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Version: 0.1

Short description: A remake of Castle from Ghost Recon - with accessible walls.

Date: 2018-02-20 13:59

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Castle Composition


Something I built a while ago for one of my GR Campaigns and thought I should just release the castle walls as a composition.

Not sure how to upload a composition via Steam - search on Google tells me not possible so let me know if there is a way or I'll upload it on Armaholic.

Background is, original Ghost Recon had a brilliant map called Castle which featured in missions but was extremely popular for PvP.

The key features were walls which you could run around on, towers you could enter and 3 choke points to enter the castle from.

Obviously there are no castle walls you can run on in Arma 3 but using some innovation, I flipped some ruin walls around on each and voila.

Also towers couldn't be climbed but you will find access to the walls via several wooden staircases and through some small entrances at the base of 2 of the towers (clever use of tower windows ;) ).

You will have to crouch as you move between tower doors as they are low overheads, but all in all, it should provide some fun.

I left the middle empty so once placed on the map you can fill the castle with things like buildings, fortifications, more castle ruins, etc.

Check from 4 minutes for moving across the walls - note if player crouches he will get through the with relative ease.

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