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Island(s): Altis
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Date: 2018-01-19 13:56

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FFtA3 : From Flashpoint to Arma 3

Project description :
FFtA3 is a Multiplayer project. My objective is to recreate all the best OFP maps (starting by CTF: Capture the Flag and all the way to DM and TDM). As an old school player, playing Flashpoint since 2001 I have recently installed Arma 3. Only finding very little CTF and DM GamePlay, I have started gathering the wonderful maps we all played and on witch we spent soooo much time and started transferring them in the Arma 3 world.

Scripts and Templates :
In collaboration with the "88th Walking Death" squad and some other coders, I have built up stable CTF, DM and TDM templates. It's is now operational since 1.68 Update. Special thanks to [88] LORD without who this couldn't be possible.

Credit :
CTF Template: General work flow : Flash-Ranger
DM & TDM Template: General work flow : Flash-Ranger
WeaponSystem, Heal system : [88] Murcielago
Friendly Tag System : JTS
Mission recreation : Flash-Ranger

Where to play :

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- BI forums

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