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Requirements: Apex DLC
Island(s): Tanoa
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible, CO-OP compatible


Date: 2017-08-17 12:42

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*You will need the Apex DLC for this map*

This Georgetown Cash Heist Mission is heavily inspired by the game PAYDAY 2. You will have two ways to finish the mission - stealth or loud. You will have to find your way to the warehouse and steal all the cash you see.

No mods are required for this mission, but feel free to add any addons to enhance your experiences.

There are no fancy opening and ending animations, for now at least. This map is still in beta version, so please expect some issue/bugs. Also, feel free to send me feedbacks by commenting on the Steam workshop (This is my first ever map created).

-Plan A Stealth/ Plan B Loud
-Support up to 4 players at the same time
-Equivalent to the deathwish difficulty in Payday 2
-Mission fails when everyone in your team dies
-Zeus supported for team leader
-Random patrols
-Stationary guards
-Payday 2 theme music
-Enemy attacking in waves
-Around 45-90 mins of play time
-A challenging mission

Change log:
-Ver. 0.1: Updated AI movements
-Ver. 0.2: Support up to 4 players
-Ver. 0.2a: Minor bug fix
-Ver. 0.2b: Minor bug fix

Planned content for update Ver. 0.3:
-Changing HQ name into Bain
-More detailed markings on the map
-More sound effects
-Bug fix

For more information and keep things up to date, please refer to the Steam workshop link.

DISCLAIMER: All Payday 2 related materials including photos and music were found online, and I do not own them. If it violates any community rules or creator's ownership, please do tell me and I will remove it asap.

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