Author: Leopard20 & WindWalking
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a really simple mod that adds a few needed commands for otherwise either buggy or incomplete behavior for friendly AI units in group.

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Date: 2021-01-25 22:21

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All-in-one Command Menu (Deluxe)

Leopard20 (A.K.A ColonelKernel) & WindWalking

This mod is part of my All-in-one Single-Player Project released as a separate addon. For more information on this project, visit the highlighted link.

Please note that this mod is currently in beta state and some features are not available. There might also be some bugs. If you find any bugs, kindly report them on the forum or Github so it can be fixed ASAP.

0. Customizability: Use CBA Settings to customize the mod.

1. Infantry commands and actions:
Heal + revive + drag + carry wounded units (including full support for ACE Medical)
R.O.E commands, such as Fire on My Lead.
Complete set of stances for AI (including "intermediate" stances)
Defensive options, such as take cover and fortification
Opening unit's inventory at the desired object/position
Weapons management, e.g. selecting a specific weapon, attaching suppressors, etc.
Assembling and disassembling static weapons.
Taking weapons from the ground or nearby vehicles/ammo boxes.
Complete rearming + class-based rearm, e.g. AT soldiers take AT Launchers, Engineers take Toolkit, Demo Specialists take explosives and Mine Detector, etc.
Planting explosives, with categorized explosive list (e.g. Explosive charges, AT Mines, Trip Wires, etc) + three fuse options for explosive charges (Auto, Manual, Timer)
2. Vehicle commands and actions:
Mounting vehicles; also shows a list of available seats, and is significantly better than the vanilla version when mounting vehicles on top of objects (e.g. on a carrier or ship)
Switch seat without restriction (e.g. mid-air!)
Create driver (or pilot): directly drive/fly vehicles with an AI behind the wheels!
A custom helicopter flight system with its own new pilot (called "super pilot") + loitering (including loitering UI) + cruising (including cruise UI) + landing + sling-loading
Landing; including various landing options such as combat landing for quick insertion.
Setting flight height
Rearming + refueling + repairing vehicles
Vehicle controls, e.g. turning on/off headlights and engine.
Slingloading without the vanilla 'infinite spin' bug!
3. High Command functions:
Recruiting + dismissing AI
Creating support groups from your own units (e.g. CAS, Artillary, etc.)
Monitoring squad units.
Selecting squad leader.
4. Essential Cheats:
Arsenal (Also supports ACE Arsenal)
Adding Revivability to units (basically a 'custom' medical system)
Quick heal up/repair
Quickly adding ammo/items.
Enabling/disabling fatigue
Reduced damage system (NOT DISABLED!)
5. New waypoint UI

6. (Optional) Reorganized vanilla command menus + added icons and colors

To install All-in-one Command Menu (Deluxe) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the All-in-one Command Menu (Deluxe) please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

If you like my mod and would like to support it, or you just want to buy me a drink, etc., you can donate on PayPal, or even better, become a Patron!
Also, don't forget to rate the mod!

Q1. How can I access the settings?
A1. For mod settings, go to OPTIONS > GAME > ADDON OPTIONS (at the bottom). For control settings, go to OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS (at the bottom). The settings are available under the drop down menu called "All-in-one Command Menu".

Q2. I don't like the customized command menus. How do I disable them?
A2. Go to control settings (see Q1) and under the drop-down menu "All-in-one Custom Menus", unbind the controls for all menus. Then press OK. They will be disabled.

Q3. Can I run this mod in multiplayer?
A3. Not yet. MP compatibility will be added later.

Credits & Thanks:
- @Windwalking for his awesome mod.
- @Muzzleflash for helping me with showing objects on the map and also teaching me a lot about scripting. He's one of the best guys on this forum.
- @mad_cheese for allowing me to use the "Bounding Box" function used in his legendary mod, C2.
- and everyone else who kindly answered all my questions on the forum.

License / Disclaimer:
This is an alpha release and therefore not signed (not online-MP compatible). Also I can't guarantee this mod is completely harmless. Please back up your ARMA 3 directory located in the "Documents" folder (C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\) prior to using this mod (especially the file *.vars.Arma3Profile and the "saved" folder because they are the only files that may be affected).

Changelog: (16-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
# Fixed:
* Fire on my lead was broken since a few versions ago.
# Improved:
* Fire on my lead now works from inside vehicles.
# Fixed:
* Support units could not be created since the last update
# Fixed:
* CBA Settings were not being applied since the last update.
# Fixed:
* Removed some commands that would throw errors on the stable branch of the game.
They fixed some other bugs but I forgot they only exist in the dev branch. I'll re-add them when v2.02 of the game comes out.

# Fixed:
* Medical: Units would sometimes get stuck in revive state (for example, when healed by another mod or the cheat)
# Improved:
* Minor performance optimizations
* Fixed: Unsticking was broken since the last update

* Bug fixes and performance optimizations

# Fixed:
* Formations: Added missing Staggered Column formation.
# Removed:
* Formations: W and M formations were removed from the list of formations. They'll be re-added when they work.
# Improved:
* Artillery Support: Improved detection of artillery units/vehicles. Also, vehicles that have no artillery rounds left are no longer shown in the list of available units.

# Fixed:
* High Command: Fixed missing sync with the commander, as well as premature hcSetGroup, which caused the high command system to break.
* Signature update
Yet another hotfix
# Fixed:
* Slingload: Dropping cargo using WP UI was broken.
# Improved:
* Slingload: The pilot should drop the cargo from a safer height now.

The mod had been removed from the workshop due to several game breaking bugs. Hopefully, they're fixed with this release. If you find any other broken features, please report them to be fixed ASAP.
# Fixed:
* General: Many leftover debug and test codes that had broken the mod.
* Mount: Units passing through the vehicle when mounting.
* Mount: Sometimes units couldn't disembark one vehicle and get into another.
* Super Pilot: Incorrect flight behavior at 2x and 4x time accelerations.
* Landing (super pilot mode): Helicopter taking off after landing.
* Super Pilot: Gunner camera shaking in some helicopters.
* Super Pilot: Some helicopters were too fast/slow.
# Improved:
* Super Pilot: More realistic flight mechanics
* Super Pilot: Faster helicopter analyzer code (faster Super Pilot initialization)
* Super Pilot: Helicopter can fly for a few seconds with engine off if there's enough torque

# Added:
* Waypoint UI: Topography viewer (located in the left-side menu). It is primarily intended to be used for helis, as they require a flat surface for landing. It also detects objects. (note: it only represents how flat a position is) I created it for landing on top of carriers, since the carrier marker on the map is very inaccurate.
# Improved:
* Super Pilot: Code optimization
# Fixed:
* Self Heal: Fixed an infinite loop if unit didn't have medical items.

# Fixed:
* Assemble UAV: Crew would be created for non-UAV units
* Disassemble UAV: Some vehicles couldn't be detected
* Medical: Fixed a rare bug
* Mount: Vehicles of type "Motorcycle" were not detected as "wheeled" vehicles
# Improved:
* Waypoint UI: Always use the Terrain Texture alpha to make the map darker. This helps prevent eye strain if you play at night
* Copy my Stance: Minor enhancements
# Improved:
The whole stance function was rewritten. New features include:
* Faster and better Copy My Stance. Also fixed the bug where unit might've gotten stuck and unable to move.
* Added a warning hint to remind the player to set the unit stance to Auto before using the stance adjustments (e.g crouch-high) and copy my stance. (you have to disable the vanilla stances manually)
* Fixed a couple of bugs with stance adjustments (e.g sudden animation change).
# Fixed:
* Heal: Removed some leftover variable

# Added:
* Tasking: Squad Leaders can now perform tasks (healing, etc.). In the case of healing, leaders have a lower priority for healing.
!! Warning !! Squad leaders cannot continue their vanilla waypoints until all their tasks are complete! You can cancel their tasks from the waypoint UI, as usual.
* Inventory: Units can now access their vehicle inventory without disembarking, like the player (normally not possible in A3, so a workaround is used). Also, a shortcut is added to the "Inventory" sub-menu, called "On self" to open their vehicle's inventory.
# Fixed:
* Unstick: Unsticking would change the leader of the group since last update.
* Heal: Units couldn't be healed properly if the unit was damaged both by ACE and vanilla damage systems.
* Heal: Medic icon didn't disapper sometimes.
* Waypoint UI: Refreshing the group would change the leader.
# Improved:
* Minor code optimization.

# Fixed:
* Mount: Units would sometimes stick out of vehicles with door animations (CUP/RHS/IFA3,etc. vehicles mostly)
* Support: Before adding Artillery groups to player, a delay is added to make sure the vehicle is mounted. Otherwise the group wouldn't appear in the supports menu.
* General: Added time limit to some infinite loops to make sure they can terminate. This avoids unnecessary load on the scheduler.
* Tasking: Added a more rigorous method for changing the units' "currentCommand" into "STOP" (required for tasking)

# Fixed:
* Mount and Action commands were not recognized as 'whitelisted' vanilla commands, thus couldn't override the tasks.

# Added:
* Expanded the Inventory command with more options
# Improved:
* Medics with more items are preferred over those with fewer equipment
* Targets menu now shows all targets.
# Fixed:
* Added some placeholder icons for the new tasking commands.
* Targets menu didn't work with numpad keys.
Medical: Improved detection of medics and usage of medications when using ACE medical.
# Fixed:
Medical: Added full support for ACE Medical Advanced (AIO healing algorithm). ACE medical default healing algorithm which was added in the last version has been disabled for the time being (not recommended anymore).
Medical: Fixed a typo which caused the mod to fail detecting the units with "Medikit" as medics.
Medical: Fixed units couldn't be revived with ACE Medical.

# Added:
* Medical : New menu option for using ACE Medical's default healing algorithm. Also supports ACE Medical Advanced. It is slower than my healing system but way more realistic.
* Super Pilot: New keybinds (default: C ) for using countermeasures in Super Pilot Mode and also switching countermeasure mode (default: Ctrl+C ). For some reason, in some helicopters the AI cannot use flares anymore. You can now do it manually.
* Cheats: New cheat for recreating (debugging) units. Only use if the unit is completely stuck and cannot move anymore (happens in some missions, e.g. DRO). The following properties will be preserved: Name, Face, Voice, Loadout.
* Tasking: New option for switching tasking mode environment to Unscheduled (used by default now). If you run heavily scripted missions often and you only have a few men in your squad (less than 10~15), it is absolutely recommended because it can make the code run much better. If you experience any issues, you can switch back to Scheduled environment from settings (takes effect immediately, no need for restart).
* Zeus: Added a new option to fully unlock zeus and all sides/factions.
# Improved:
* Zeus: No need to refresh zeus every time anymore.
* Menu: High Command menu is now added to the main menu. It replaces the old option "Commanding Menus" which wasn't really needed. Because if you use the default keybinding, you can still use vanilla menus using Ctrl/Shift/Alt + Number keys.
* Tasking: Tasking animation is now performed per frame to fix the problem with units acting weird at low FPS or in heavily scripted missions.
* Custom Menus: They should be opening faster now in heavily scripted missions (hopefully)
# Fixed:
* Medical: Fixed some compatibility issues with ACE that spammed RPT errors.
* Medical: Fixed conflicts with ACE Medical AI, where it would give direct Move orders of its own to AI.
* Waypoint UI: Clicking on map when in vehicles would give a move order to units.
* Menu: Player no longer becomes the high command leader by default. It would break some missions (e.g. Forgotton Few 2). This is now an optional feature which you can turn on in settings.

* Changed the name of a couple of menu items for clarity
* Minor code optimizations

# Added:
* CBA Controls for Super Pilot mode. Note that you can only add 1 keybind. Also, key combos (e.g. Ctrl+A) are not supported. Even if you add a modifier key (Ctrl, Shift, Alt), the priority will be as follows: Shift > Ctrl > Alt > Key. So the key will always be ignored.
* CBA settings for disabling the cheats menu.
# Improved:
* Lots of code optimization for some engine event handlers, making them way faster (credits: @dedmen , see here
# Fixed:
* Broken animation handler (e.g. units couldn't mount vehicles, drag units, etc.)
* Super pilot: Don't take off while units are disembarking!
* Pilot mode: Engine would be turned on if player disembarked.

# Added:
* New CBA keybind option (no default keybind) for listing all menus. If you bind it to ` (accent grave, or ~), which is the default key for selecting all units, you get an "Operation Flashpoint" style unit selection! Also, don't forget to check the CBA setting "Use Vanilla menus" if you want vanilla menus.
# Improved:
* Minor code optimization thanks to new features introduced with v1.96
# Fixed
* In some rare cases, parachuting units would be accidentally deleted instead of their chute!

# Fixed:
* Removed the debug message that would be displayed during carrying (for player only)

# Fixed:
* Dragging/carrying for players was broken.
* Dragging for AI was broken.
* Slightly slower carry animation for realism.
* Do not show the Revive action when dragging/carrying wounded units.

# Added:
* New action: Assembling/disassembling UAVs and UGVs.
# Improved:
* Improved detection of resupply vehicles (e.g CUP frigates can now be used)
* Some tweaks to the Super Pilot mode to make it more accurate and faster.
* In Super Pilot mode, if the pilot dies, the copilot can control the helicopter!
* The "Heal Up" cheat can now top up the fuel.
# Fixed:
* Fixed typo in vehicle rearm
* Fixed a couple of errors in the waypoint UI.
* Fixed assembling some weapons (e.g. IFA3 Maxim) which don't use the standard config format.
Fixed mod not launching properly for some users (due to some issue in CBA).
Refresh (set R.O.E): Button not removing the "Fire on my lead" event handler.
Take cover: Unit switching to auto stance for no reason.
Auto-target: Sometimes auto-targeting was re-enabled without user prompt!
Medic healing: Medic was ordered to Fire on player's lead but opened fire as soon as he started healing!
Take Weapon: Not showing weapons properly if player was farther than 5 meters away!
Take Weapon: Revised code. Now it's 10 times faster.
Add HC group to player: Sort HC groups by distance form the leader.
Slingloading: Using onEachFrame instead of While (scheduled to unscheduled). Helicopter rotation is now fluent (relatively speaking!) even at low FPS.
Plane Landing: Instead of removing the plane fuel, the pilot's movement is disabled (until he's given new orders)
Fire on my Lead: When player opens fire, unit's auto-targeting is enabled again (if it was disabled before) so that he can actually fire.
Refresh (set R.O.E): You can now refresh individual units instead of entire group (e.g to remove Fire on my Lead for only some units)

Fixed a minor teleporting bug in the unstuck script (player could be teleported to the roof!)

Fixed the "Fired" EH not removing properly.

Fixed some remaining bugs in the healing function (player stopping, etc)
The hint shown during Monitoring becomes hidden when Monitoring mode is disabled to avoid confusion.

Added a new CBA option for disabling the mod entirely
Fixed switch seat throwing an error if unit didn't have a proper name

Player will now use voice chat (radio commands) to issue commands instead of plain text. This can be turned off in CBA settings.
New Copy My Stance mode: Exact. using this mode, the units will copy the exact player stance, including the intermediate stances! (for the first time ever in ARMA 3, or at least so I believe!) This option can be toggled in CBA settings.
Sprint Mode (Infantry Commands): Units will always be forced to sprint, even when they're in crouch position! (vanilla ARMA has no such feature)
Set Unit Stance (Infantry Commands): A complete list of stances for your units, including intermediate stances!
Retreat! (Infantry Commands > Set ROE): Select a map position for the units to fall back to. They will bail ASAP! This option also enables Sprint Mode and disables AUTOTARGET automtically.
Fixed Zeus able to spawn enemy units.
Fixed Zeus not updating if a previous Curator module existed.
Fixed Advanced Driver Mode bug in MP scenarios.
Improved mount. It should work better on carriers now.
Improved Unit Targeting (now called Auto Target): Now it'll only disable Autotarget , not Target.

Added Features:
New AI Driver feature: Advanced Control Mode: I realized that the AI Driver feature was kind of useless most of the time due to unreliable AI driving! So I've added something new for better control over AI driving. Basically, this feature let's you control the vehicle directly by either tapping (toggle) or holding the designated key. The only catch is that you can't shoot the gun during this mode! There are two ways to enable this feature: Holding or tapping the key. You can choose which one you prefer in CBA settings. You can also change the key used to activate this mod. I personally recommend the L-Ctrl key. The default is F key but make sure you change it (it's only good if you go with toggling)There's also a new option in CBA settings called Player Watch Direction During Adv. Control Mode. There are two options 1. Look ahead. 2. Fixed. This option can also be toggled directly via the menu: Open the menu and press Space (default select key) twice, or manually go to Driver Settings > Fix Watch Dir.
During Driver Mode, increase or decrease air vehicle flight height directly using L-Shift and Z (default keys - can be changed). As per uje, delete the keybinding to disable the feature if you don't want it.
New option in HC Menu: Add HC Groups to Player: This enables you to add other groups to your HC bar.
Player can now switch seats directly via the menu. Open the menu without selecting any unit and navigate to Vehicle Commands>Switch Seats.
Added new feature to Infantry Commands> Inventory: If you select two units, you can make them trade items with each other. This is useful if you, e.g, want your unit to take ammo from the ammo bearer. When you select two units and select Inventory, make sure you point at the right place for the units to move to. Once you select it, you will be prompted to choose a unit. This is the unit who will open the other unit's inventory.
Added initial support for ACE Medical. It's not extensively tested and there may be bugs.
Code optimization and speed improvement.
Fixed HC module not working correctly. AIC is not needed anymore for this to work properly!
Improved Switch seats for units: it now works flawlessly and unconditionally.
Improved Unstuck Unit feature. In-flight vehicles can't be unstuck now; now also resets unit animation state; minor improvements to distances.
Fixed units not able to board some RHS vehicles.
Misc minor bug fixes
Moved Refresh Player feature from Infantry Commands to Unstuck units. Use Unstuck Units without selecting any unit to refresh player.

First signed version of the mod!
Replaced "Flight Height" for land vehicles by "Driving mode" in the "Driver Settings" sub-menu. There are two driving modes: a. Urban b. Country. The only difference between the two modes is that the urban mode sets the driver destination to a shorter distance to help him drive through urban areas better.
Added new keybindings for toggling Copy My Stance on and off.
Added option to the CBA settings for becoming the team leader on team switch. It's turned off by default.
Added some radio reports for a few commands.
Fixed units returning to formation when the player used "Fire on my lead". (thanks to @pokemon77 for reporting)
Fixed some silencers not working correctly when ordering units to remove/attach silencers. In addition, all handgun suppressors work as well.

v0.99 (Beta) (11/2/2017, 7:05 PM, UTC):
Altered the Driver feature: Now you can use it without assigning your driver to another group. Navigate to "OPTIONS>GAME>CONFIGURE ADDONS> (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu" and uncheck "Use High Command Driver". Also, if you want the player to remain quite, make sure you check "Use doMove and moveTo instead of CommandMove for Driver". Note that the option "Use doMove and moveTo instead of CommandMove for Driver" is not applicable if you have checked "Use High Command Driver".
Fixed driver not stopping if you pressed the back key for the third time.
Fixed not being able to use Arsenal and Remote Controls Modules in Zeus.
Improved parts of the mod that used "onMapSingleClick". Now the I use Stacked Event Handlers for compatibility with other mods that use map click.

v0.98 (Beta) (11/2/2017, 8:29 AM, UTC):
Added CBA Settings! You can now tweak the mod settings by navigating to: (in-game settings menu) "OPTIONS>GAME>CONFIGURE ADDONS> (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu" or simply "OPTIONS>ADDON OPTIONS>(dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu".
Added feature : Create HC Driver: This feature is designed for vehicles that you can't command even if you're the gunner or turret (e.g Helicopters, Prowler, Qilin, etc) and works similar to commanding tanks and APCs.
Monitor Squad Units: You can now switch the camera to your squad units! (you can't control them though) To exit, press the menu key (default "Y") again.
Fixed Infantry Squad group forcing the player and/or other units to disembark.

v0.97 (Beta) (10/27/2017, 1:59 PM, UTC):
Reduced the number of errors when creating the high command module. The parameter "AIO_High_Command_Enabled" is safe to use now.
Small fixes to the Zeus and Support modules.

v0.96 (Beta) (10/27/2017, 2:12 AM UTC):
Fixed units disembarking from vehicles when you created support groups. (thanks to @mrstregatto for reporting)
Added a new parameter to the the userconfig file: "AIO_High_Command_Enabled". If you change its value to 1, in case you don't have a high command module in your mission, one will be synced to you. It's necessary for being able to command other squads in high command mode. It shows a lot of errors right now and is not recommended. I'll probably fix it later. (thanks to @mrstregatto for his help). Note that you don't need this variable if you use some sort of high command mod (e.g AIC or HCC).

v0.95 (Beta) (10/26/2017, 7:36 PM UTC):
Added High Command Mode. Manage your squad on a High Command level! When you switch to high command (default "Ctrl+Space"), this menu is shown instead of the regular squad-level menu (needless to say both use the same keybinding - default "Y"). You can dismiss units, recruit units, create support groups (5 types: Artillery, CAS (Helicopter Attack), CAS (Bombing Run), Transport and Infantry), and also restore dismissed/recruited units in case you make a mistake! See the BI Forums post for more detail.

V0.88 (Beta) (10/24/2017, 8:54 PM UTC):
Added new option to the main menu: Add/Refresh Zeus. You can now make yourself the game master! This option is invisible by default. To make it visible, in your ARMA 3 installation folder go to userconfig>AIO_AIMENU>AIO_AIMENU.hpp and change "AIO_Zeus_Enabled = 0" to "AIO_Zeus_Enabled = 1". You can only edit/add units from your side, plus empty objects and modules.
Fixed the "Take Weapon" sub-menu not spawning correctly.

V0.85 (Beta) (10/22/2017, 2:12 AM UTC):
Added an obstacle-check to the taxi function. Now the aircraft "skip" the obstacles.
Added option to the resupply sub-menu: Select From Map.
Aircraft now taxi to the nearest hangar when they land (thanks to @mad_cheese for his help!)
Fixed a bug in the resupply script where the aircraft wouldn't get their emptied-fuel back when the process was canceled.
Fixes to Fire On My Lead: The player doesn't use the radio now to make units fire instantly. Also, only the units that were ordered to fire on your lead open fire; the rest remain unchanged.
Slight Improvement to the aircraft path finding when they taxi.

V0.80 (Beta) (10/12/2017, 11:10 PM, UTC):
Added Taxi Aircraft (WIP): You can now order your units to Taxi their aircraft to the desired location. There are two modes: :Automatic and Select Positions. See the BI Forums post for more detail.
Aircraft now taxi to the resupply vehicle.
Cursor icon now changes for every item in the menu that requires you to aim at a location.
Small fixes to the Fortify Position feature.

V0.70 (Beta) (10/6/2017, 10:21 AM, UTC):
Added two new defense modes: 360 Formation and Fortify Position. See the "Added" features section on BI Forums for more detail.
Added: Option for turning headlights on and off without changing the unit's combat mode. This feature may not be compatible with all vehicles, and for it to work, the vehicle must have well-defined hit points. The only way you can turn the headlights back on is through this menu.
Added option for NVG. You can turn unit's night vision on and off. (this option used to exist in the original mod, but I removed it because I thought the units remove their NVG automatically, while it was because of ASR AI! Thanks to @ineptaphid for reporting)
Added Limit Unit Speed: Force your units to move at a specific speed. This option is located in "Infantry Commands" sub-menu.
Added feature: Now the mount menu doesn't close automatically, so you can select multiple positions (you need to wait a couple of seconds between two consecutive selections for it to work properly)
Added feature: Mount and Disassemble cursor target. You can now mount enemy vehicles and disassemble their static weapons using these options.
Fixed units not being able to mount static weapons using the menu.
Fixed some menus not showing properly or disappearing instantly when the game engine was under heavy load.
Fixed units' assigned team color changing after using "Set R.O.E" and "Heal Up!" options.
Added support for many resupply vehicles by checking for their class names. If a vehicle is named properly, you can see it in the "Resupply" Menu.

v0.54 (Beta): (9/30/17, 11:04 PM, GMT)
Fixed units getting into commander and gunner positions of the vehicle of another group, thus making it their own! They now board either the Turrets or Cargo positions.

v0.53 (Beta): (9/30/17, 9:34 PM, GMT)
Fixed a small issue in the sling loading script.

v0.52 (Beta): (9/30/17, 8:02 PM, GMT)
Improvements to the mount script: Units now move slightly closer to vehicles when they want to mount them.
Improvements to the sling loading script: 1. Helicopters now follow moving targets! 2. They position themselves more accurately above the slingloading target. 3. They put the cargo down more slowly now to minimize the damage to the cargo.
Fixed a bug in selecting vehicles from the map where the cursor icon wouldn't return to normal when you closed the map while cursor was on a vehicle.

v0.50 (Beta): (9/28/17, 1:39 AM, GMT)
Development phase advanced to Beta.
Added CBA keybinding! You can change the keybinding in "OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS > (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu".
"Weapon accessories" now supports all mods (or at least it should).
The userconfig file has changed purpose. Now you can manually add support for your mods by editing its parameters.
Completed the "Mount" feature. It should work without problems now.
Completed the "Resupply" feature.
Some code optimization and bug fixes.

v0.21 (alpha)
Fixed cursor position changing in the Rearm script, which made units rearm at different objects.

v0.2 (alpha):
Overhauled Rearm: Added three rearm modes - automatic, at cursor, list of objects. Units now rearm completely (they also take weapons if they don't have any - see the "Added" section).
Fixed AI returning to formation after setting R.O.E. (thanks to @scimitar for reporting the issue). They now continue their previously assigned task.
Some improvements to the healing script.
Fixed units not switching weapons when they were watching a target.
Fixed a small issue where the "Commander" position was always available.

v0.11 (alpha):
- Fixed a small issue where you saw the message "AIO Initialized" even when WW AI Menu wasn't active. (9/16/17, 10:44 AM, GMT)

v0.10 (alpha):
- Initial Release (9/15/17, 9:46 PM, GMT)

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