pilots use the old Recon Helmets
- FIxed Incorrect classname for Miller's handgun
- Fixed bug with woodland UAV Soldier weapons

- Added Black P57 to CTRG Urban Soldiers
- Added Eventhandler that makes sure you have correct magazines for your P57 at mission start
- New Mod Logo
- Nerfed muzzle velocity of P57
- Tweaked weapon loadouts of Syndikat and Gendarmerie
- Fixed incorrect weapon classes for NATO Woodland UAV Soldiers
- Reverted handguns for CSAT Urban Soldiers

Fixed ammo types in Syndikat Backpacks

- The P07 is now the P57, using 20rnd 5.7 magazines to match the ADR-97. It is used by NATO and LDF
- Woodland NATO units now use the Long barrel black SPAR16 and LIM-85 as support weapon
- Gendarmes now use the PDW2000, the HK is moved to the looters faction
- Added LDF Snipers with and without Full Ghillie Suit
- Lots of little tweaks

- New AK-12 series for CSAT
- Syndikat now use Katibas instead of AK-12
- Regular CSAT now use Apex NVGs, their NVGs are now used by NATO Woodland
- Swapped weapons between AAF and LDF
- Due to the way Contact DLC works, I have broken out the Contact unit classes into a separate pbo in the main mod folder. To use it move the pbo into the addons folder

Fixed a small bug with one of the ammo crates

- Added in ADR-97 as the new NATO Standard SMG
- Changed the new "Captain" classes to reflect the new standard

Added back in the FIA Marksman which was accidentally removed at some point

Removed the Addarsenal and Wave respawn scripts, they casued too much trouble

Fixed: the new CSAT AT classes had the wrong helmets
Added: My Addarsenal and Wave respawn scripts to the functions library

Tanks DLC Update
- CSAT Crews now use the new CSAT Crew helmet
- The new Characters now match up with the other units

- Spiced up the new Urban CTRG faction's gear a bit

All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits
- Urban CSAT Units now have apex NVGs
- Urban CTRG Soldiers that mirror the Urban CSAT Units

- CSAT Vehicles now have correct AR Ammo

Separated Weapons, Gear and ACE stuff into three pbos

Orange DLC Update

- Added ACE Earplugs to all units
- Updated Compat patrol weapons

- Fixed - AAF Teamleaders had no UGL
- Added - ACE Chemlight shields for all soldiers (Experimental)

Syndikat AR's no longer have bipods
Regular NATO soldiers now use khaki SPARs, Recon use fully painted versions
Cleaned up config
Updated changes list

- AAF Recon Marksman now has a different scope
- Tweaked contents of ammo crates and backpacks

Combat Patrol now use SPAR16s and heavy handgun (ACP-C2)
Urban CSAT now use CSAT heavy handgun (Zubr)
Optional 57 config updated

- Added AAF Recon units and Squads
- Fixed erroneus loadout for NATO Tropic Demoman

- Fixed equipment in CTRG LSVs
- Vermin SMG is now on AAF side, PDW2000 is NATO (Better ammo type unity)
- Silencers in crates now match ammo types for sides

- Updated ammo and equipment in AAF vehicles
- Updated loadouts for Jets units

- Altered contents of some ammo boxes
- Updated optional FiveseveN pbo

Update: 13 mei @ 17:33
Removed handgun silencers from recon soldiers.
Added handgun silencers to snipers and spotters
(The vanilla loadouts were inconsistent)
Updated optional pbo

Added weapons to vehicles
Added optional pbo with ADR-97 and RH Five-SeveN mod integration

Fixed wrong weapons for some tropic NATO Soldiers

Added Black SPAR-16 for Gendarmerie and updated ammo crate contents


- Arma 3 Apex

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