ArmA Warfare updated to v1.1 beta

Maruk released a new beta version of the ArmA Warfare mission in the BI forums.

New features in this release:
    Team Status:
      In the Team Menu, click on Team Status. You can see
      the condition of your troops and disband them and to unflip vehicles.
    Command Teams:
      You can respawn an AI team back at the base by
      selecting it and clicking the Respawn button.

These are the changes/fixes in this version:
* Fast Travel safety check for enemy presence now slightly less strict.
* Now requires enough supplies to deploy MHQ when packing up.
* Restricted deploying MHQ too close to a town depot.
* Increased Aircraft Factory cost to 2000 supplies.
* Increased KA50 cost to $9000.
* Increased AH1Z cost to $8000.
* Increased artillery cost to $2500.
* Increased delay between fire missions to 4 minutes.
* Increased town/camp capture rewards by 50%.
* Decreased kill rewards by 50%.
* Increased starting distance between sides by 50%.
* Increased salvager travel distance.
* Added respawn AI team option to Command Teams UI.
* Added Unflip vehicles option to Team Menu.
* Added Disaband Unit option to Team Menu.
* Added Team Status to Team Menu.
* Fixed JIP bug where player would receive money if joining a slot used by a previous player.
* Fixed JIP bug where player did not see current status of captured depots and camps.
* Possible fix for end-game bug when packing MHQ.

Download the ArmA Warfare mission from our download section.

Written on 2008-06-12 15:34 by Foxhound  

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