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Date: 2008-06-14 21:39

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SWM Soundtrack
SWM team

Since the first release of the Switzerland Mod, we have always an own addon with the official Switzerland Mod Soundtrack.

Now it's time to present you the optimized addon called SWM_Sounds.pbo. The addon has more songs and will be released in the next Switzerland Mod Version.

In this topic you can download newest and official Switzerland Mod Soundtrack as a MP3 Album. Have fun and visit the website of the musicians and soundmakers!

Sound list:
Unknown (tradional and official Music)
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Switzerland Nationalhymn (without Text)
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Switzerland Nationalhymn (with Text)
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Fahnenmarsch
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) A Deal For Life
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Fire Of Life
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Priceless
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Slave since Birth
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) The Story Number 666
Markus Allenspach
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Hollywood
    - (SWM_Soundtrack) Our Weapons
Andre S

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