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Requirements: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod
Island(s): Khe Sanh
Playable options: Multiplayer COOP

Version: 1

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Date: 2017-12-18 15:34

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Random Helo Transport on Khe Sanh


1-4 pilots and co-pilots can join and get randomized helicopter transport missions. Pick one of five available transport helicopters at Khe Sanh Combat Base and complete five missions. Players can either choose to man a single helicopter or fly a helicopter each or use one of the combat helicopters or planes at the main Khe Sanh Combat Base runway. For example, one player may fly a transport chopper, while another player can fly a gunship for fire support in case of a hot LZ.

There is however only light enemy opposition present in the area currently.

There are three places setup to deliver fuel, repairs and new crew members. The re-fueling occurs automatically when landing or hovering besides the fuel barrels close to the start area. Repairs and healthy crew members are acquired by landing at the repair/medics marker respectively, staying in the vehicle and using the radio 0-0-1 for repair and 0-0-2 for healthy new crew members. The player himself is not healed though.

There's a simple respawn system in the mission, a player will be respawned at the starting area and is able to get new missions from the commander. A destroyed transport helicopter is respawned at the starting area as well. A crash landed damaged but not destroyed helicopter has to be destroyed by other means: Use an available gunship from the main base for this purpose.

The mission makes use of a headless client to spawn most AI units there. If possible please use one, as it significantly reduces stress on the server. However the mission will also run with low fps on a hosted system. Best experience will be had on a dedicated server with a headless client (HC), see for setting up a HC.

As this is about my first published multiplayer mission, please cut some slack for bugs and omissions.

Sometimes the AI at hill 950 only reluctantly boards the helicopter. Often it is good enough to lift off and land the helicopter a few meter from the landing pad. Most times stuck straggler AI will board then.
The AI does not like to walk on the landing pad, it will walk through it.
Currently the mission will be nearly unplayable during the night.

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Tags: Helo,   Unsung,   Transport,   Randomized