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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Custom Factions without mods

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Date: 2017-08-02 09:23

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Syhrus's Dynamic Spawner


What is it?
The Dynamic Spawner is a system that dynamically spawns units with custom loadouts, faces, voices, etc. This can add variety to your missions by giving you the ability to create factions that normally don't exist in the game - WITHOUT needing extra mods (other than gear/weapons if you want modded ones). Handy for public servers that want to avoid using mods, or for groups who want to have special factions for their scenarios without needing entire mods for new factions.

Installation / Usage:
1. Unzip the files into your mission file, and add the following to your init.sqf:
0 = execVM "SyDynSpawn\DynamicSpawnerInit.sqf";
2. Place down units in your mission (disable their simulation/model/etc) and give them the custom loadout you want.
3. Give the leaders of the groups relevant names.
4. Insert the names of the group leaders, and classnames of vehicles into the factions.sqf (check attached readme for details on how to do that)
5. Place down Game Logics where you want to spawn units and follow instructions in the readme file to set them up to spawn how you want.

What does it not do yet?
I've added base elements for CAS and Helicopter reinforcements, but haven't implemented a spawner for them yet. This will be added in future.

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