Author: E_50_Panzer
Author Website:

Requirements: No addons required

Version: 5.0.18
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Warhammer 40,000 is a deep fantasy universe, one filled with long stories, enormous conflicts, supreme evil , and an eternity of unending war.

Date: 2020-04-26 11:24

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There Is Only War Mod


There is Only War - Arma 3 Warhammer 40,000 Mod

Warhammer 40,000 is a deep fantasy universe, one filled with long stories, enormous conflicts,
supreme evil , and an eternity of unending war. It deserves a proper, massive, frontline experience that only a certain game can provide, and that game for us is Arma 3. "There is Only War" is a mod whose goal is a true representation of 40k in Arma. There will be a no-nonsense approach to creating this ultimate experience - Boltguns will blow targets away, Necrons will be nigh indestructible, and Space Marines will stand heads taller than mortals. This project will be true to the universe, confined only by playability, game limitations, and in extreme cases, common sense and realism.

At this time, the mod features Chaos Renegades, the Death Korps of Krieg, Orks, and a map.

And also as of this time, there are roughly a dozen active developers. We are willing to accept Arma modders if they want to help out. Those who can work configs and scripts
are needed!

++ There is only War is currently on its FIRST BETA RELEASE, so there will be bugs and problems, we devs have done quite a bit
of bug hunting, but we are not infallible, bugs are to be expected! ++

To install There Is Only War Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

1: Will this mod be ACE Compatible? : Not yet. We have thousands of things to work on, and as talented as the team is, we have mountains of assets to finish. And to be frank, resources are better spent actually finishing the mod than making compatibility for other mods.

2: Will this mod be compatible with X Mod? : We have not made this mod to be compatible with other addons. Use in conjunction with
other mods at your own risk. That being said, mods that do not modify gameplay *should* work fine with ours.

3: How often will there be updates? : Monthly or bi-monthly.

4: How good is Love can Bloom? : 9/10. The other version is 11/10.

Community Sites:
Bohemia Interactive Forum Thread:
Public Discord Server:
Steam Group:

Credits & Thanks:
Direct Developers:
Configs: E_50_Panzer, Battlestad, Super Trooper, Fiesty, Evanw1256. Skyllio.
Sounds: Dustypeek, Master Bacon (Dirzak).
Map: Super Trooper.
Models: E_50_Panzer, Battlestad, Super Trooper, Gorechild, Cyberjax, Defcon, Deff_Mekk, Der Kommissar, Fiesty, Trash, Sparks, Fragdaddy, Leferath, Erasmus. Skyllio.
Textures: Tnyczr, Battlestad, Super Trooper, Sparks, Defcon, Fragdaddy, Lefarath, Der Kommissar. Skyllio.
Animations: E_50_Panzer, Battlestad. Skyllio.

Indirect Developers and Assistance:
Configs: Horrible Goat, LFH.
Models: LFH, Servo Skull by Erasmus, A skull by martinjario, MKHand_Industries, Macser.
Textures: Macser.
Sound: LFH.
External assets:

Finally, a thanks to all of our testers and community members, for spreading word of the mod or even making videos for us.

License / Disclaimer:
We do not own Warhammer 40k OR Arma 3. This is 100% fan-made and unofficial.

-Hotfix: Titans should no longer crash the game on death, but will no longer break into wrecked pieces as a result
-Changed: Leman Russ Side Armor was made thinner
-Changed: Leman Russ Hull Hitpoints were reworked
-Changed: Leman Russ Main Turret hitpoints were reworked
-Changed: Leman Russ Engine Hitpoints were reworked
-Changed: Leman Russ Track Hitpoints were reworked
-Changed: Leman Russ Commanders Cupola hitpoints were completely strengthened
- The Leman Russ should be more survivable from side hits, no more one-shot bailouts, save for heavy AT weaponry
- Commanders Cupola should be much more resilient
- Detracking the tank is now less common
-Changed: As a result of these changes, infantry Missile Launchers and Meltaguns were strengthened, along with Multi-meltas
-Changed: Wyvern Stormshard Mortar Effects
-Changed: Stormshard Mortars now have some HE damage
-Added: ACE G-force tolerance to Imperial Navy Flight suits
-Added: NVG and thermals to Imperial Navy Flight Helmet
-Added: Imperial Bridge Props

- Hotfixid: The Thunderbolt just couldn't stop rollin

- Fixid: Some Hydra Rivets were black on the texture
- Fixid: Hydra had cargo capacity
- Fixid: Cadian Hydras created a separate Cadian Faction in Indep and OPFOR
- Fixid: Hydra Turret Gunner didn't have access to radar
- Fixid: Hydra Turret Gunner wasn't in command of the vehicle
-Fixid: Bloodpact uniform hitpoints causing immortality with ace in multiplayer
-Fixid: Blood Pact Grenadiers used wrong GL shells
- Changid: Mass distribution of Thunderbolt heavy fighters
- This should lessen damage from harsh landings to a degree
- Changid: Various low speed handling characteristics of the Thunderbolt
- Changid: Thunderbolts are now piloted by the new Imperial Navy Pilots
- Addid: Imperial Guard Wyverns:
- Utilizes stormshard shrapnel mortars for suppression
-Imperial pilot uniforms: Red, Blue, White
-Pilot helmet: Standard, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White
-Pilot vest: Grey, Blue, White
-Oxygen mask
Would that be cool feature in TIOW, or what?

-- Fixid: Type 2 UGL sights weren't matching velocity
-- Fixid: Space Marine Predator had a lowered ammo capacity
-- Fixid: Thunderbolt rocket pod shadow lod
-- Fixid: Renegades krak grenade popup message
-- Changed: Lascannon damage lowered, this *should* prevent leman russes from being bailed out in one frontal hit
-added : New Trojan Textures, completely improved, industry standard, missing crane atm smh
- Addid: Some Hydras
- Cadian colors
- Krieg COlors
- Chaos colors
-Valhallan Textures

- Last minute addition
-Addid: New Type 2 Agripinaa Autogun Model, with UGL variant
- The old Autogun Skins will be temporarily defaulted to the new one until more are made

-Fixid: There was no reload time on the Taurox Heavy Stubber
-Fixid: Blood Pact hand shadow LODs
-Fixid: AI will now navigate through the tunnels
- Fixid:Cadian Hand Shadow LODs
- Fixid: Renegade Hand Shadow LODS thanks BI
- Fixid: Lascannon projectiles were bugged out, they were corrected
- Fixid: Space marine smoke grenade was a weapon for some reason
-Changid: Autogun Type 2 and Type 3 rate of fire was increased to be LORE ACCURATE
-Changid: Vanquisher cannon damage was massively increased
-Changid: Hammerhead railgun damage was masssive increased
-Changid: As a result of the velocity being fixid, lascannons became more powerful
-Changid: Magazine layout on Space Marine predators
-- Changid: Missile Launchers krak rockets got damage boost
-Addid: TIOW Blood Pact expansion was merged with the main mod
-The temporary mod will be deleted from the steam workshop
- Addid: Thunderbolts with custom loadout textures and pylons
-Addid: DKoK textures for the Heavy Stubber taurox
-Addid: Urdesh Pattern Heavy Stubber
-Addid: Folded and unfolded bipods for Heavy Stubber
-Addid: More Blood pact classes
-Addid: Some basic BP groups
-- Addid: Predator Tanks received APCR ammunition. Capable of penetrating Leman Russes from the side much more easily now.
-- Addid: Predator Tanks received smoke launchers

Addid: Taurox w. Heavy Stubber
Addid: Taurox w. Autocannon
Addid: Tunnel (corner) and tunnel (2 way room)
- Concretum Civitas was updated
- New town "Andosa" to the North
- Filled in some empty areas with flora and rocks/mountains
- Various new locations: Outposts, factories etc.
- added Cadian Unit Groups
- configed Cadian unit Roles
- Longlas
- Increased SM grenade range
- Addid MkII Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid MkIII Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid MkIV Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid MkV Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid MkVI Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid MkVII Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid
- Addid MkVIII Power armor for all chapters and warbands
- Addid misc power armors
- Addid alternatid powert armored textures
- Addid Predator destructor to all chpattrres and warbans
- flasg ban
- Addid SM version of IG flamer
-misc config fixes
- Added winter dock city to Orbita Clivo Cadminae
-SM units? groups? :punh ::pensiv

- Fixid: Deff Kopta and Mega deff kopta inheritance tree
- Changed: All infantry lasweapon munitions were overhauled
- Changed: Hellgun is now reloaded via a large magazine, similar to the chaos flamer
- Improved: Cadian Infantry uniforms and armor received new materials
- Flak Armor
- Kasrkin Armor
- Shocktrooper Uniforms
- Tanker Uniforms
- Helmets
- Improved: Towns on Cadminae recieved appropriate ground textures
- Added: New lasgun muzzleflashes and bullet models to
- Kantrael Lasrifles
- Lucius 98's
- Hellguns
- Antioc Lasguns
- Laspistol
- Added: New Chimera Textures and materials to match the leman russ
- Added: Valhallan Chimeras
- Added: New M36 Kantrael Lasrifle Models and attachments (The scopes are in a temporary WiP state)
- Added: No-smog version of Concretum Civitas
- Added: Rhino for all Space marines
- Added: Vindicator for all Space Marines
- Both feature attachable armor components via the 3den editor garage

- Fixid: Wood Antioc Lasgun aimpoint and barrel points (It won't shoot sideways nao)
- Fixid: Shotgun pump animations did not play, requires new *CBA and Weapon Animation Framework dependencies*
- Fixid: Grenades had no inventory icon
-STeG-3 driver turnout bug fixid
-Container clipping problem fixid
-"Repair Station" crash fixid
-Changed: Krak Grenade launcher rounds were reduced in strength
-Changed: Multiple grenade damage values were adjusted

- Fixid: Centaur handling was rehauled
-Added: Death Korps of Krieg Infantry were overhauled and improved.
- Now featuring gasmask hoses
- Blood textures
- New Materials for all models
- ADDED: Cadian Captain uniform
- ADDED: Cadian Captain armour
- ADDED: Cadian Sergeant armour
- ADDED: Cadian Officer caps (3 variants)
- Added: Cadian officer classes and IG ministorum priests under IG HQ
- Added: Various chaos cultists and their own faction
Renegades Received:
-Ad ed : Steg-4
-Ad ed : Steg-3 (Cargo)
- Addid: Crimson, Orange, Marine, and Green Industrial containers
-Added: Large selection of bunk beds, ammo trolleys, and medical containers under TIOW_Objects>IG_Storage
-Added: Melta Bombs
-Added: Smoke Grenades
-Added: Frag Grenades
-Added: Krak Grenades
-Added: Astartes Smoke Grenades
-Added: Astartes Frag Grenades
-Added: Astartes Krak Grenades
-Added: Death Korps Quartermaster
-Added: Death Korps Commissar adjusted hat
-Added: New Death korps backpack models
-Added: Combat Shotgun
-Added: Chaos Flamer
- Added: Cadian grenade launcher
-Added: Krieg Grenade launcher
-Added: Krieg Flamer
-Added: Cadian Flamer
- Hab Variants and new Multi-Floor Hab Complex
-Added: New space marine animations and movement sounds:
- Can now get up from ACE knockdowns without scripts
- Can now get up from being runover without scripts
- Concretum Civitas was updated
- Clivo Cadminae was updated

- Fixed: Old autogun was broken
- Fixed: Trojan animations playing in the background
- Fixed: Tau tank commander hatches would not animate
- Fixed: Imperial city fences and decor were indestructible
- Fixed: Chaos Titans had no crewmembers
- Fixed: Missile Sentinels had no krak missile mags
- Changed: First round of optimization for flamers, performance should be slightly improved
- Changed: Heavy Bolter rate of fire was slightly increased
- Added: Centaur Artillery Tractor to all Imperial Guard and Renegades Regiments

- Removed: Renegade Common Vehicles, now included in each faction.
- FIXID: Drone geometry and physX
- FIXID: Ion rifle and Ion cannon Effects
- FIXID: Adjusted Drone flight alititude to fit their role better
- FIXID: Added new Smart Missile drone utilising Smart Missiles added in previous update
- FIXID: Miss-named Farsingt Enclaves/T'Au sept Drones
- FIXID: Weapon names in gunner UI
- FIXID: Muzzle flashes on the Gun, Sniper and Vehicle Drones
- FIXID: Added color variety to missiles to help differentiate them
- FIXID: Added description to missile names (eg. AT, Lsr - Anti Tank, Laser guided)
- FIXID: Animation messages from IG turrets in .rpt log
- FIXID: A mountain of 'missing config class' map object messages
- FIXID: Renegades Added proper "cost" to unit based on types IE medics and officers will be considered higher priority targets by AI.
- FIXID: Renegade Squad Command Icons properly assigned to each role.
- FIXID: Renegades Blufor renegade uniforms will now be the only ones in arsenal to reduce clutter.
- FIXID: Renegades Added proper audio call outs, officer, medic, ect.
- FIXID: Renegades Majority of units should now have access to frag grenades, and smoke.
- FIXID: Renegade factions should now be much more compatible with things like Alive, MCCC4, Anex and Invade, and most BI based mission frameworks.
- FIXID: IG static weapons had hidden animations playing which caused lag over time
- FIXID: Concretum civitas sound error popup
- Changed: Penetration Changes to Lasguns and Autoguns, and majority of Small Arms
- Changed: Lucius Heavy Stubber damage increased
- Changed: Krieg Lucius 22c Shotgun was overhauled
- Changed: Death korps weaponry was overhauled with new materials and textures
- Changed: Submunition warhead on Lasguns and Hellguns. Performance should be improved
- Changed: Majority of Vehicle and Anti-tank weaponry to suit new tank damage models
- CHANGED: Valhallan uniforms now have gloves, as suggested by community
- CHANGED: Bolter and Heavy bolter received damage nerf
- CHANGED: Bolter and Heavy Bolter received rate of fire nerf
- ADDED: Added KMA 3 Saun'El AA Missile, works as standard heat-tracked AA missile-
- ADDED: Deployable Turret backpacks for Imperial Guard and Renegade Static Turrets
- ADDED: Renegade and Imperial Guard Backpacks can be disassembled into backpacks
- ADDED: Leman Russ Battle Tank Family, for all Regiments and Renegades, featuring:
- Battlecannon
- Vanquisher
- Conqueror
- Demolisher
- Punisher
- Executioner
- Exterminator
- Annihilator
- Full Interiors
- Completely remodeled
- Completely new textures and materials
- Completely overhauled damage model
- AI Leman Russ tanks will use their main guns against enemy infantry
- ADDED: Renegades Militia Units - Lightly equipped renegade units, using the new auto-gun and low capacity magazines.
- ADDED: Renegades VOX Operator (UAV specialist)
- ADDED: Renegades Sapper (Explosive Specialist)
- ADDED: Renegades Officer class
- ADDED: Renegades Enforcer class (Squad Leads)
- ADDED: Renegades Engineer class (Repair)
- ADDED: Renegades Heavy Weapon Assistants
- ADDED: Renegades Heavy Weapon Gunners
- ADDED: Renegades Sentry to Squad level groups
- ADDED: Renegades Mechanized Armored Fist units
- ADDED: Renegades Sentinel squads
- ADDED: Renegades Heavy Weapon Team Squads
- ADDED: Revamped Renegade Uniforms and Gear
- ADDED: Renegade Enforcer Helmet
- ADDED: Space Marines and Chaos Marines now have randomized heads like in vanilla Arma. However, this means that to play as a Space marine, you must set your player profile to have a space marine head, just like Tau and Orks. (They have an [Astartes] or [Chaos Astartes] tag in the profile face selector)
- ADDED: New Cadminae Style Hab. Featuring interior, destruction, and 2 floors, in a variety of colors
- ADDED: Burnt Body Objects
- ADDED: Devilfish
- ADDED: Hammerhead (Railgun)
- ADDED: Hammerhead (Twin Long Barrel Burst Cannons)
- ADDED: Hammerhead (Ion Cannon)
- ADDED: Drone attach/detach script for Devilfish and Hammerhead
- ADDED: Custom interiors, effects, UI and variety of camouflage variants for Devilfish and Hammerhead
- ADDED: Various gloves to be selected for facewear slot
- ADDED: New buildings for concretum civitas
- ADDED: Concretum Civitas was overhauled
- ADDED: New rubble for concretum civitas

- FIXID: Tau Drone UI for gunner and manual control
- FIXID: Commissar could not equip facewear

- FIXID: Unit models stretching everywhere when using grav chutes
- FIXID: Drones flight model (much less wobbly, yet still based on Darter mechanics so keep in mind it's fragile)
- FIXID: Drones armour provides some protection against small arms fire
- Changed: Titan Forge pieces received improvements:
- Added groud and balcony doors
- Fixed issues with lamps
- Fixed typo in texture
- ADDED: Custom Drone UI
- ADDED: Updated Gun Drone
- ADDED: Missile Drone - utilising pylons system for 4 different rockets:
> SA7 - standard aim-guided heavy AT missile
> KMA18 - pinpoint laser guided missile (target needs to be lased by marker drone or any other laser). Suitable for hitting light vehicles and emplacements. 12 rockets hitting small area
> KMA37 - area of effect laser guided missile (same targeting principle). Hits bigger area with smaller rockets, suitable as anti personel/pinning weapon
> KMA63 - laser guided AT missile (same targeting principle), Suitable against medium and light vehicles, less powerfull than SA7 but is laser guided
NOTE: The Missile Drone will fire all of it's rockets on lased targets so it's adviced to either equip drones with a single missile type or operating them manually (turn off autonomous box via UAV controller)
- ADDED: Sniper Drone
- ADDED: Vehicle Drone (burst cannon drone attached to some vehicle variants)
- ADDED: Markerlight Drone (absolutely necesary to be used with KMA Smart Missiles)
- ADDED: Imperial Guard Bolt pistol. Less damage than Space Marine bolt weapons, but still very potent
- ADDED: Imperial Guard Commissars in Black, Red, Green, Brown, Grey, and Winter colors, under Imperial Guard HQ

- Fixid: Space marine meltagun had no reload animation.
- Fixid: Created land_ class for skyshield landing pad. Ladders should now work on it.
- Changed: Overcharge shots for plasmaguns were made to have a wider explosion radius
- Changed: Plamagun magazines had weight reduced
- Changed: Space Marine Overcharge plasmagun magazines now carry more shots (increased to 10 shots)
- Changed: Stompa, new explosion on death (better performance)
- Changed: Stompa, replaced script on steerable rocket (better performance)
- Changed: Stompa, fixed damagematerials not showing in multiplayer
- Changed: Stompa, fixed damagematerials not showing in multiplayer
- Changed: Sentinel, new footprint effect (better performance)
- Changed: Sentinel, fixed issue where low res lods where shown on very short distances
- Changed: Sentinel, replaced stencil shadows with visualex shadows (better performance)
- Changed: Sentinel, optimized scripts (better performance)
- Changed: Concretum Civitas, Satellite map got fixid
- Changed: Cadminae, Primum Oppidum was redone (still WiP)
- Changed: Cadminae, Sternuntur Segetes was redone (still WiP)
- Changed: Cadminae, Maturam Terra was redone (still WiP)
- Changed: Cadminae, Aureum was redone (still WiP)
- Changed: Cadminae, Collis Est Absconditus was redone (still WiP)
- Changed: Cadminae, Est Absconditus was redone (still WiP)
- Changed: Cadminae, Central Iugum Demittere was redone (still WiP)
- Added: Valhallan Imperial Guard Infantry in Brown, Winter, Camo, and Grey color schemes
- Added: M35 Magnacore Pattern Plasmagun (Textures and model still WiP)
- Added: Concretum Civitas, 2 new large cities, Hadrius and Azherdon to the East
- Added: Concretum Civitas, Destina
- Added: Concretum Civitas, WIP bombed city to the north
- Added: Concretum Civitas, 4 new outposts/strongholds
- Added: Cadminae, open areas in the old eastern section of the map were filled with tree lines and scrub
- Added: Cadminae, some random farms and buildings around the northest region of the old map
- Added: Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan with
- Turbo Laser, Plasma Blastgun, and Vulcan Mega Bolter Variants
- 3 Color Schemes to choose from under "set appearance" in 3den:
- Legio Astorum
- Legio Gryphonicus
- Legio Invicta
- Added: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan with
- Turbo Laser, Plasma Blastgun, and Vulcan Mega Bolter Variants
- 3 Color Schemes to choose from under "set appearance" in 3den:
- Legio Astorum
- Legio Gryphonicus
- Legio Invicta
- Added: Chaos Mars Pattern Warhound Titan with
- Turbo Laser, Plasma Blastgun, and Vulcan Mega Bolter Variants
- 3 Color Schemes to choose from under "set appearance" in 3den:
- Legio Fureans
- Legio Krytos
- Legio Mortis
- Added: Titan Forge Pieces under Empty>TIOW Titans

- Fixid: Sandbag Walls on Concretum civitas will no longer flip over
- Fixid: Crash when swapping boltguns for some other guns on the ground
- Changed: Hellgun (type 14 and kasrkin hellgun) damage was halved, as to stop one-shotting stronger targets.
- Changed: Plasma Gun Damage. Normal plasma gun damage was dropped to the level of the old Type 14, and
special Overcharge plasma gun magazines were made, retaining the original explosive plasma gun round's lethality.
- Changed: Each legion's space marines received Boltguns textured to fit their style
- Added: New boltgun models and textures for Chaos and Imperial Space Marines
- Added: Astartes Mars Pattern Heavy Bolter
- Added: Astartes Ragefire PlasmaGun
- Added: Astartes Meltagun
- Added: Type 3 Agripinaa Autogun
- Added: .45 Caliber Stub Pistol (Unknown Pattern)
- Added: New forest zones to Concretum Civitas
- Added: New lighting to Concretum Civitas
- Added: Significant Overhaul to Concretum Civitas
NOTE 1: It is HIGHLY advised to change old space marine loadouts to include one of the new Boltguns. The old boltgun had
a bugged classname which, strangely, caused crashes when picking up weapons from the ground. You have been notified.
NOTE 2: There are some strange lighting bugs which may appear on Concretum Civitas. To avoid them, only make small, incremental
changes to the time of day and the weather forecast. We are rapidly working to rectify this issue.

- Stompa hotfix: Should prevent dedicated servers from crashing when firing steerable rokkit
- Improved: Cadian Kasrkin hands got a proper glove texture
- Improved: Cadian Kasrkin are now armed with their Hellguns
- Improved: Increased air brake strength on Valkyries
- Fixid: Various Stompa and Sentinel scripts, which should prevent potential server crashes
- Fixid: Leman russ models have been split, so there is no longer any need for hiding animations on them
- Fixid: Wrong Death Korps Uniform Names in Arsenal
- Fixid: Rocket Pod Valkyries had no Chaff ammo
- Fixid: AI will now be able to mount lasgun firing ports on the Chimera
- Changed: Death Korps Equipment and gear now has a [Krieg] Tag for improved Arsenal Organization
- Changed: Cadian Equipment and gear now has a [Cadian] Tag for improved Arsenal Organization
- Changed: Extra Death Korps faction uniforms were hidden, reducing Arsenal clutter
- Changed: Extra Cadian faction uniforms were hidden, reducing Arsenal clutter
- Added: Cadian Kasrkin Hellgun
- Added: Cadian Melta Gunner Unit
- Added: Imperial Guard Static Turrets, for Cadians, Death Korps, and Renegades:
- AT Missile Launcher Emplacement
- AA Missile Launcher Emplacement
- Lascannon Emplacement
- Autocannon Emplacement
- Heavy Bolter Emplacement
- Mortar Emplacement

- stompa hotfix: clients will now be moved into the fired rocket when firing from Rokkit seat
- Changed: Accuracy was increased on the Rail Rifle
- Changed: Accuracy was increased on the Pulse Rifle
- Changed: Accuracy was reduced on the Blaster
- Changed: Accuracy was reduced on the Pulse Carbine
- Changed: The range of the Rail Rifle was increased
- Changed: The range of the Pulse Rifle was increased
- Changed: The damage of the Blaster was increased
- Changed: Armor of Tau Fire Warriors increased
- Changed: Armor of Tau Pathfinders increased
- Improved: Ork Tank Busta Rokkits firing sound
- Improved: Space Marine Third Person View Position
- Fixid: Ork tank busta rokkits had no explosion sound
- Fixid: Ork models had proxies which were sometimes visible in first person view
- Fixid: Ork Troops had long spawning times
- Fixid: Viorla Tau Breacher Shasui spawned with regular T'au color backpack
- Fixid: Tau related bug giving "No Entry bin\config.bin\CfgPatches\Zasleh2.units"
- Fixid: Some Space Marine hitpoint problems and HE damage resistance
- Added: Ork Infantry weapon inventory icons
- Added: Trojan Support Vehicle, for Cadians, Death Korps, and Renegades
- Capable of: Re-fueling, Re-arming, and Repairing friendly Vehicles
- Added: Chimera and Trojan Wrecks are now placeable in 3den Editor
- Added: Long-awaited update to Concretum Civitas: Multiple new city zones and marshlands

- Fixed: Melta gun magazines had a missing picture which caused them to not 'stack' properly in Ammunition crates
- Fixed: Flakka Dakka turret weapon was named 'Supa Kkannon,' this has been corrected to 'Flakka Dakka'
- Tau Introduced, with Farsight Enclave, T'au Sept, Dal'Yth Sept, Sa'Cea Sept, Vior'La, featuring units:
- Added: Tau Fire Warriors
- Added: Tau Pathfinders
- Added: Tau Breachers
- Added: Shas'ui Roles
- Added: Tau Explosive Specialist Roles
- Added: Pulse Carbine
- Added: Pulse Rifle
- Added: Pulse Pistol
- Added: Rail Rifle
- Added: Pulse Blaster
- Added: Ion Rifle
- Added: Tau Small Fusion Charge
- Added: Tau Large Fusion Charge
- Added: Tau Gun Dones
- Added: Various Tau sights and scopes

- Stompa hotfix: Should prevent dedicated servers from crashing when firing rokkits

- Fixed: Small bug which caused the sentinel to slowly turn to the right even if you walked straight forwards

- Changed: Sentinel Scripted lasers replaced with particle lasers, performance should improve
- Changed: Lascannon Laserbeam color changed to blue
- Changed: Multilaser Laserbeam color changed to orange
- Changed: AI Heavy Bolter Rate of Fire Significantly reduced. The AI now uses the weapon in short bursts
- Changed: Heavy Bolter now shares the sound and bullet model of the Space Marine Bolter
- Changed: Lucius .98 lasgun damage dropped (still a very powerful weapon)
- Changed: The texture for roads on Cadminae was modified to look more like mud
- Changed: AI rate of fire for Ork Shootas was increased
- Changed: AI accuracy with Tank Busta Rokkits was decreased
- Changed: Damage with Tank Busta Rokkits was decreased (No longer 'one-shots' leman russ tanks)
- Changed: Multilaser damage was slightly increased

- Added: Ork Supa Kannon Turret
- Added: Ork Kannon Turret
- Added: Ork Flakka Dakka Turret
- Added: Ork Zzzapp! Turret

- Improved: The mountain around Urbs Meridionalis was changed to be more accessible and usable
- Improved: The same mountain received a small village and new roads going across the land
- Improved: The area ranging from Huic Ostiarius, Hydro Farm 7, and Forestry Center 3 was updated with replaced hedges, heightmap fixes, and new fields

- Fixed: TERRIBLE Leman Russ performance
- Fixed: No shape message for lasbolts being spammed in the .rpt logs
- Fixed: AI not using meltaguns on infantry
- Fixed: Laspistol Magazine name corrected
- Fixed: Leman Russ Executioner was missing plasma glow rvmat file.

- Changed: Leman Russ lascannon effect and weapon class were updated to a particle based system, rather than a script based one. Performance should improve drastically.
- Changed: The Type 14 Heavy Lasgun is now reloaded by placeable Type 14 Powerpack Backpacks. The Backpacks can be spawned as normal in 3den, or with the new Type 14 crate.

- Added: Ork Stompas for various Ork Klans

- Added: Cadian Weapon Crate
- Added: Cadian Special Weapon Crate
- Added: Cadian Ammo Crate

- Added: Death Korps Weapon Crate
- Added: Death Korps Special Weapon Crate
- Added: Death Korps Ammo Crate

(Find the crates under Empty>TIOW_Objects>IG_Storage)

- Added: Aluminum Warriors Marines
- Added: Black Legion Marines
- Added: Night Lords Marines
- Added: Alpha Legion Marines
- Added: Word Bearers Marines
- Added: Death Guard Marines
- Added: Emperor's Children Marines
- Added: World Eater's Marines
- Added: Thousand Sons Marines
- Added: Iron Hands Marines
- Added: Imperial Fists Marines
- Added: White Scars Marines
- Added: Ultramarines Marines
- Added: Blood Angels Marines
- Added: Blood Ravens Marines
- Added: Salamanders Marines
- Added: Raven Guard Marines
- Added: Dark Angels Marines
- Added: Space Wolves Marines
- Featuring: Mk 7 Power Armor for loyalists and chaos, Mk 7 helmets, Mk 4 Helmets, a special Aluminum Warriors helmet, Mk 4 Powerpacks, and Chaos variant Mk 4 Powerpacks.
- Featuring: Custom Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine troop names.

- Added: Godwyn Pattern .75 Caliber Boltgun, in loyalist and chaos textures.

- Fixed: Chaos Agripinaa Autogun had broken handAnim
- Fixed: Lasgun shots should now penetrate vegetation (It may take a few shots to kill a guy on the other side, but IT IS working.)
- Fixed: Chaos Valkyries now have proper textures
- Fixed: Various Bastions on Cadminae had the wrong object loaded
- Fixed: Imperial and Chaos Valkyries should now be spawnable in Zeus
- Fixed: Roads on Cadminae were covered in objects, this has mostly been repaired.
- Added: Towns north, south, and east of Urbs Meridionalis were revamped or newly added

- Emergency Spelling fix of certain valkyrie class names

- Added: Newly improved Valkyries, featuring:
-Complete rewrite of the config from the ground up.
-Rolling Take off and landing is now possible
-Weapons now assigned to pilot(Co-pilot will recieve roles in a later date)
-AI now have full functionality, will fly properly, land, ect.
-Sensors have been updated to Jet DLC standards
-New Weapon variant Multilaser
-Ammunition rates have been adjusted according to lore(with a bit of wiggle room)
-Adjusted reticles for Side Bolters
-Pilot now has a AV camera
-New Faction Imperial Navy
-Renegade Valks have been assigned to common vehicles
-Valks have counter-measures now
- Added: Freight Grav-Cutes
- Added: Personal Grav-Chutes (Equip these in the arsenal editor like normal parachutes)
- Fixed: Magazine Wells class causing vanilla magazines to become compatible with TIOW Mod Weaponry
- Fixed: Independent Side Stormboy was missing
- Fixed: Small fixes to the new map assets
- Changed: Tweaks to multi-laser config
- Changed: Lucius laspistol renamed to Kantrael MG defender pattern laspistol for lore accuracy. Weapon damage has been incredibly decreased accordingly.

2.0.01 (2 beta)
- Added: Incredibly Improved Ork body skins
- Added: New selection of 7 Ork heads (YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR PROFILE to an Ork head if you will be playing Orks, or you will have a human head...)
- Added: New Lucius Pattern Heavy Stubber, with various ammo types and appropriate death korps and renegade unit roles
- Added: New Meltagun
- Added: Ork stormboyz
- Added: Improved Cadian Armor and Weapon materials and textures
- Added: New Cadian Rebreather Masks, Hostile Environment Helmets, and versions of said items with Photovisors.
- Added: New Cadian Kasrkin (No hellguns as of NOW)
- Added: Inventory Pictures for all Cadian Gear and Weapons, and the Meltagun
- Added: Completely Re-vamped Chimera, featuring:
- Interiors
- Full damage model for all components (Every gun on the vehicle can be knocked out)
- Improved Cargo LOD
- Significant Improvement to visuals
New Map assets
- Added: Small hab in various colors, with interior
- Added: Munitorum Containers in various colors
- Added: Ammo Containers
- Added: Medical Containters
- Added: Mechanicus Containers
- Added: Promethium Tanks
- Added: Crying Pines
- Added: Weeping Pines
- Added: Tall Pines
- Added: 2 Story Habs in various colors
- Added: 1 Story hab, and ghetto grafitti version
- Added: Hab Interior and misc. Imperial city furnishings:
- Added: Kitchen Sink
- Added: Fridge
- Added: Cabinet
- Added: Table
- Added: **STAINLESS** Bed
- Added: Chair
- Added: Oven
- Added: Floormat
- Added: First phase of re-vamping Clivo Cadminae. Features new expanded map size, new lighting, custom vegetation, and new north east military base. Many roads are partially messed up or crooked, this will be corrected very soon. Urbs Meridionalis is a good example of the changes to come to the rest of the map.
- Changed: Reduced Kantrael Lasgun and Autogun ammo damage slightly (Leg and Arm shots should no longer be lethal)
- Changed: Leman Russ laser script now only calculates when weapon is fired, which *should* mean increased performance with the vehicle

2.0.0 (2 beta)
- Added: Foundations to Imperial Guard Bastions, (Black, green, and grey)
- Added: Foundations to Imperial Buildings
- Added: Leman Russ Executioner to Renegade and Death Korps Forces
- Added: Cadian Regiments 667, 700, 776, 836, with Shocktrooper, Tanker, Veteran, and Medicae classes
- Added: Cadian Photovisor and Preysense goggles (these are stowed onto Cadian Helmets when not in use)
- Added: Photovisor goggles and contact lenses, and preysense goggles
- Added: M36 Kantrael lasrifle in 4 color schemes
- Added: 2-4x Combat scope, 6x Combat Scope, 10x Combat scope for use on Autogun and Kantrael Lasrifle
- Added: Cadian Backpack and Medicae skin variant
- Added: Chaos renegades now randomly spawn with gasmasks or no gasmasks, as well as random head skins
- Added: Dozens of chaos renegade head skins
- Fixed: Disappearing Renegade heads on LOD 2+
- Changed: Rework of Ork health and armors, AI now engage orks much more effectively
- Changed: Rework of AI handling with most primary weapons (shoota, autoguns, lasguns)
- Changed: Orbita Clivo Cadminae now has new satellite and mask map, and roads. Hydro Farms across some southern
settlements were filled with crops/plants
- Changed: Ork Shootas now fire at greater dispersions and slower velocity
- Changed: Ork Tank busta rokkits are more accurate but fire at lower velocity
- Changed: Lucius 98 lasgun full auto fire was removed
- Changed: All Lasweapons are now set to be HEAT rounds, this massively improves their functionality with ACE
- Changed: Ork Deff Kopta Rokkits accuracy improved
- Expect Cadian skinned vehicles to arrive in the coming days and weeks, along with numerous other updates.

- Fixed: Bug where sentinel pilots would occasionally become invincible on dedicated servers.

- Added: Imperial Guard Bastions, (Black, green, and grey)
- Added: Plasmagun for Death korps and Renegade forces
- Added: One plasmagunner per infatry and command squad
- Added: Type 14 backup sight
- Added: 82nd Death Korps Infantry
- Changed: Type 14 firing sound
- Changed: Type 14 Magazines now ONLY fit into the weapon itself, or a crate.
Any arsenal loadout with a type 14 will now spawn without ammo. Just put a type 14
and battery packs into a crate and you can carry on as normal.

- Changed: Streetlights now work at night on Clivo Cadminae.
- Added: Land class streetlights for maps.
- Added: Large and small streetlights
- Added: Streetlights around several towns and areas on Clivo Cadminae

- Changed: Massive rework of all Death Korps Uniforms and Body Armor textures.
- Changed: Death Korps uniforms are now on 2 UV maps for increased resolution
- Changed: Metallics now shine much, much more realistically
- Changed: Regimental numbers and serial numbers added to body armors
- Changed: Engineer and Grenadier Carapace armor now have increased protection against small and medium powered ammunition (autoguns, explosions)
- Added: Death Korps helmets and armors for each regiment
- Added: AT Guardsmen now have lasguns and 3 powerpacks
- Added: Watchmasters now have binoculars

- Added: Switchable sight to the missile launcher (crtl+rmb)
- Added: Hand Animation to the missile launcher
- Fixed: Lasbeams no longer affected by wind
- Fixed: Missile Launcher should no longer make the RPG 7 part of this mod
- Fixed: Laspistol should no longer make PO7 part of this mod
- Removed: Useless box from WHObjects

- Added: Chaos version of each sentinel in the mod.
- Added: Aegis defence lines, single and double pieces. (Empty>TIOW Objects>IG Defence Structures)
- Added: Munitorum Crate. (Empty>TIOW Objects>IG Decor)
- Changed: Plasma cannon shots now have 'bullet drop.'

- Added: Chainsaw Sentinel (AI does not yet have a function to hunt targets, so really only useful for players for now.)
- Added: Plasmacannon Sentinel
- Added: Autocannon Sentinel
- Added: Missile Launcher Sentinel (You can control the missiles by holding down 't' after they are shot.)
- Added: Various Industrial Imperial buildings (Empty>Tiow>Industrial Imperial buildings.)
- Added: Oberon starship Map Object
- Added: Hangar/bunker hallway and intersection
- Added: Misc Imperial city objects (Empty)
- Added: More miscellanious objects (Empty>Structures>Village)
- Added: Concretum Civitas Map
- Added: Orbita Clivo Cadminae map

- Fixed: Leman russ tanks had black spots on low res lods, should be more relaxed now.
- Fixed: Sentinel interior issue.
- Fixed: Sentinel Low Res lods should be less jarring when they switch.

- Changed: Battle cannon reload reduced from 6 seconds to 3.5 seconds.

- Notes: The maps and map objects are still somewhat work-in-progress, expect things like fences, streetlights, and roads to get added or updated in later updates, along with bug fixes.

Added - Skyshield Landing Pad, Walls, Ladders, Platforms, Bridges, and Ramps.
Fixed Vanilla Laser Designator conflict with lascannon
Improved Chimera AI turning and movement

Fixed BrakeDistance settings on the leman russ tanks.This should stop the tanks from spinning in place or being unable to make it to a waypoint.

Fixed Leman Russ Tank Turning with new tank update parameters, they should no longer spin around in one place.

-Added new autoguns, now able to slot attachments properly.
-New Autoguns with UGLs.
-DKOK and Renegade small arms got much reduced AI accuracy.
-DKOK Engineer shotgun now has a revolving magazine.
-Daemonic sounds re-added to chaos leman russ.
-Added Leman Russ Punisher and Leman Russ Possessed Punisher for DKOK and Chaos.
-Added missing DKOK backpack strap
-Added geometry and shadow LODs for DKOK Weapons

Added chaos chimeras : Black, Brown, Green, and Grey.
Changes to Missile launcher krak and frag missiles.
Added hitpoints and new damage to Leman Russ and Chimera.
New Editor faction and unit layout for Death Korps and Renegades.
New inventory for all Chimeras.

- Added Death Korp Lucius patten Laspistol. Officers are now equipped with them.
- Significant reduction to shotgun damage, better, but still not optimal.
- New lasbeams for all infantry weapons. Not yet fully optimal, but playable.
- Increased Heavy Bolter Damage and increased Heavy Bolter dispersion.
Changelog For Sentinels :
new things:
- new cockpit screen overlay
- turret direction indicator
- zoom and visionmodes added to pip
- footprints added for usual walk and ground pound
- smoke effects added for walking and ground pound
- its now possible to walk between its legs
- new startup sound
- new ground pound sound
- code optimization
- door and hatch animations
- ability to turn out (does not work on dedicated servers yet)
- sound issue when using ground pound
- sound issue on dedicated servers (should be fixed)

Release 1 Beta - Added in the sights for the ork kannan attachment, goes from 100 to 400m, adjusted bullet path coming out of gun, removed semi-auto from ork rifles, optimized ork trukk, redid the truck wreck p3d no burnt textures on it yet and more optimized.
fixed trukk bugs
also changed the sound of the ork rifles

Release 1 Beta - Yet another Sentinel update

Release 1 Beta - CBA Extended Event Handlers Compatibility. Also added models for sentinels in the editor - this should stop the invisible models.

Release 1 Beta - Server Crash Hotfix 1, Sentinel One Man Tank script was changed.

Release 1 Beta - Valkyrie Hotfix 1

1.0 - Beta
First Release Beta

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