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Requirements: RHSUSAF

Version: 0.32
Signed: Yes

Short description: US Army during the 2005 period, wearing ACUs in Desert camo or M81 Woodland camo and Interceptor Body Armors in M81 camo, and RHS weapons.

Date: 2018-05-02 20:30

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US Forces 2000s


Previously called the "US Army 2005" addon, now i renamed it to "US Forces 2000s", so the addon can have a wider scope and can include more branches. This pack includes Soldiers and Marines wearing BDUs in Desert camo or M81 Woodland camo and Interceptor Body Armors in M81 camo, 2004-2006 era Marines wearing Marpats, IBAs, Nomex Flightsuits, and there are also 2007 Era US Army units that wear Full UCP camo. They use RHS weapons and vehicles

- ACU Uniform (M81, DCU, and UCP camo)
- MICH helmet (4 variants, UCP, M81, and DCU camo)
- PASGT helmet (8 variants, M81 and DCU camo)
- LWH Helmet (16 variants, Desert and Woodland Marpat)
- Interceptor Body Armour (4 variants M81, DCU, and UCP camo, also plain coyote brown)
- BDU Uniforms (M81 and DCU, Army And Marine versions)
- Units have randomised helmets
- Nomex Flightsuit (model by Cinco)

BI Forum thread:
Additional Units: US Army Additional Units

To install US Forces 2000s you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Known issues:
When the game starts up some config errors appear:
- No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope'.

and when getting into editor/scenario:
- No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgVehicles/EventHandlers.side'.
- No entry bin/config.bin/CfgVehicles/EventHandlers.scope

these issues doesn't really break the game, but i think they can be annoying. for now i do not know how to fix this yet

possible blunder during previous upload

- Fixed USAF DCU (Black boots) not having black boots
- Improved trouser models on all uniforms
- improved thermal imaging on some models (helmets, watch caps, and some idk)
- Peltor headsets on PASGT type helmets replaced with PRR ones
- Fixed armour values on DCU-coloured flak vests

- fixed armour values for DCU IBAs (thanks bolo; for noticing the oversight)

- Fixed RVMATs on most uniforms, now they should reflect better and show up properly on thermals (however fleece jacket and some gear are still missing them, anyway credits to hvymtal for bringing this up)
- Fixed ACU pants disappearing in longer distance (LOD model issue)
- Fixed armour values on vests being too high, should be more balanced now (thanks to lizardbolo for noticing and giving me the correct values)
- Corrected USAF nametape colours (also thanks to lizardbolo for the insight)
- Added ABUs with sage green boots, and also ABU patrol cap

- Improved textures in general, and most specular maps are also improved to reduce shine (specifically on the IR flag, increased shine)
- Improved All uniform models
- Added desert uniforms with black boots
- replaced battery pack model, and added ANVIS mount for one of the bare MICH helmets (models by Lennard)
- Added PVS7s (by Bohemia Interacive from A2 sample models, rhino mount model by Lennard)
- Added Birth Control Glasses and ESS V12 (models by Lennard)
- Added IBA with ALICE webbings (model by Bohemia Interacive and johnhansen)
- fixed bugs in several models (like the doubled ms2000 strobe in the mich 2002)
- Added IBA with chest rig and sds pouches
- Added SPEAR BALCS vests
- Added more bare-uncovered MICH helmets
- Added more Raid-cut BDU and DCU variants
- Fixed Vests not appearing on Raid BDU models
- Added Molle Medical Pack
- Added Molle Patrol Pack
- coveless mich helmets have a chance to appear on 101AB SLs and TLs (A bit of histoire: 101st AB was issued mich helmets in 2003-2004 in limited numbers, ; however they have no covers.)
- Added Adapters for RH optics; enables RH accesories on the units' weapons replacing RHS ones to a more period-accurate one, including ta01 Acog, Aimpoint M2s, and PEQ2s (All credits goes to Robert Hammer for making this awesome pack). This adapter is turned off by default; this optional adapter is located inside the "optionale" folder inside the mod folder, move it to the addons folder to turn it on.
- Added Woodland version of 101AB, 3ID, 25ID and 2ID groups
- Added 2003 era SF Units wearing SPEAR vests
- Added 2001 USMC (woodland and desert, all with black boots)
- Added PASGTs in 6-colour desert camo
- Added PASGTs with ESS goggles instead of SWDGs, worn by 101ABs, and some other units
- Updated Covered MICH models
- Added 2001 US Army (woodland and desert, all with black boots and green name-tapes)
- Added 2001 US Army SF, depicting the immediate post-9/11 guys in afghanistan. when CUP units is loaded they will have a chance to spawn with afghan/takistani/watever headgear
- Added Armoured Engineer Units for US Army factions (All eras, generic ones, and non-light-infntry divisions get them)
- Added 173rd AB OEF 2005: Wearing Raid BDU/DCU, DCU IBAs
- Added Aircrew survival vest(s)
- Added ILBVs (on top of IBAs and Standalone versions, comes in m81 and dcu)
- Added Watch Caps, with and without PRR headsets (Models by Lennard)
- also has a watch caps that are meant to be worn under helmets, can be found on the NVG slot
- Added FLCs (on top of IBAs and on its own, in 4 colour schemes)
- Added Utility and Patrol Caps, in DCU and M81 camos
- Reconfigured Armour and load capacity values on vests
- Added Fleece Jackets
- Added MOPP suits (DCU and M81 camos)
- models for mopp suits and fleece jackets are still very crappy WIP tho, will change them in the future if i have a chance, anyhow its crappyness can made less obvious by simply wearin any vest on top of it (:
- either way they shouldn't stop you from seizing some airfields, or directing airstikes on some taliban invested mountains
- Added MOPP-suited groups of 2003 era Marines
- Added ABUs, and regular BDUs/DCUs with USAF nametapes
- Added optional ACE compatibility pbo for all included eyewear (made by lizardbolo, located in the "optionale" folder under the main modfolder (@simc_uaf_08_rhs), the same folder as the RH Optics adapter)
- glasses are now actually transparent (Credits to both Reyhard and Lennard for helping me fix some issues regarding transparancies, alpha sorting)

- improved assault pack model
- improved SWDG model
- added kneepaded versions of the BDUs, ACUs, and MCCUUs
- Changed uniform namings (DCUs are now named "Desert Camouflage Uniforms", the M81s simply "Battledress Uniform")

fixed several config errors.
all credits goes to bolo 861

- Added 1Cav (2004, 2007, OEF)
- Added 509th Airborne (in ACUs)
- Added 2nd Infantry Division (2004, 2007 OEF)
- Added 2nd ACR (2004, 2007 OEF)
- Renamed USMC CLSs to Corpsman
- Redid uniform riggings (should fit better with most bis and rhs vests now and stuff)
- NVGs are now in clothes instead of attached to helmet
- improved most uniform textures (prolly not much visible)
- Improved IBA models and textures
- added covers for ESS and SWD goggles
- PASGTs now have SWDGs instead of ESS
- Added Crew helmets with SWDGs
- Added Crew helmet with DCU cover (used by marines)
- 2003 marines now mostly use GSTAVO's M16A2s instead of RHS M16A4s (TLs and SLs still have A4s tho)
- Added Assault packs as the units' main backpacks (credits to Johannes, from his awesome SF template originally made for Arma 1)
- Added generic special forces units wearing raid BDUs in m81 and dcu, ciras vests with chest rigs, and uncovered MICH helmets
- added wearable ESS and SWDGs
- Added M240 Fireteams to all the units
- Added Patches that are compatible with the insignia slot of the uniforms (standard patch mods would prolly not work, because the insignia slot has to be made larger than it mostly was to accomodate the 1st Cav patch)

- Included Marines
- other stuff i forgot what i did

-Added scrimmed helmets (credits to bigstone)

- Fixed bradleys having no crews

- Several weightless and an armorless helmet
- Some groups have the wrong M2A2 assigned to them

- a single typo made several units not appearing in zeus

just making sure the earlier upload wasn't broken, hehe

- Updated Uniform and helmet textures
- New US Army units depicting US army divisions, 3rd, 25th, and 101st Infantry Divisions
- Updated all uniform models
- Divisions have unique uniforms and helmets (just patches really lol)

- Updated Uniform and helmet textures
- New US Army units depicting US army divisions, 3rd, 25th, and 101st Infantry Divisions
- Updated ACU and CCU models
- Divisions have unique uniforms and helmets (just patches really lol)

Adjustments to the IBA model

- fixed UH60 crews
- fixed 2007 Rifleman Light

- Added IBAs with camelbaks
- Added UCP IBAs
- Added sets of Units wearing full UCPs, as US Army 2007

Fixed units not appearing in zeus (again)

- Renamed US Army 2006 to US Army 2005 (UCP)

- Added BDU uniforms
- Added 2006 Units
- Added more vehicles
- Added PASGT helmets

Fixed groups not appearing in Zeus

- Added UCP Uniforms and helmets
- Added BDU model (M81 and DCU)
- Added ACVC helmets (with and w/o goggles)

- fixed texture paths on helmet goggles
- fixed inheritance, loadout, and few naming errors (thanks to bolo861)

- updated uniform textures (woodland version now wears black boots)
- fixed: Rifleman (M16) unit not having his M16
- missing textures have been relocated



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