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Requirements: Arma 3 Apex, Helicopters DLC, CBA, ASR AI 3, Kunduz, HAFM
Island(s): Kunduz
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.0

Date: 2017-08-16 20:05

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Samaris Scrutinization

HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag(zTt)

A hard drive containing top secret intel has been stolen! Now it is up to you to retrieve it.

1.] Hypothesis: Last night our HQ was breached! Enemy agents managed to get into our facilities and obtain a hard drive which contains info about our own agents' secret hideouts. A disaster but not just yet. To gain immediate access to the drive you need a code. A code that only a few of our high ranked officers possess. The enemy hasn't got that code. Are we ok then? Nope, if the drive remains in their hands they will be able to hack the drive at some point! So our mission? Retrieve the hard drive by any means nescessary! You see, one of the PMCs we hired, the Panthers, spotted the truck transferring the enemy agents heading towards an unmapped town called Samaris. We have to get into that town, retrieve the hard drive and return it to the aforementioned high ranked officers responsible for the drive.

2.] Important details:

a)For the purpose of enhancing the mission we have spent many hours constructing a NEW CITY in Kunduz.
b)This mission has low replayability. Once and if you manage to complete the mission successfully you might never play it again.
c)To open/close a door you will have to press the ALT key. Normal controls no longer work at the Kunduz map.
d)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your SQUAD. Those units should exist for your convenience.
e)If you do not have the ASR AI 3 mod, it would be great to install it. It really enhances gameplay and takes Arma 3 to a whole new level.


3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat abilities.

a)Arma 3 Apex
b)Helicopters DLC
c)CBA -
d)ASR AI3 -
e)Kunduz -
f)HAFM -


4.1]Minor: None
4.2]Serious: None

5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder.

Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great.
If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits.


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