Week report #33
Work in progress

* F22 Raptor

Quote Solid_s :
The model is ought to take me some time longer, and the scripting is done by Myke, so I would say it can be out in about 1 month or longer.

Solid_s has posted in our forums to let the commuity know that he is currently modelling the F22 for ArmA with the help of Myke for the scripting.


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* Interchangeable weapon system

Myke has informed the commuity that he is working on an interchangable weapon system, aiming to make a plane loadout system that will automatically recognise missiles that are loaded up in game and to produce a standard for addon makers and much more. He has also released an Alpha of his work which can be downloaded at the forum thread in order to help with some feedback.

Quote Myke :
Well, needed to say that first. Now to topic. What i am working on is some kind of weapon standardization so that in the future any Missile or LGB that cames with any addon can be loaded easily on any plane from any addon without scripting or anything else. Just place the plane and make your choice for the weapon loadout from ALL available weapons for plane in ALL your addons.

Right now it has some bugs in it, biggest bug is, if you fire missiles, the reloading with new weapons doesn't work. It will work as long at least 1 missile is present.
Also the final shouldn't have a action menu but a pretty dialogue to choose from but sadly i can't make dialogues for my life. If anyone would offer his help on this topic, it is really appreciated.

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* Willy's Jeep

=(97th)=Atomic has let the commuity know that he is working on a Willy's jeep and is seeking a little feedback.

Quote =(97th)=Atomic :

Hi people, I thought i should show the community what I've been working on and seek your comments. Here are a few screen shots to wet your appetite ...

At the moment I'm working on the textures, new wheels and reworking the config file. Once all this is complete I'm going to add different versions e.g. mounted m60, which Vilas has kindly allowed me to use.

3-willy_jeep_01.jpg 3-willy_jeep_02.jpg
3-willy_jeep_03.jpg 3-willy_jeep_04.jpg

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* Lost Brothers IDF Paratrooper

namman2 released a couple of new screenshots in the BI forums.

4-lobo_f15_wip_1.jpg 4-lobo_f15_wip_3.jpg 4-lobo_f15_wip_4.jpg 4-lobo_f15_wip_6.jpg

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Read the entire Work In Progres report by clicking "Read more".

* Project RACS

wld427 and FA Dalai Lamar started working on a new project. Their goal is to improve the RACS units. In order to achieve this they asked the help of a few people namely vilas, the FFAA Mod, and the Malvinas MOD.

4-project_racs_1.jpg 4-project_racs_2.jpg
3321-a-4copy.jpg 3321-f4phantomcopy.jpg

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* Mateck's addons

T_bone released 2 screenshots of the T-72AV which will be part of their "Bonus OPFOR" pack in the BI forums.

4-mateck_t72_1.jpg 4-mateck_t72_2.jpg

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* Hellenic Warfare Mod

XSparky and [HAC]_mainframe released some new information about the HWM cargo Transport system in the BI forums.

4-hwm_update_53.jpg 4-hwm_update_56.jpg

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* King Tiger

JOHNsArT posted some new screens and 2 videos.

Quote JOHNsArT :
A small update about my Tigerssss ore Tigga 

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