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Requirements: FEMAL3 Heads, FEMAL3 Uniforms

Version: 1.0
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Short description: The South Rose Again (TM) as part of the New Confederacy in 2024, and the American mainland was once again embroled in conflict. This a joke mod and should not be taken seriously.

Date: 2017-11-16 22:07

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New Confederacy



The South Rose Again (TM) as part of the New Confederacy in 2024, and the American mainland was once again embroled in conflict. This a joke mod and should not be taken seriously.

The Faction-

Many of the men and women were organised into the Western Militia, which was the regular fighters during the war. They carry a range of weapons from AKM's, SIG716's, HK416's and TAR-21's. It's worth noting that the Militias are not racially segregated as combat units, and will make use of male, female and people of different ethnicity on the battlefields.

Due to their more personable attitudes compared to the Survivalists, the ' Fudd's ' are used commonly among Militia teams as trackers and Marksmen, and despite their antiquated weapons and equipment served well during the war, with many later forming gun companies after the cessation of hostilities.

Specialist Elements-

The American mainland conflict was welcomed by some sections of society, such as the Survivalist movement, who finally had a purpose in their insignificant lives and a true justification on spending $6,775.22 on their amazing weapons, which are German-engineered, and thus capable of firing Teutonic lighting and death far beyond that of mere American rifles. Survivalists serve as the elite marksmen unit in the faction due to their superior equipment compared to Fudds. They also were used as ATV mounted scouts and outriders for Militia forces.

Another segment that was easily pressed into military service and often rose to command roles simply because it satisfied their towering egos was the Airsofters, who were able to gather together in units led by men who were specialists in Gorilla Warfare, which was sorely needed in the Southern Militias. The Airsofters have heavier equipment such as military body armor and are used as assault troops, such as Grenadiers or small-unit leaders.

The fighting was not limited to the frontlines alone however, as this photograph of a Southern Housewife shows. With the majority of the men and women fighting in combined units across the country, the housewives who stayed to defend their homes fought brutal conflicts with the great menace that was the IRS and the unjust taxation services. This housewife shows the typical appearance of the homefront- heavily sandbagged and entrenched positions with perimeter minefields and the women's own military-grade body armor, uniform and machineguns saw the decline in IRS numbers substantially during the confict.


After the failure of the Northern defensive lines, the South formed new cavalry regiments, the most famous of which were from Texas- nicknamed the 'Texan Parade Floats' after the code name they were built under, the fleets of technicals and makeshift vehicles swept northwards. They are rolling into the desolate wastes of the former city of Chicago, which fell to the gangs at the start of the conflict and was referred to by both the North and South as 'Chiraq' , as the city itself became choked with the ruins of the defeated National Guard vehicles who attempted to defend it during the gang fighting.

The KOTH player is armed with OP GUNZ and the heaviest body armor in the game, as well as a bergen with 5-6 missiles for the Titan AA. If you attempt to play as one you will die of cardiac arrest due to the 64.82 kilograms (143 pounds) of weapons they are carting along, ♥♥♥♥♥ing about how broken their back is now.

On the actually usefulness of the unit? It's basically a immobile turret with a sniper rifle, AA launcher and a metric ton of teenage angst.

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- FEMAL3 Heads
- FEMAL3 Uniforms

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