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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core, ArmA 3 Custom Buildings - Original, Santa Catalina Island, JBAD Buildings, PLP Beach Objects, PLP Urban Packs: Barriers and Fences

Version: 1.5
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Cedar Point is a map I have been working on in my spare time for about 6 months. It is based off the Stuart Island source files released by Kerkkoh.

Date: 2020-10-04 12:35

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Cedar Point, USA


Cedar Point for ArmA 3
The map is 10km by 10km

Cedar Point is a map I have been working on in my spare time for about 6 months. It is based off the Stuart Island source files released by Kerkkoh. I originally made it for a Arma 3 Life server that shut down so I have decided the post it publicly. There is still work that I will be doing on it, mainly the island on the east side of the map still needs a bridge and some content. The south east island will have a dirt airstrip aswell.

- 7 Small towns spread around the map.
- 1 Airport
- 1 Heliport
- Multiple clear and flat areas for custom content.
- Multiple islands, some populated some not.
- Ports, Farms, Orchard
- Small Radar Installation
- And More

To install Cedar Point, USA you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:


Credits & Thanks:
Development Team:
Matthew Warner - Project lead and main developer.
Kerkkoh - Original concept.
Bob Buff, Abe Wisdom, sneakyevil, SPOOKYEYES and more. - Ideas and testing.

Additional Assets:
Bohemia Interactive - Various ArmA II & ArmA III assets.
gotdead - Catalina Objects
mattaust - ArmA 3 Custom Buildings
poolpunk - PLP Urban Packs: Barriers and Fences & PLP Beach Objects

License / Disclaimer:
By downloading CedarPoint.pbo from ANY source you are bound to abide by the terms set below.
From this point down Creator refers to Matthew Warner not the rest of the team.

Cedar Point contains assets released publicly on Armaholic and the Steam Workshop, this license
does not include permission from the creators of those assets.


Terms and Permissions:
1) You may not,
a) Repack cedarpoint.pbo with your own edits.
b) Accept donations or other forms of profit without permission of the creator.
c) Edit this license file.

2) You may,
a) Redistribute without permission from the creator.
b) Use for your community without permission of the creator.
c) Use the map for scenarios aslong as the scenario does not violate any other part of this license.

3) You must,
a) Stop using the addon immediately if the creator requests it.
b) Give credit to the development team.
c) Include the CedarPoint_license.txt in the root directory of your modpack.

Changelog: (04-10-2020)
Added Go-Kart track.
Added high end housing near Cedar Heights.
Patched various issues with buildings and objects not lining up or clipping.

Added some buildings that I forgot to add during the previous patch.

Removed garage from inside shop in Yoe.
Removed bush from inside house near the hospital in Cedar Point.
Re-added fence that was accidentally removed behind house near Cedar Heights.
Fixed sat map roads to be black for main road near the Airport high end residential.
Removed random walls that were in the ocean off the map to the east.
Changed underwater texture to match sand texture used.

Added random Livonia Assets around the map to make certain areas feel more dense.
Added swamp area near airport.
Added small patches of trees to area that were bland and empty feeling.
Removed requirement for CUP
All A2 assets have been replaced by their matching assets from the Arma 3 Contact expansion.
Certain assets that are not in Contact have been extracted from the Arma Licensed Data Pack for A2 and placed into their own PBO.
Changed the beach to be a bit more realistic and more detailed.
Changed main roads on sat map to be black to make the transition from road to sat map less jarring.
Modified parking lines to follow the terrain.
Lowered all Arundo plants due to them floating.

Code to hide the errors in the dependent mods.
Removed a power line tower that was accidently placed on the road.
Moved a house that was too close to the road.

+New mansion residental area south of airport.
+Added a bridge going from the south-east of the airport to Elton.
+Replaced the abandoned resort with a southern heliport.
+Details to Cedar Point city residential.
+Details to parts of the map that felt empty.
Revamped Kelna residential
Revamped Famiglietti farm.
Revamped the abandoned radar base.
Revamped the mountainous portion of the map.
Revamped the police area.
Replaced the northern port with a coast guard style area.
Cleaned up road intersections on the satellite map.
Changed the farm texture on the satellite map to look more natual.

V 1.2.1
+New road texture for the main road.
Fixed sat map not showing beach at a distance.
Tweaked various bugs.

-Removed ArmA II bridges and replaced them with Apex bridges.
+Added new town to the north eastern island (Eastcliff).
+Started adding Apex assets around the map.
+Added an industrial port north west of Ducton.
+Added an abandoned militart airfield to the south east island.
+Added rifle range at Cedar Point Gun Club.
+Added mansion area directly south of Cedar Point, formally construction area.
+Decorated the beach in the center of the main island.
+Nammed all towns on the map.
+Added loads more stop signs, street lamps and cross walks.
Revamped housing on sourth west coast.
Revamped airport with basic Apex assets.
Cleaned up satillite map.
Alot of tweaks to various areas of the map that felt empty.

- Removed Jbad external mod requirment.
+ Added standalone Jbad pbo for the bridge.

Initial Launch

- CUP Terrains Core
- ArmA 3 Custom Buildings - Original
- Santa Catalina Island
- JBAD Buildings
- PLP Beach Objects
- PLP Urban Packs: Barriers and Fences

Steam Workshop:
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