Author: [CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych
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Version: 1.1.2

Short description: Surface Painter is a simple toolbox to help map makers in specific tasks. It allows you to create your own modules using the interface, controls and other features like the Object Pool.

Date: 2017-10-20 08:09

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Surface Painter

[CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych

Surface Painter is a simple toolbox to help map makers in specific tasks. It's not meant to cover all your needs, the mod currently has very few features but it's open source and meant to be modular, allowing you to create your own modules using the interface, controls and other features like the Object Pool.

Surface Painter
This tool lets you tweak the surface map directly in Arma using a dll that replicates your actions in a bitmap file.
Copy the corresponding dlls and your surface.bmp in your Arma installation directory.
Run Arma with Battleye disabled. Take manual backups of your surface map.
Object Pool
It lets you define objects that will be used by modules. You can search objects by name and set the spawn probability for each one.
A simple brush tool for random object placement.
Draw lines and create objects along them, can be set to detect terrain and follow it.
Allows you to export created objects in your clipboard in a Terrain Builder format.

Extract the archive
Copy the @surface_painter directory where you store your mods
You can skip the steps 4 and 5 if you don't plan to use the Surface Painter tool, the tool that lets you paint your surface map directly in Arma.

Copy the corresponding dlls in your Arma 3 directory :
32 bits :
\Arma 3\corp_tls.dll
\Arma 3\libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
\Arma 3\libstdc++-6.dll
\Arma 3\libwinpthread-1.dll
64 bits :
\Arma 3\corp_tls_x64.dll
\Arma 3\libgcc_s_seh-1.dll
\Arma 3\libstdc++-6.dll
\Arma 3\libwinpthread-1.dll

Armaholic note:
.dll files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when any file you download from our website causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing these files is totally at your own risk!
We have run anti-virus tools on the included files and found no issues but this is no guarantee!

In the editor, place a unit and run the mission. In the action menu you should see an action named "Surface Painter".

basically :

WASD to translate the camera
right click to turn the camera
Shit + WASD camera speed x10
Shit + Alt + WASD camera speed x100
Alt + click to use the alternative function of the current tool (eg. erasing with brush tool)
mouse wheel to set the size of the cursor
Shift + mouse wheel to set the size of the cursor x10
fields can be incremented/decremented with mouse wheel
Object Pool

The panel on the right. Search for an object in the top field. double click on an item to add it to the pool. Use your mouse wheel to change the spawn probability of each object.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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- implemented _SCAR's fix for objects exported for TB, now .lbt files are exported, they can be imported in TB exactly like a .txt.

- added hability to export objects directely in a .txt file

- object pool completely reworked
- settings are not reset anymore when closing SP

- fixed UI scale
- fixed TIFF conversion from 32-bits to 8-bits

DLLs have been implemented in the mod directory, so if you have the v0.1.4, you have to delete sp.dll and sp_x64.dll from your Arma 3 directory.
added - notification system
enhanced - refactored surface painter, it now supports large images
enhanced - splited modes and extras in modes list (export module is now in the bottom-left corner)

fixes pixels export script error

scalable pixel, any world size/surface map size ratio is supported (it has nothing to do with image file, still limited to BMP 16k)
UI has been reworked
module options are now config based and automatically created so it's easier to create and configure modules
pixel visualisation optimization


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