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Version: 1.0.7

Short description: Arma Dialog Creator is a fresh take on making dialogs for Arma 3. Instead of editing header files, you are directly manipulating the dialog.

Date: 2018-10-26 07:45

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Arma Dialog Creator


Arma Dialog Creator is a fresh take on making dialogs for Arma 3. Instead of editing header files, you are directly manipulating the dialog.
Instead of reloading Arma 3 over and over again for hours trying to get that perfect alignment, load up the Preview mode and edit at the same time.
This project is open-source and licensed with MIT license.

Feature Spotlight
Below are some features that make ADC great. More detail is available in the wiki.

In ADC, you can assign properties to Macros, which are passed by reference. This means that when you assign a property's value to a Macro, any changes to a Macro's value will also then be forwarded to the property's value.

Mini SQF Evaluator
Built into ADC is a standalone small SQF evaluator. You don't need Arma 3 running to use it, there's no shady "hacking" involved, and it's integrated with ADC's header PreProcessor, meaning you can import header files that have SQF inside of them.
Also, because the developer got carried away, there is also a Mini SQF Evaluator Popup so you can evaluate multiple expressions. Not sure if the popup is actually useful though. :)

"How does it work?"
It uses ANTLR and lots of Java code to evaluate the SQF. All of the evaluating is done with ASTs (Abstract Syntax Trees) built by ANTLR and evaluated in Java.
"How much SQF is supported?"
Very, very, very, very little. Probably less than 0.1% of all SQF commands are supported. If you wish to see a full list, you may visit this link.
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String Table Support
A String Table editor is built in with ADC. Besides just being able to edit keys and values, you can pass them around as Macros throughout the program so that when the String Table changes, so does your dialog.
You can also change the language in ADC to check if different localizations will go out of bounds of a control (this is shown in the trailer above).

Learn more about the String Table editor here:

To install, extract You can also run "Arma Dialog Creator Installer.exe" if you like available here: Arma Dialog Creator exe file

Java Note
You will need Java 8 and JavaFX 8. Some versions of Linux will come with Java, but some versions of Linux don't come with JavaFX. You may need to manually install JavaFX even if you have Java.

Notes on the .exe files:
The .exe files are "wrappers" around the Java code. The actual implementation of Arma Dialog Creator is located in adc.jar. If you would like, you can just run the jar like it's an executable. The reason for the .exe is to provide an icon and check for Java compatibility.

File descriptions : contains all files necessary to install and run Arma Dialog Creator
Arma Dialog Creator Installer.exe : An executable used to install and run Arma Dialog Creator Can ignore this. It is used for update checking.
adcupdate-x.x.x-buildx.jar: Can ignore this. It is what is downloaded for an update.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:

If you wish to donate to me personally, you may do so here. Please only donate if you have the money because I won't give refunds.

Ability to delete macros
ADC should now mostly work on Macs. Arma Tools support is non-existant for Macs, which means .paa conversion won't work.

For some cases when a project failed to load, a more detailed error report is available.
Made some backend changes to header parsing for better integration with Arma IntelliJ Plugin

Bug fix for creating new empty Workspaces.

This release fixes more bugs. User @tuntematonjr is legendary bug reporter. This is hopefully the end of systemic bugs.

Importing will now concatenate old Custom Control Classes instead of complete overwrite the existing Custom Control Classes
XML UTF-8 encoding issue
other small bug fixes that weren't reported on Github :O

Added "Check for Update" functionality
Fixed (apparent infinite loop when selecting some custom control classes)
Fixed (include "" //comment was throwing errors)
Fixed (ADC's Language resource wasn't being found)
Fixed (Launching ADC with a JVM that doesn't have an English locale was breaking EVERYTHING :O )
Fixed (Java compatibility issue with .exe)

It appears there was very trivial bugs that surprisingly didn't get caught.


- Java 8
- JavaFX 8

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- BI forums

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