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Requirements: WarfareThai EX Mod, Ryan's Zombies & Demons
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Date: 2018-01-15 08:37

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[SP/CO-10] A Night to Remember

Author: Lord Booka


    Due the entities density in this mission is quite high, player may experience framerate unstable in some various occasions. However, running this mission on Dedicated Server can solve this issue.
    The mission is still work in progress, especially for the later part of the mission. It is still need more time to polish.

Introduction: You are an ex-military/veteran, who recently quit your career, and started to travel to Tanoa as your vacations. However, something went wrong and you have to escape from the island as soon as possible.

The mission: Investigate the mystery of people disappearing and dead persons arise, also survive from all this mess.

Playable: 1-10 players (recommended 3-6 is the best).

Description: This is NOT a survival/RP type mission. Instead, it is a classic SP/COOP mission which heavily took an inspiration from Celery’s Chernarus Apocalypse series.

    (Almost) authentic environment in Adventure game style.
    JIP support.
    Limited equipment; players need to manage their roles wisely.
    Player can only live once; the disconnected player will be count as the dead.
    Dead player will be a spectator.
    Player can climb over an obstacle.
    Player can take down zombie by bare hands.
    Using only 2 mods: WarfareThai EX and Ryan’s Zombies and Demons.
    Heavily customized Ryan's Zombies behavior.
    BIS revive.

Useful Tips:
    Mission Intro which can be skipped by holding SPACEBAR key.
    Food can heal the HP, and Drinks can restore stamina.
    Player can cook raw ingredient at a camp fire or a microwave.
    Player can fill the water to canteen at any water source (mostly the a sink, water barrel, water cooler, etc.)
    Dead players can be respawned once the teammates reached the Data Center.

    WarfareThai EX
    Ryan’s Zombies and Demons

Known Issues:
    Sometimes, zombies will ignore their target and stand still with no reason. It is the affect of dynamic scripted AI interferes behavior AI.
    Framerate drops in some occasions.
    Missing or disappearing some parts of the conversation dialogues. Still have no idea what is the cause of the problem.
    The dynamic compositions usually spawned float above the ground or outside the buildings.

    Ryan’s Zombies and Demons
    Engima's Civilians by Engima.
    KP Fuel Consumption Script by Wyqer.
    Infantry Occupy House by Zenophon.
    Various Prop Objects by Shinawat Thurdnampetch.
    Various Zombie Faces by Komsan Smile.

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