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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.7
Signed: Yes

Short description: Overhauls whole Infantry armor system. all armor and clothes are cut down to NIJ level IIIA or a little higher. High velocity ammunitions gives more damage.

Date: 2017-09-23 08:29

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Ssonik.T's Infantry armor mod


SonicT's armor mod

Overhauls whole Infantry armor system. all armor and clothes are cut down to NIJ level IIIA or a little higher.
High velocity ammunitions gives more damage.
included 3 type of armor plates, that can be found in Virtual Arsenal - to use it, you should equip a plate in your vest storage. Only one plate will be enabled(this is whole one set, including front, back, and sides)

Known Issues : Pelvic armors too strong for pistol ammunitions
Work in Progess : make plate duration. more hit effects. no blood when hit on the vest. multiplayer compatibility(Not tested yet).. AI nitial Equip. More Plates

To install Ssonik.T's Infantry armor mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

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fixed Frames Per Second drop due to internal sqf errors
simplyfied codeblocks

1. multiple plates can be added
2. custom vest options where can be enabled - Uniform or Vest(to make it both, {"Uniform", "Vest"})
3. trauma pad edit - each plates that derives from SonicT_Item_Base class will have unique divider.

0.5 change NOTE
for respond V.Berlioz's own plate addition mod
made the mod more compatible with addtions.
if you want to make more plates, get readme files in the pbo file or mod folder itself.
when you have plates in your uniform, then you'll be also equipped with that plate - but not backpacks.

yellow balls will not generated

visible disturbance of yellow balls on body joints in multiplayer fixed
"vr hit arms" message disabled

vehicle damage error fixed
addtional DEV features - to be more immersive gameplay, adding real plate to character's chest is now on development.
you can test tem following these codes, making all unit's esapi plate on their chest:
_unit = _x;
_obj = "SCT_vest_base" createVehicle (position _unit);
[_unit, _obj, 0.15,0] call SCT_fnc_AttachVest;
}forEach allUnits;

0.45 Update
Main Fix - reduced default bullet punch, so wearing a vest is not always the invincible anwer
1.Vehicle passengers and drivers are also have same damage module
2. Finally balanced with VR entities - now there arms and legs damage will be the same as other soldiers.
3. Apex addon personnel also have initial equip of plates(only blufor yet)
4. TESTING corpse hitback update - I'm not sure I will maintain this property or not.... its too buggy and if we use it, arma3's fancy death animations are cancelled.

0.4.01 alpha
0.4 alpha
Main updates :
Now server's option available!!
If you are server(or singleplayer), an option page will be there in your map diary.
PADdmg : controls divider for plate-hit impact - a punch will be there, after you get shot. 0 will return to default 384.
FMJ penet : penetration effect multiplier - damage handler for pentrated ammunition.
Indicator : Vest wearing hints and damage indicator(it's for debug)
all small-arms bullets will give two type of damage : one is impct itself, and the other is penetration damage.
pistol rounds will not give penetration damage, but the impact of it will be affect body more efficiently - one hit kill with vanilla Zubr.45, but not vanilla 5.45mm/5.56mm. after the target wears soft armor, while Zubr cannot kill with one bullet anymore, but rifle rounds will kill the target in 3-4 rounds.
As vanilla game has no AP rounds(except ultra big .50cal). I have put in extra data of ammo in NIArms and RHS, and ACEmod. AP rounds in these mods are considered as "penetrators", and they will be better at piercing armors. Yet, they gives less impact so they are weak at flesh targets.
last version I had said that steel plates are weak to AP rounds - which makes no good to use these heavy ones.
Now steel plates gives less punch, as they deforms less. I did not consider any of riccochet problem of steel plates,, as I did not put vest life modules yet.
shooting the target in their arms and legs did too less damage, and in 0.31 they did so much. I redefined these damages.... but still, VR entities are really easier tokill. Even you did make them wear vest and armor plates via console, they will die very sooner than real soldiers. It is because their hitpoints are a little messed up, so they need special care - It shoulda take more time to figure them out.
I tried changing CSAT uniform description change, but failed with "no entry config" message. I tried to redefine CSAT uniform as "GOST 2 protection".... but you know, they are virtual future Iranian, not Russian... I just gave it up, rolled back, and the game just work like a charm.

Uploaded wrong file, so I changed - sry guys.

no one-hand shot kill anymore
no body reproduction in VAS anymore
leg, arms damage refined

deleted Vehicle KABOOM bug ( damage module has been also enabled in vehicles.... cars blew out so easily)

Now you can kill only with arms and leg shots, but it will take much bullets to take out.
Now FIA, CTRG, NATO supply boxes, and NATO ammoboxes have plates in their default loadout.

re- arranged bullet punch damage (NIJ level III lasted wearer alive over 9hit -> 10 hit more)
Deleted Debugging logs for immersion - Thanks to Awesome7117's request.

Known issues : if you arm shot/ leg shot or exploseion kill virtual entity, they will double respawn. looks like they are reproducing by setHit damage death... very creepy bug.when it comes to explosion bug armStalker mod also suffers from this.

Now ill work on : 1. custom armor value editing options, debug options, 2. vest life 3. more plates 4. RHS compatibility. then it will finished.

alpha 0.29.3
annoying debug warning messages deleted

alpha 0.29.2
alpha 0.29.1
alpha 0.29
Some refinements on scripts
now soft armors almost impossible to stop rifle ammunitions
(new testing)Auto- initial equip of vanilla NATO and AAF units - NATO uses esapi the most, and AAF uses steel armor plates, while CSAT have none.
Now it will only hint equipment for local computers - Thanks to V. Berlioz's report

alpha 0.28 note
Armor Penetrating Ammunitions (AP rounds) do more damage to the armor.
Frequently used weapon mods - RHS, ACEmod(AP rounds), and some of NIArms(aka HLC) weapons' AP ammunition enabled.
M855A1 EPR, mk318 SOST, 7N22 ammunitions are also regarded as AP rounds.
Steel Armor plates are weaker to AP rounds.
some changes in damage output - this is under testing, so damage output can disturb realism users.(even they penetrate armors, man can be alive)
fixed weirdly ground-stuck plate models
Hit-back effects : hit targets move a little backward.
fixed messed - up VAS indication bars.
small refinements - since armor plate 'are too heavy' - more reduced vest weight, extended vest load capacity(they are plate pouch... you can put ammo if you want, but you probably don't want to).
known issues
penetrated bullets are over-powered. (Engine problem, trying to bypass vanilla system)
bullets still doesn't penetrate body itself(vanilla also does, 7.62*51mm cannot penetrate body part, while 9mm penetrates arms and damage greatly after penetrated)
armor does not have plate life yet(messing up with cfgVehicle logis and weaponholders..)

alpha 0.27 note
Compatible with acemod medical!!!
some script refinements.
deleted obsolete addon.

alpha 0.25 note
Some rolebacks... after configs base armors became stupidly weak
Added : when changing items, a hintsilence with your armor infomation will occur.
added damage indicator to check differences

alpha 0.2 update - fixed some Nan return values.
deleted unused debug messages

0.1 alpha build.
Testing Single mission and campaigns. Not tested multiplay yet.

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