Author: TrueSullivan
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Requirements: All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) or CUP and E76

Version: 1.0

Short description: This is not an addon, I gave up on this map along time ago for a new project and I'm not leaving it on here for anyone who wishes to mess around with it. This is a project I worked on using the orginal Jackson County files and I don't claim them as my own

Date: 2017-10-09 09:47

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ALRP - Jackson County Map - Source


This is not an addon!
These are the source files for my version of Jackson County which is the terrain I messed with during my time at ALRP. I in no way claim these files as my own, I simply messed around with the original Jackson County files made by Schultzit. I gave up development on these files a while back as I mainly used them to mess around with and to learn, I have now moved onto my new project and have since been asked by people for these files. Therefor I am putting them on here for anyone to have or mess around with. Bare in mind these files aren't complete nor done properly as it was a learning piece for myself.

Technical Infos:
1024 x 10m heightfield
10240px sat map/mask/normals

Map isn't finished and got some bugs/messy stuff, but it's better than nothing!
Objects placed on the map are a3 and a2 assets, with custom EL76's objects/roads/buildings - nothing else.

Installation / Usage:
This is not an addon! These are just the source files people can use to finish this map or create their own version!
You can use Mikero's tools : arma3p.
It wil install your P: drive automaticaly, instead of you extracting every single .pbo manualy.
It will make you a lot of time and avoid errors.

Note that you will need some other programs and dll to run the arma3p.

This download includes FULL source files, it's meant to be a starting point for a terrain developer who wants to continue this project as I dont have the time/willing to do it myself.

Credits & Thanks:
I have to take the time to thank Schultzit as without this I wouldn't of been able to mess around and actually get into map development, with which I am not doing my own project. I would also like to thank everyone on the Arma 3 Discord that have helped me when I'm stuck along the way.

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