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Version: 1.3.2 (RC1)

Short description: A fully working, open-source Virtual Machine for the scripting language of the ArmA Games.

Date: 2019-12-23 17:35

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A fully working, open-source Virtual Machine for the scripting language of the ArmA Games.

How to use this thing?
To start using the SQF-VM, you just have to double click the executable.

Are there command line parameters available to eg. use this for unit-testing?
Yes, there are. To get all, start the tool via command line and the parameter -?

What is supported?
To see what is supported in the specific build you are using, use the non-sqf compliant help command.
The output of that command for version Alpha 0.1.0

I entered SQF with invalid syntax and the VM is outputting gibberish
The SQF-VM project is not aiming to do any actual syntax checking.
The tool expects valid SQF as input and invalid syntax might result in invalid execution stacks.

I found a bug, what shall i do now?
First of all: if it is due to invalid syntax not getting reported correctly, nothing.
After that: Ensure all commands used are actually supported in your SQF-VM version using the help command
If it is not caused due to invalid syntax or a missing command in the SQF-VM, try to narrow down the problem as much as you can and then head over to the github issues section to report the bug.
The only exception to the above is a crash! Crashes you always can report

I got a question that is not answered in here, what to do?
Ask your question in this thread or in the discord channel and i might add it to this list

Armaholic note:
.dll files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when any file you download from our website causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing these files is totally at your own risk!
We have run anti-virus tools on the included files and found no issues but this is no guarantee!

Armaholic note:
.exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when any file you download from our website causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing these files is totally at your own risk!

1.3.2 (RC1)
- CLI: Fixed `--max-instructions` no longer working
- CLI: Added `--server PORT` (`-s PORT`) option to start the VM as a connectible server
- CLI: Added `--define NAME[=VALUE]` (`-D NAME[=VALUE]`) allowing to add definitions to the PreProcessor
- VM: `diag_tickTime` now returns time since VM start in seconds
- VM: `assembly__ CODE` command no longer returns assembly reversed
- VM: Removed invalid binary operator `ANY != ANY`
- VM: Removed duplicate operators
- VM: Renamed `exit__ SCALAR` to `exitcode__ SCALAR` due to naming conflict
- VM: Renamed `prettyprintsqf__ STRING` to `prettysqf__ STRING`
- VM: Fixed `scriptName STRING` setable multiple times
- VM: Fixed `time` not being available (was already implemented)
- VM: Fixed PreProcessor Endless loop
- VM: Fixed PreProcessor double quoted strings no longer ignoring everything inbetween
- VM: Fixed `catch` crash
- VM: Fixed `STRING in ARRAY` was using case-insensitive comparison
- VM: Fixed `ARRAY select ARRAY` error messsage (second type check outputted first type on error)
- VM: Fixed `STRING select ARRAY` error messsage (second type check outputted first type on error)
- VM: Fixed off-by-one error in `for STRING from SCALAR to SCALAR step SCALAR` when `step` was not equal to 1 or -1
- VM: Fixed code comparison was checking address space instead of on equality of instructions (`CODE isEqualTo CODE`)
- VM: Fixed `alive OBJECT` erroring instead of returning `false` and just warning on `objNull`
- VM: Fixed single `.` getting detected as number
- VM: Fixed disabling `sleep SCALAR` and using it later would cause an infinite loop
- VM: Fixed disabling warnings
- VM: Fixed disabling runtime warnings would not properly disable them
- VM: Fixed distance2d copy paste issue causing index out of range
- VM: Fixed `isEqualTo` not doing reference == reference check first
- VM: Fixed nil passed to command would error instead of warn
- VM: Fixed unclosed `#ifdef` and `#ifndef` not warning and returning data.
- VM: Fixed possible STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN on Windows Server due to console_width()
- VM: Fixed including the same file multiple times triggered "Recursive include detected"
- VM: Fixed code stringification having wrong parenthesis
- VM: Fixed Nested `#ifdef` error being raised when include files got included inside `#ifdef`, `#ifndef` and `#else` block.
- VM: Fixed Taling Slash in virtual mappings would prevent mappings from working
- VM: Added support for 2-Dimensional `distance`
- VM: Added `waitUntil CODE` operator
- VM: Added `ARRAY distance2d ARRAY` operator
- VM: Added `OBJECT distance2d ARRAY` operator
- VM: Added `ARRAY distance2d OBJECT` operator
- VM: Added `OBJECT distance2d OBJECT` operator
- VM: Added `ANY execVM STRING` and `execVM STRING`
- VM: Added Warning on undefined-variable usage
- VM: Added `CODE provide__ ARRAY` to allow to provide implementation for an operator
- VM: Added `terminate SCRIPT` operator
- VM: Added `STRING splitString STRING` operator
- VM: Added `ARRAY deleteRange ARRAY`
- VM: Added `assembly__ STRING` variant of `assembly__ CODE`
- VM: Added `tree__ CODE` variant of `tree__ STRING`
- VM: Added `prettysqf__ CODE` variant of `prettysqf__ STRING`
- VM: Added `pretty__ CODE` alias of `prettysqf__ CODE`
- VM: Added `STRING in STRING`
- VM: Added `remoteConnect__ STRING` to connect to a SQF-VM instance running as server
- VM: Added `copyToClipboard STRING`
- VM: Added `scopeName STRING`

1.2.2 (RC1)
- CLI: Added `--command-dummy-nular name` to add dummy commands.
- CLI: Added `--command-dummy-unary name` to add dummy commands.
- CLI: Added `--command-dummy-binary 4|name` to add dummy commands.
- CLI: Added `--no-assembly-creation` which allows to disable the creation of executable assembly (useful for `--parse-only` as it will enhance the speed)
- VM: Error messages of preproc now contain line, col and file info
- VM: SQF-Parsing performance improvement
- VM: File System Overhauled
- VM: Changed library load failed message
- VM: All filepaths printed now are absolute.
- VM: Added warning on data after `#include`
- VM: Added `assembly__ CODE` unary operator
- VM: Added `createMarker [STRING, OBJECT]`
- VM: Added `__LINE__` and `__FILE__` support for PreProcessor
- VM: Fixed crash when not providing enough params in preproc
- VM: Fixed `--parse-only` returning `-1` as exit code
- VM: Fixed parser not detecting eg. `.5`
- VM: Fixed numbers with tailing `-` operator, are parsed invalidly
- VM: Fixed `/*/` getting parsed as open & close block comment
- VM: Fixed `###R` not producing `#R`
- VM: Fixed macro with args blocking same text without args
- VM: Fixed commas in strings invalidly getting parsed as separator for macros
- VM: Fixed local path not properly working with #include
- VM: Fixed #file macro getting `]\t` attached
- VM: Fixed Number Exponent parsing bug
- VM: Fixed `ceil` being recognized as `cei`
- VM: Fixed immediate \ after macro name not getting read proper
- VM: Fixed `#ifdef` etc. still allowing strings when false
- VM: Fixed `in` always returning true
- VM: Fixed `isNil CODE` causing an endless loop
- VM: Fixed CODE type getting constructed wrong, causing the work stack to never be emptied
- VM: Fixed calling code wiped current variable stack.
- VM: Fixed missing l on null for null objects
- VM: Fixed passing nil would sometimes still execute an unary or binary operator
- VM: Fixed getvariable returning wrong value type if nil
- VM: Fixed `callExtension` required file extension on linux
- VM: Fixed `ARRAY select SCALAR` erroring on index == size
- VM: Fixed crash when numbers exceeded valid range (`std::out_of_range` now gets catched and a `NaN` type is created. Warning gets emitted)
- VM: Fixed `createMarker ARRAY` is returning first value of position instead of string

1.2 (RC1)
- DebuggerCLI: now accepts arrowkeys for navigation
- DebuggerCLI: Minor fixes & help changes
- DebuggerCLI: decodemsg and displaysend now print their current value when used without any argument
- ArmA File-System
- Preprocessor Support
- Added command loadFile
- Added commands preprocessFileLineNumbers and preprocessFile (alias)
- All code typed into the commandline now gets preprocessed
- -F <PATH> and -f <PATH> now preprocess the file first
- Added --no-load-execdir to disable automatical addition of local directory to the allowed paths to load from list.
- Added -l <PATH>(--load <PATH>) to add allowed path
- Added -p <PATH> (--preprocess <PATH>) to preprocess a file and just output it to console
- Added command isKindOf in all its 3 forms
- Fixed createUnit may cause errors when a rank is provided.
- Added support to relative path for -F and -f
- Added -v PATH|VIRT (--virtual PATH|VIRT) to add virtual file system mappings
- Added --cli-file PATH to allow to load args from a file
- Config parser now can "parse" magic strings (just searches for the first occurance of ;)
- Now executing SQF (added via -f or -r) before first user prompt instead of when the user entered his very own code.
- Fixed empty files cause segfaults
- Implemented scriptName <STRING> command
- Implemented <ANY> in <ARRAY>
- Implemented param command
- Implemented player command and respawn__ internal command to respawn (recreate) a player
- Implemented setDamage, getDammage, damage and alive
- Implemented preprocess__ command to allow preprocessing strings
- Fixed params reporting false error when passing arraycount
- Fixed params invalidly reporting a warning telling the type is not matching expected datatypes
- Fixed codeblocks not accepting ; at start (eg. {;} was marked as invalid)
- Fixed allVariables, setVariable and getVariable for use with OBJECT and GROUP
- Added --preprocess-file <PATH> (-E <PATH>)
- Added do-preprocess to debugger interface
- Replaced --start-server (-s) and --server-port <int> (-p <int>) with --debugger <int> (-d <int>)
- Implemented crew <OBJECT> command
- Implemented vehicle <OBJECT> command
- Implemented objectParent <OBJECT> command
- Implemented unary commands gunner, commander and driver expecting OBJECT
- Implemented <OBJECT> in <OBJECT> command
- Fixed format stringifying strings
- Implemented <CODE> except__ <CODE> to catch runtime exceptions thrown by the VM

1.1 (RC1)
- Continuous CLI (exit__ command now needs to be used)
- Fixed String-Parsing (had problems handling "somethingendingwith'")
- Fixed : not getting recognized
- Config checking is no longer enabled by default (-c flag now enables config checking instead of disabling it)
- Fixed some debugger-related stuff
- Now contains DebuggerCLI application (sqfvm needs to be started with -s -p 9090 for it to work)
- added nearestObjects
- added distance
- Debugger interface error messages now have status error
- Debugger interface now prints output with status message
- Debugger interface no longer prints the status change twice when hitting breakmode
- Icon was updated (Currently disabled though due to new CMakeList.txt)
- Added isNull <OBJECT> isNull <GROUP> isNull <CONFIG>
- Fixed config commands causing segfaults
- Fixed spawning things prevented further stack execution
- Fixed spawned scopes are not reporting to be schedulable
- Fixed params unary will error-out on non-array _this param
- Added sleep command & corresponding code
- Added canSuspend
- Fixed some internal method to check array types
- Added Marker-System and corresponding commands: [ allMapMarkers, createMarker, createMarkerLocal, deleteMarker, deleteMarkerLocal, getMarkerColor, getMarkerPos, getMarkerSize, getMarkerType, markerAlpha, markerBrush, markerColor, markerDir, markerPos, markerShape, markerSize, markerText, markerType, setMarkerAlpha, setMarkerAlphaLocal, setMarkerBrush, setMarkerBrushLocal, setMarkerColor, setMarkerColorLocal, setMarkerDir, setMarkerDirLocal, setMarkerPos, setMarkerPosLocal, setMarkerShape, setMarkerShapeLocal, setMarkerSize, setMarkerSizeLocal, setMarkerText, setMarkerTextLocal, setMarkerType, setMarkerTypeLocal ]
- productVersion now outputs full version information
- productVersion now will tell properly if it is x64 or x86 (or NA on some compilers and systems)
- Added side <OBJECT> and side <GROUP>
- DllExports no longer allow sleep
- Fixed _this not getting set properly in <ANY> call <CODE>
- Added vm__ command to get a list of vm-only commands
- Added cmdsimplemented__ command to get a list of actually implemented commands (checks for missing description and ommits those)
- Added allUnits
- No longer printing space inbetween array commas when stringified
- implemented toFixed
- Fixed <ARRAY> select <BOOL> help message
- fixed pretty printing would not add a space character between private and the variable
- altered the "greeting" message on prompt
- fixed -s debugging server not connecting
- implemented <ARRAY> pushBackUnique <ANY>
- implemented <ARRAY> findIf <CODE>
- fixed SQF parser was detecting expressions like _x == 1 as assignment
- fixed non-scheduled execution was continuing executing after error
- fixed scheduled execution was not continuing executing after error


Added allGroups nullar
Added createUnit and units command
Added groupId command and fixed stuff related to commits since adding deletevehicle
added createGroup and deleteGroup
enhanced examples for isNil
Added deleteVehicle
fixxed memory leak on call to deleteInner
Implemented isNil
Added params command
fixed if unary command has binary version and is on righthand side of assignment the binary one would be picked
altered instruction count note
now using vm->stack for all errors in *_stack functions
fixed crash when assigning empty to variable (due to code block ending with assignment)
fixed crash when assigning empty to variable (due to code block ending with assignment)
fixed segfault on large print output due to alloca usage
Added instruction count output to sqf-vm
fixed order of array-creating commands being inversed
removed duplicate declaration of arr
Replaced instruction adding of arrays by array_push calls
No more tailing zeros
fixed error on invalid type for toString
Added toArray and toString
fixed invalid usage strings
Merge branch 'master' of
added execution on channels starting with sqf
systemChat and hint no longer output (null) on empty strings
fixed precedence of all commands
added `systemChat` and `hint`
added isEqualType
Merge branch 'master' of
Merge pull request #9 from Dahlgren/bugfix/malloc
malloc.h does not exist in standard C, use stdlib.h
Added `<ARRAY> select <BOOL>`
fixed `help__ "||"` usage fucks up due to | being splitter here
fixed if unary and nullar exist for same command, nullar gets picked if nothing is on right hand
Fixed memory leaks & out-of-memory crashes due to strings too large
stringification of null string wont crash anymore
Added examples to compile
Added compile command
Moved check into correct command
Added empty string check to help__
Altered error message
Now always checking for all commands to prevent binary commands being interpreted as variable
Fixed stringification of strings and added empty string check to set- and getVariable
Added empty string check to help__
Improved debug informations snippet
Hashing is no longer case sensitive
fixed examples of `help__` and added
removed unused variable
fixed `help__ <STRING>` formatting
fixed warnings & fixed invalid method usage
fixed memory leaks
Added `with` command
Added AllVariables
Added proper support for removing variables
added `nil` command
fixed example of `<CODE> count <ARRAY>`
Further style changes to help__
fixed examples not getting printed
fixed warnings
doomed keyboard ...
Implemented extra info into `help__ <STRING>` and now outputting usage instead of description in `help__`
fixed order off `<ARRA> - <ARRAY>`
fixed create_command error
Added more description to commands
Added support for `<ARRAY> - <ARRAY>`; `==` and `!=` now properly error out on missmatching types
fixed missing righthand on typename segfaults
forgot to add the check if nothing was found
Added note when nothing was found to `help__` and added header
Added `help__` unary variant
Did stuff
doMove now supports array syntax
Added objNull
Added null check to objects
POBJECT object_create(const char* classname) is exposed again
Added ccomment placeholder for WITH type in is_equal_to
fixed is_equal_to for objects
Added stringify cases for NOTHING and ANY
More stringify & isEqualTo type compatibility
added side to stringify
Added side commands
Added SQF stupidity that `,` also can be used to terminate instead of `;`
fix of merge
fixed issues i didnt see thx to visual studio not building properly ...
Altered productname & upped build number
Upped version
Added VEHICLE & UNIT inner-objects to OBJECT
removed bool.h
Added SIDE type
Added garbage fix for gcc on debian trash glibc implementation bullshittery
added return for non-windows machines
removed unneded variable, renamed variable
Merge branch 'master' of
Added missing blank
Cleaned up warnings
fixed crash due to uninitialized variable
Merge branch 'master' of
Added FAQ
fixed private <string>
Added NAN to log -1 and unary +
Added doMove

alpha 0.1.2
Added more checks to FOR
re-fixed endless attempt to parse empty blocks
Added Switch case do
Added ForEach
fixed parser
Moved OBJECT type into its own file
fixed array parsing
Fixed array order
Added productversion
added missing comparison types to ==, added !=
Added velocity and setVelocity
Added getPos, position and setPos
Added typeOf
added setVariable & getVariable
malloc sizeof from pointer to actual struct
fixed invalid malloc sizeof
fixed copy-paste error
Added createVehicle
Added OBJECT type
fixed last token getting proper textrange info
fixed empty string not terminated segfault
unterminated strings are no longer trimmed by 2 chars
Added COUNT type to vm types

alpha 0.1.1
fixed strcmpi undefined
fixed warnings
fixed sm_get_value_index function
Added isEqualTo
Fixed warnings
renamed `COUNT` type to `COUNT__`
renamed `help` command to `help__`
Fixed issue caused by deallocated commands in code stacks on global variables
Cleaned up files
removed comment
Improved code_type performance
Added c function to compare two items for equality
Added set command
only admins now can execute commands
Added pushBack command
<ARRAY> select <ARRAY-SIZE> now properly pushes a nothing to the stack
Fixed empty value assignment crashing
Merge branch 'master' of
fixed bot
replaced test 2k with 0
fixed index out of range for select; fixed zero divisor
fixed max length for buffer
Added decode to string to remove python bullshittery nonsense
fixed bot
added missing ')'
fixed python bot
removed unneeded vars
code fix
more code fixes
further fix
fixed error declaration & renamed to orig_error
Fixed buffer passing
fixed syntax
replaced tabs with spaces
updated python bot
Moved commands into separate file, added special print function to sqfvm
fixed format stringifying strings
removed unneeded variables from cmd_comment
fixed empty string concat
Now always including <limits.h>
Merge branch 'master' of
fixed entry.c for gcc
Fixed MemoryLeaks
removed module feedparser
Added -s param to change the max instructions limit
fixed command callback ptr of comment function
added `comment` command
Added comment support to tokenizer
Added ^ and % to tokenizer
Added ^ command
Added alternative syntax to and & or
Added mod alias `%`
Fixed description of atan2, min, max and mod
fixed mod, max, min and atan2 being registered as unary commands instead of binary
Added `!` unary command
Updated help texts
changed build name

Alpha 0.1.0

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