Author: Sickboy
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: beta 5
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-06-16 19:17

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This package contains 2 Modules: Suppression:
      Runs on every group that doesn't contain players or a vehicle. Works out of the box on all AI groups, in any mission, without any extra scripting etc.
      AI doesn't cheat anymore, AI uses "Perceived Enemy Positions" as opposed to simply "Looking up" the precise Enemy Position.
      AI doesn't try to find cover anymore, when a SmokeShell is detected. AIAccuracy and Range:
      Gives the AI better ability to spot and identify enemies. Unlike TrueRangeAI, it is a lot less aggressive
      Gives the AI the possibility to engage from further distances.
Place the Addon folder: @SIX_Pack3 into your ArmA Installation Folder (remove any of the addons you don't want to use)
Place the wanted Keys and SignFiles in place.
Edit your ArmA shortcut to include the mod, add: -mod=@SIX_Pack3
or if you have multiple mods, per example: -mod=@ModWar;@MAP_Air;@SIX_Pack3

Included .pbo files:


Sickboy - Project Leader
Sonsalt - Realistic values and adjustments
Rommel - ROMM_IA Script, allowing us to (ab)use it

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BI forums.

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