Author: ZluskeN
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Requirements: CUP Units, US Military Mod, CUP Weapons, Community Base Addons A3

Version: 1.8.34
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: American and Soviet 80's infantry units based on US Military Mod by Delta Hawk, with CUP Units and weapons (Vehicles optional) I have also configured support for ACE and TFAR equipment.

Date: 2021-01-10 00:58

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ZluskeN Cold War Units


American and Soviet 80's infantry units based on US Military Mod by Delta Hawk, with CUP Units and weapons (Vehicles optional) I have also configured support for ACE and TFAR equipment. Special thanks to -Rusty- and SomerenV on the facepunch forums for the camouflage textures I used.
Optional configs with equipment from BOW, VTN, RH and NI Arms are included.

Units can be found under:

- Cold War U.S. [Army, Marines, Rangers] [Desert]
- Cold War NATO [Desert]

- Cold War USSR [Airborne, Army, Marines] [Desert]
- Cold War PACT [Desert]


- Cold War Guerilla [Desert]

To install ZluskeN Cold War Units you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Changelog: (10-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
- Added Desert FGB Units, Vehicles and squads
- German faction now uses FAMAS, renamed to FGB (Franco-German Brigade)
- US Army now use M1911 instead of M9

- Added random weapon script for some Guerrila units
- Added Soldier (Rifle) to Guerrila factions
- Added Grenadier to Guerrila factions
- Added Hunter to Guerrila factions
- Swapped mags between soviet Crewmen and Spets Naz (Day)
- PACT (Desert) Soldiers now use wooden SA58 instead of painted desert
- Guerrila RPG Soldier no longer carries rifle
- Hid RPG Assistant from Guerrila factions
- Removed Sniper and RPG Assistant from Guerrila Squads (Replaced with Hunter and Soldier (Rifle))

- Tweaked Magazine counts for all units:
- All Soldiers/Marines now have 7 Magazines instead of 4
- Rangers/Airborne now have 9 Magazines instead of 6
- Black ops/Spets Naz now have 12 20rnd Magazines
- Crew now have 3 magazines instead of 2
- All units wth handguns now have 3 magazines for it

- Machinegunners now have handguns
- Crewmen now have SMGs
- US Army now have flags on their shoulders
- Gorka for Spets Naz (Day)
- Soviet Marines now get the new Igla UAZs, unhid the Avengers for USMC to give them equivalent capability
- Added BTR-80 for Soviet Army
- NATO Crewmen now use Browning handguns
- PACT Crewmen now use CZ 75 handguns
- Added FV-432 for NATO, with inf squads
- Added RM-70 for PACT
- Added FV432 Mortar for NATO
- Added NATO and PACT Ambulances
- Guerrila Snipers now Use Mosins and TT-33 handguns
- KLMK for VDV
- RPG-26 for VDV
- Updated L1A1 to have a fixed stock
- Updated uniforms for NATO faction
- Guerrila RPG Soldiers now use Apex RPG-7 with the older PG7V Rockets
- MT-LB moved to PACT, with inf squads
- Rebalanced Marine Squads
- US Crewmen now have the new Crew helmets
- Replaced Command M113 with TACOM Jeep
- Fixed ammo crate error messages
- Fixed brokem mortars
- Hid M21, L42A1 and M249 SAW (no longer necessary since cup now has them)
- Hid Ranger RSOVs. Rangers now use MUTTs, which are more in time frame
- Removed TMR Stuff

New Uniforms for US Factions
US Army now use the new M1 Helmets
US Army and Rangers now use M60 MG
Marine Machinegunners now use M240G
US Army now use the CUP M16A1 GL, hid my own stopgap version
New Uniforms and Berets NATO Factions
Ammo loadout for Soviet and US LMG Soldiers
Helmets for East Factions
Spets Naz now use Silenced Pistol instead of scorpion
Spets Naz (Day) now use scorpion and AKS74U instead of Silenced Pistol and AK107
Black op now use Silenced Glock instead of UZI
Black op (day) now use M10 instead of Silenced Glock
Fixed Uniform Icons for Soviet Uniforms
AKS74U from Soviet Crewmen

- Added Motorcycle to Guerrila Faction
- Added CAS Roles to attack helicopters
- Put in the new Enoch texture for RPG-29
- Moved EvW units into separate pbo
- Switched Static MGs between USSR and PACT
- Moved BMP ZU-23 to Guerrila Faction
- Corrected uniform model for Soviet VDV and Spets Naz
- Corrected factions for german Pilot and Crew
- Fixed Bugged BM-21
- Fixed Guerrilla (Desert) Uniform
- Reverted TOW fix to HMMWvs (Fixed by CUP)
- Hid Avenger (OOTF)

- New uniforms and helmets for USSR
- Added M16A1 for US Army
- New uniforms for NATO
- Removed radar from AH-64
- Colt 727 for Black op (Day)

- NATO Land Rovers had no TFAR Radio
- Squat mod

- NATO Machinegunners have machineguns again
- Updated Legacy pbo to fix dependancy error

- Swedish MT-LB
- Motorized squads for Rangers/Airborne
- smoke grenades for Guerrillas
- All soldiers now carry four magazines instead of six
- NATO Crewmen and pilots now use L85 instead of FAL OSW
- Rebalanced magazine count for snipers
- Hiddenselections for Land Rovers
- Guerrilla Ambulance driver now sits on the correct side
- Headgear for Black op (day)
- Rear antenna for ranger Land Rover
- Ural ZU tires now visible again
- Texture on Soviet Desert T55
- Bipods from M24/M40 and added camo

- Fixed scope for Guerrilla units
- Fixed Uniform for desert Guerrillas
- Fixed spelling error in tank platoons
- UAZ Unarmed had incorrect texture
- US Machinegunner had wrong weapon classname

- Added MG Land Rover to NATO Faction
- Added Tank Platoons for European Factions
- US Pilot now use CUP Overalls and no vest
- German crew and pilots now use green overalls
- Black op (Day) now use woodland BDU
- BTR-40 Moved to PACT Faction
- Land Rover Ambulance moved to guerrilas
- V3S Moved to Guerrilas
- Hid Guerrila crewmen
- Fixed .p3d bug
- Fixed Uniform for desert Guerrillas

- UH-1 Gunship
- West German M113s with MG3
- West German Leopard 2
- Black Op (Day) now has black glock
- Added back the Tunguska as Red army AA Piece and hid the old ZSU
- Added randomization for the land rovers
- Added better green and desert skins for M163
- Added Mech and Motor squads for FIA, NATO and PACT
- Correct German identity types for the german faction
- Added T-55 to Red Army
- Changed texture on soviet UAZs, Urals, BRDMs and BTR-60
- replaced BTR60 with MT-LB for Red Army
- all units now use CUP Stanags instead of vanilla
- M249 can take more magazine types
- US now use the new CUP equipment
- Changed BAF Helmets
- Fixed linkeditems for all infantry base classes
- All flares are now useful at night time
- Removed BO weapon pack
- Removed USM dependency, sadly that includes the Ra145 :(
- Removed rocket pods from VMF Mi-8
- Removed T72BU and T-72A

- Added White phosphorous smoke shells
- Americans now use red tracers
- TOWs now reload in 20 s instead of 0.5.
- TOW HMMWVs now carry 6 TOWs instead of 12
- Static TOWs only have the one
- The Unarmed HMMWV and UAZ can now be used for (limited) resupply
- Cleaned up and included the BOW mod
- Retextured M1 Helmet
- Removed vests from german pilots and crews
- Added squad leaders for all special teams
- Fixed bad syntax for Pbv501 script
- Added Green T72 and ZSU to Red Army
Removed - missed reference to Chains LAW Pack in ZSN_Coldwar_Equipment
Added - BTR-60 for MSV, hid BMP-1P
Added - 2 Lynx variants and C-130 for NATO Faction, Mi6, Mi-24D and L-39 RKT for PACT
Altered - Classname for US Apache
Added - Reuploaded Disclose's soviet afghan mod to eliminiate the RHS issues, this mod is now purely based on CUP
Altered - VDV Now use the soft "crew" helmet, apparently that's actually what they used in combat
Altered - The SLA Helmet has been moved to the PACT Faction
Added - An-2 and Mi-8 (VIV) to VDV
Altered - Mi-24P Moved to Red Army, hid Ka-50, Mi-24V
Altered - L-39 CAP is now a one-seater, designated L-39MS
Fixed - Indep units had wrong uniforms
Removed - Czech Republic markings from L-39
Removed - Driver class from east, replaced with Political Officer (Zampolit), classname retained for backwards compatibility
Added - Officer cap to Zampolit
Altered - HLC M60 moved to the optional config, all US machinegunners now have CUP M60E4 by default
Fixed - TFAR compatibility for RATELO
Removed - one missed Czech Air Force marking from L-39
Added - Arm patch for Spetz Natz (Day)
Added - Squad leaders now have two tracer mags
Added - Soviet HLC Grenadiers can now shoot flares, ammo trucks updated
Added - You can now use the mortars with both the artillery computer and the ACE Range Table.
Known issue - they don't elevate high enough, they need to be placed on a slope to work as intended.
Added - Squad leaders now have two tracer mags (for real this time)
Added - Avenger for US Army Desert
Added - Tunguska for Red Army, Shilka moved to Red Army Desert
Altered - Soviet Machinegunners now have backpacks instead of "7.62 NATO" Bandoliers
Fixed - New workaround for mortars, they should now work with Artillery computer, ACE Range Table and elevate properly.
Removed - ItemRadio from all units except Spetz Natz and Black Op
Added - West and East Ammo crates
Altered - Coverall for US Helicopter Pilot
Altered - More diversity in random skins for Guerilla Datsuns
Altered - You can no longer put stuff in the ammo belts, ammo crates and trucks have ammo in belts instead of just boxes.
Fixed - Ammo trucks now have capacity for all the stuff inside them
Fixed - Optics Viewpoint for European Mortars
Added - AN/GVS-5 Rangefinder with accurate stats, placeholder model
Added - Ushanka hat for European Guerillas
Altered - Tweaked mass of RPG-18 and M136
Fixed - Red Army RPG18 gunners now have RPGs that can be placed in a backpack
Fixed - West ammo crate had no M21 magazines
Removed - NATO medic bag, it is now used by PACT Machinegunner, both NATO and PACT medics now use the SLA Medic bag
Added - Flare gun for all squad leaders
Added - Ammo crates and ammo trucks now have Anti-tank mines in cargo
Added - East and West German patches
Added - T55 for PACT
Added - Challenger 2 for NATO
Added - New vests for Soviet woodland marines
Altered - Soviet Marines now have Berets instead of hats
Altered - PACT troops now have caps instead of bandanas
Altered - Black Ops have different balaclavas
Altered - US Army Blackhawks replaced with Hueys
Fixed - M21 based on regular M14 instead of M14 DMR
Fixed - Soviets should now speak Russian
Removed - Garrison troops now only have one hat instead of two
Removed - T55 and UH1 from guerillas
Added - MG squad for Army, AT squad for Marines
Altered - Group compositions, Army squads now use AR only, Marine squads use MG only
Altered - Resistance Marksman now has Lee-enfield rifle instead of hunting rifle
Altered - Spets Naz now have telnyashka shirts, Marines don't
Fixed - Correct spelling of Spets Naz
Removed - Resistance Pilots
Added - Micro UZI for Black ops, Sa61 Scorpion for Spets Naz
Added - Two Bonus vehicles under BLUFOR - Other
Added - CARC Woodland and 686A Desert Storm camo for HEMTTs
Credits go to -Rusty- on the facepunch forums for the camo patterns and Vasilyevich for the Retexture Templates
Altered - LAW Soldiers no longer carry two Launchers, instead each army squad now has four LAW Soldiers
Fixed - Group compositions for mechanized and motorized squads
Added - Support for TFAR Radios in Factions and vehicles
Added - RBA LBE with radio to Black Op (Day)
Altered - Black Op (Day) now have M4 (XM177) and silenced Glock 17 instead of MP5 / Micro UZI
Altered - Spets Natz (Day) now have AK107 (AEK971) and silenced PB6P9 instead of PP19 / Scorpion
Fixed - Renamed Ka-50 to V-80
Fixed - TFAR no longer Required
Removed - AN/PRC-77 from RATELO, renamed to Runner, classname retained for backwards compatibility
Removed - M60 from US Army extended config
Added - Desert LAV-25 and BRDM-2 with squads
Added - Optional configs with RH M16s and HLC+CUP AK74s
Added - ACE Flashlight, Earplugs and Entrenching Tool and to all units
Added - ACE Clacker and Wire Cutters to demolitions backpack
Added - ACE DAGR to Pilots and Saboteurs
Removed - Night vision goggles from Black Op and Spets Naz (Day)
Added - Extra Assault Rifles to Ammo Trucks
Added - Unique backpacks for Spets Naz and Black Ops
Altered - Swapped vests between VDV Fire Team Leader and Spets Naz (Day)
Altered - US Pilots now have Tactical Vest instead of Ranger Body Armor
Altered - US Fire Team leaders now have Grenadier vests
Altered - US Squad Leaders now have pistol holsters (for their flare guns)
Fixed - A CUP Bug which prevented the AI from using Howitzers correctly
Removed - ACE Entrenching Tool from crewmen
Added - Flag to PACT Faction
Added - ACE Bodybags to ambulances
Added - Scopes for US Ranger and Soviet Marine AT Weapons
Added - Legacy pbo to eliminate problems with optional/deprecated configs
Added - Sapper classes for U.S. and USSR, replacing Zampolit and Driver classes, (classnames retained for backwards compatibility)
Added - Mine backpacks with ACE Defusal Kit, Mine Detector and two mines to be used by new sapper class
Altered - Ammo trucks now have CUP Mines and Satchel Charges instead of vanilla stuff
Altered - Spec Ops now have four CUP satchel charges each instad of vanilla demo charges
Fixed - Renamed all factions from 80's --- to Cold War --- (the ' was causing problems)
Removed - scopes from european AT weapons
Removed - euro_veh pbo, all vehicles consolidated in vehicles pbo
Removed - Equipment entries from euro pbo, all equipment consolidated in equipment pbo
Added - Faction radios for europeans (TFAR)
Added - Requiredaddons entries for optional pbos
Added - NATO Desert faction now has sand colored Harriers
Added - Itemradio to Officers, Squad Leaders and Fireteam Leaders
Altered - USMC Harriers now have VMA-211 livery (The Black Sheep did not use harriers in this time period)
Altered - USMC UH-1 Gunship replaced with Transport version (classname retained)
Fixed - Incorrect cfgpatches entry for east units
Added - Optional config with VTN Mod Equipment
Added - Flare gun ammo to crates and vehicles
Added - Pistol ammo to crates and vehicles
Added - Desert Camouflage pattern to Soviet Urals
Added - Woodland Camouflage pattern to Soviet BMP ZSU-23
Altered - Balanced Number of magazines for Spec Ops
Altered - cfgpatches entries for optional configs
Added - Optional configs with RHS Vehicles
Fixed - Bad colours on East German arm patch
Fixed - some grenadier classes had Wrong ammo types
Added - Personal Aid Kits to all ambulances
Added - Desert M113, M163, Ambulance and HQ to US Army
Added - Desert BTR-60 to Red Army
Added - Desert BMP Ambulance and HQ to Red Army
Added - Desert BMP ZSU to Soviet Marines
Altered - Desert Avenger moved to USMC Faction
Altered - Balanced Number of handgun magazines for Spec Ops (Day)
Altered - Replaced M136 AT4 with M72 LAW for US Army
Altered - Helmet for PACT troops
Altered - Overhauled all soldier displaynames
Fixed - Wrong texture on VDV Desert UAZ
Fixed - US Ammo trucks had M136 ammo instead of LAW ammo
Added - ACE Spare Barrels to machinegunners
Added - Radio 145 integrated with SFP Mod
Altered - Pbv 501 integrated with SFP Mod
Fixed - CUP Classname for the NATO Vests was altered, resulting in NATO units not having any vests
Added - CBA Extended eventhandlers
Altered - Soviet Desert units now have SLA Helmets
Fixed - Mortars were broken by latest CUPdate
Removed - Old eventhandlers
Added - New paint job for Guerrilla Land Rovers
Altered - Guerrillas and Rangers now have right-hand drive land rovers
Fixed - Some NATO, PACT and Guerrilla vehicles weren't visible in zeus interface
Removed - Guerrilla UH-1 from zeus interface
Added - Optional West german config using Faces of War equipment and HLC G3s
Added - West german config also equips US Crewmen with M3's and NATO Machinegunners with Brens
Added - LAW/RPG18 soldiers to marines
Altered - All US Crewmen now have M1911A1s
Altered - All Soviet Crewmen now have an AKS-74U
Altered - US Machinegunners now have spare barrel bags instead of bandoliers
Fixed - Loadouts for L-39MS were messed up since jets update
Removed - Autoriflemen from marines, old classname now spawns LAW/RPG Soldiers
Added - MG ammo in magazines to vehicles and crates
Altered - Assistant machinegunners now have ammo in bandoliers/backpacks instead of belts
Fixed - Soviet woodland Marines had no helmets
Removed - Ammo belts from vehicles and crates
Added - Thermobaric and Smoke RPG-29 Rounds from TMR Mod
Altered - Different camos of RPG-29 for desert and regular VDV
Fixed - Both types of RPG-29 can now use smoke and thermobaric
Removed - Reliance on Soviet troops afghanistan mod, since it cannot be found on steam

Added - Mod icon and description
Added - Optional pbos for NI Arms complete pack
Altered - Spets Naz Uniforms to make them look a little more different from regulars
Altered - West Snipers now have bipods, Rangers have M24s
Fixed - SVD had no scope

Altered - Swapped C130 and CH47 between Rangers and Army
Altered - Tweaked mod inheritance hierarchy
Altered - Completely overhauled loadouts of PACT and Guerilla units

Added - Desert guerrilas now use desert camo vehicles
Added - Black, Green, TTsko and KLMK uniforms for Red Army, VMF and VDV
Added - Soviet backpacks without flora camo
Added - Extra AT Soldier Class
Added - British smock uniforms
Added - ItemRadio to Pilot classes
Altered - NATO Troops use different vests
Altered - Bundeswehr use different vests
Removed - Smoke shells from euro troops
Removed - Hid garrison base class

Added - West German Feldgrau uniform
Added - New Soviet uniform based on Gorka
Altered - Germans now use flecktarn camo
Altered - Shifted around optional pbos, germans are now part of HLC config

Added - Ghillie suits for snipers
Altered - Different headgear for officers
Altered - New Vests for Sappers

Added - Surrender script
Added - Ability to squat like slav
Added - West German Crewman
Added - West German Faction to VTN Config
Altered - RSOV now comes in black and 686A Desert
Fixed - German flag config

Removed Surrender script (requires ACE)
Added lIght and heavy tanks for Red army in anticipation of the upcoming M60 from CUP

Added - T-72BU to red army
Added - M60 to US Marines and Army
Added - T-55 to Soviet Marines
Added - Repair vehicles now have Toolkits in cargo
Altered - PACT now use T-72s instead of T-55s
Fixed - M163 Desert now has correct turret color
Fixed - Guerilla Gustav soldier had no gustav ammo

Added - Tank platoons to Marine factions
Added - Compatibility with the old EvW Mod
Added - Repair Specialist class
Altered - Hid Army Heavy AT class
Fixed - Guerilla Gustav soldier had no gustav ammo

Added - Extra FAK to Black ops and Spets naz
Fixed - Some bugged EvW classnames
Altered - Black op (Day) now has OD Green Uniform

- US Army now use M1 Helmets
- PACT hind renamed to Mi-25
- All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits

- US Army now use M1 Helmets
- PACT hind renamed to Mi-25
- All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits

- US Army now use M1 Helmets
- PACT hind renamed to Mi-25
- All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits

- Added Desert M88 Uniform
- Added Desert BTR-60PB
- Hid shitty feldgrau uniform
- Removed NVGs from pilots
- German tankers now use berets
- Added CH-53G for german faction
- Soviet Army Officer now has black beret

- CUP Units
- US Military Mod
- CUP Weapons
- Community Base Addons A3

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