Author: Revolving DCON
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.9
Signed: No

Short description: This aircraft was designed to be a flying battleship. The goal of this aircraft is to be a single platform for carrying out any type of offensive mission. It is currently an anti everything vehicle while in the alpha stage.

Date: 2018-04-21 13:22

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DCONs V-44 Valkyrie

Revolving DCON

Welcome to the V-44 Valkyrie. This aircraft was designed to be a flying battleship. The goal of this aircraft is to be a single platform for carrying out any type of offensive mission. It is currently an anti everything vehicle while in the alpha stage. (It's OP, I will nerf I promise)

- The Valkyrie is equipped with a front and rear mounted Praetorian cannon, x2 Mk21 Centurion's, x2 Mk49 Spartan's and x2 M5 Sandstorm's.

- The missile launchers currently loaded with airburst proximity tracking missiles that follow targets and blow up within proximity to the target.

To install DCONs V-44 Valkyrie you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

How to use

(The Valkyrie does not use the numpad currently)

- To spawn the Valkyrie: Shift + 0 then select the first item on the menu.

- Select Front Cannon: Num1
- Select Back Cannon: Num2
- Select Top Left Missile Pod: Num3
- Select Top Right Missile Pod: Num4

- Select Both Cannons: Shift + Num1
- Select Both Missile Pods: Shift + Num2
- Select All Weapons: Shift + Num3

- Fire selected weapons: LMB

- Deselect current weapons: Num9

- Lock onto current object or position with selected weapons: Tab
Unlock selected weapons: Num0

- Control Front Cannon: Alt + Num1
- Control Back Cannon:Alt + Num2
- Control Top Left Missile Pod: Alt + Num3
- Control Top Right Missile Pod: Alt + Num4

- Change Skin: Shift + (Left or Right arrow)

- Delete Valkyrie: Shift + Delete

Locking onto things

- You can lock onto Players, Objects and Positions.
Each lock type has a dedicated color,

- locked players will be red.
objects green, and positions blue.

- You can lock onto something by just looking at it and hitting tab, or by control clicking it on the map. (CTRL+ LMB)

- Upto 4 objects and or players can be locked and tracked at the same time.


- Currently the server you join does not need to have this mod in order for it to work.
If you try spawn this the Valkyrie on a random server you will be met with a message telling you that you can't spawn it.
The server admin must enable Valkyrie spawning before anyone can spawn one.

- How to enable in multiplayer (if you're an admin):
- To allow a player to spawn the Valkyrie you must set "DCON_Valkyrie_Enabled" to true on that player.

- To allow everyone to spawn the Valkyrie on your server run the following code locally in the debug console:

DCON_Valkyrie_Enabled = true;
publicVariable "DCON_Valkyrie_Enabled";

- Once enabled anyone with this mod can now spawn the Valkyrie.

Known issues:
- When a player gets out of a Valkyrie and in to another one then back into his original one twice he looses control over the Valkyrie.
- It shoots itself.

Future plans:
- Add artillery.
- Replace buttons with GUI
- Make rocket pods work
- Prevent from blowing itself up
- Add more admin options
- Add editor module
- Add Gunner seat
- Add ejector seats to all seats
- Add exterior seats

- Currently the missiles are unavoidable if you're locked onto by the Valkyrie. Considering the rockets are also airburst -rounds you have no hope in surviving, this will change.

- The Valkyrie currently can not be damaged duto a bug where it likes to commit suicide every now and then by shooting it's self in the face.

- Artillery does not work yet.
- Rockets do not work yet (Waiting on BIS to release a function to main branch).
- Turrets are inaccurate at distances over 300m or at speeds more than 50kmh

Credits & Thanks:
SkyDive: Network testing
Thomas: Turret Math
JoshS: Looking at camera
NSA: Looking at camera

-Added: Artillery (finally)
-Added: New Sound effects
-Added: Support for nuclear weapons
-Added: Animations to ejector seats

-Added: Rocket Ejection Seats that auto land safely
-Added: Cutscene
-Added: New Skins
-Added: Famethrowers (by mistake)
-Changed: optimisations
-Fixed: a bug where sandstorm positions werent centered (Tanks DLC Broke this)
-Fixed: a bug where switching seats wouldn't check if you where the pilot or not causing players to control the vehicle after they've got out
Known Bugs: The Tanks DLC broke some of the center positions of vehicles causing me to hack together a fix, when they fix this it will break the offsets I've applied and I'll have to patch it again.

-Added: Droppods
-Added: New Userinterface
-Added: Rocket Cannon
-Added: Anti Tank Cannon
-Added: Smoke Cannon
-Added: Flare Cannon
-Added: 10+ new skins
-Fixed: A lot of stuff
Added a lot of generic errors. Expect fix next update!

-Fixed issue where it would instantly blowup on spawn

-Fixed a race condition that existed on startup resulting in the mod not being loaded correctly
-Fixed some multiplayer networking issues
-Added Full GUI
-Added Help Guide

-Fixed a bug where somehow a file was missing causing the game to crash on boot

-Fixed a bug where events didn't clean up properly duto race condition created by previous update/

-Fixed a duplication bug

V-44 Valkyrie by Revolving DCON

--September 9, 2017
-Initial Release

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