Author: Mr H.
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.52.4
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod adds a satellite to Arma 3.

Date: 2019-08-25 10:42

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MRH Satellite

Mr H.

This mod adds a satellite to Arma 3.
***New features ***
The mod now includes two new objects:
The Trivec Avant Satcom Antenna
The Universal Tactical Display

Both objects work together and allow for a lighter use without the need for the backpack, however when accessing the satellite from the UTD you won't have access to the fullscreen mode and its advanced options, those remain only available from a console deployed from the backpack or created from the editor.

To use:
If you have the antenna in your gear you will have the option to unfold the antenna, either from the scrollwheel menu, or if using ace from ace self interactions>>equipment.
This will deploy the antenna in front of you. If you have ace3 enabled you can move and drag the antenna around.

You need to connect the UTD to the antenna to receive a signal, to do so, with the utd in your inventory you will get a scrollwheel interaction when facing the antenna to connect it. Ace 3 users will have the interaction through the ace interaction menu.

Once this is done you can bring up the UTD interface by pressing CTRL+U (default, can be changed in addon options), ace users can also do it from the self interaction menu>>equipment. Of course you need to have the UTD in your inventory.

The signal will get weaker as you move further from the antenna, beyond a 100m you will lose connection from the antenna and will need to return to its position to reconnect the UTD. Also note that the further you are from the antenna the more statics you will get on your UTD screen, and the harder the image will be to read.
The utd interface can be moved around on your screen by dragging it. Close it by pressing the on/off button or the escape key.

You can fold and pick up the antenna at anytime(scrollwheel or ace interaction), once folded you will of course lose connection to the antenna (ACE users might get a small delay before the game detects that the antenna has been deleted and might still be able to access the sat for a short while)

-Satellite backpack that can be put on the ground and used to deploy a satellite controle console.
-Satellite interface with computer like interface and fullscreen view.
-Pip view of what the satellite is viewing on any screen.
-Ability to move the satellite live, on small distances through configurable keybinds.
-Possibility to move the satellite on long distances by clicking on a built-in map.
-Satellite is unavailable during long distances travel, unavailability time is calculated depending on speed/distance.
-Grid coordinates and terrain elevation are displayed.
-Normal and thermal view.
Fullscreen mod offers extended actions:
-Detection of heat sources (vehicles and units) within satellite viewrange.
-Included inventory object: Blufor transponder, any unit having the transponder in its inventory will appear with a green square on the satellite.
-Names and role description of units having the transponder will be shown on the view.
-Hovering with the mouse over a unit having a blufor transponder will display it's speed and bearing.

-Laser targeting
-Tracking: after clicking on the tracking button double click on a unit and the satellite will follow it automatically.
-Tracking will display target's speed and bearing.

Target following and lasering will continue globaly even after exiting interface if you don't stop them.

To install MRH Satellite you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For mission makers:
-Optional "satellite" module, you can define the satellite's initial position by placing the module where you want it on the map.
-From the module you can also define the satellite's moving speed ( default is 100km per hour). This will only impact long distance movement.
-You can make any object a satellite control console by putting "[this] call MRH_fnc_IsSatelliteConsole;" in its init box, if you do not want to give players access to the backpack.
-You can make any screen object display the satellite feed by putting "[this] call MRH_fnc_IsSatMonitor;" in its init box.
-You can disable access to: Fullscreen view, lasering,tracking and target detection from the addon options settings.
-You can set the satellite's max height through options (default is 300m max is 1000) this setting might require users to further view distance in graphics options.

Languages: The mod is available in both French and English, if you wish to offer help to translate it to another language please contact me.
Spanish localization by [ESP] YoSoyGroot:
German localization by [GNF] Laumi

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
This is a first release, the mod has been through very limited testing but it does the job so far, you might have some issues when displaying the satellite feed on a screen in MP.
PIP MUST BE ENABLED on the clients graphics settings for the mod to work properly.
Please report any bug you find, it always helps!

My mate RedBelette (don't ask!) is developping a nice framework to give new tools to mission makers.
You can have a look here:

License / Disclaimer:
You may use this anyway you see fit, redistribute in your unit's homemade mod is okay, tweeking the code is okay, modifying to suit your needs is okay, as long as you give me proper credit.
YOU MAY NOT however use this mod on a monetized server, monetizing free content is EVIL.

* Added :
- Support for ALiVE mod : the satellite will now trigger virtual ALiVE entities to spawn wherever the satellite cam is, just like when players trigger them.
- Satellite position appears inworld as a module when you are in Zeus. (Do not delete the module, otherwise ALiVE units will not spawn under the satellite.
* Tweaked :
- The camera should be less laggy for the player moving the satellite.
* Fixed:
- Satellite interface background was not well adjusted to screen.

- Added MRH Sat Items Crate
- Added new model for satellite backpack
- Added compatibility with Contact DLC laptops/multiscreen rugged computer.
- Changed interface background
- Replaced laptop with A3 Contact DLC multiscreen rugged computer
- Fixed error caused by incorrect syntax in isSatMonitor.sqf
- Fixed JIP player not seeing PIP on screens.

- Fixed attributes set in 3 den editor wouldn't work in MP

-added: some objects can be set as satellite/ console screen via an option in eden attributes (vanilla laptops and screens).

- Added missing entries in cfg.hpp
- Added cba versioning
- Backpack deployed will now use custom antenna model
- Fixed rsc map witdthRailway error
- Added some cba local handlers (trigger only on machine where script is called)
> "mrh_satellite_satBagDeployed" triggers when a backpack is deployed, passed params are [laptop,antenna]
> "mrh_satellite_satBagRepacked" triggers when bag is packed, passed param [bag]
> "mrh_satellite_lasering" triggers when lasering starts, passed param [laserObject]
> "mrh_satellite_satInPosition" triggers when sat gets in position after long range movement, passed parameter [position]
> see for more.
> example: _handle = ["mrh_satellite_satBagDeployed", {params ["_laptop","_antenna"]; systemChat str _this}] call CBA_fnc_addEventHandler;
- objects that are satellite control consoles now have variable "MRH_Sat_isSatelliteConsole" <BOOL> true, globally known
-Objects that are satellite feed display screen (but that are not consoles) now have variable "MRH_Sat_isSatelliteScreen" <BOOL> true, globally known.

-Init with module placed on map should now work properly.

Should fix issues with zeus and on persistent servers.
added missing german localization parts

-Foldable SATCOM Antenna
-Universal tactical display
See description for guidelines.
Possible Fix: mod usage messing up with Zeus (should work but is untested)
-Added German Translation by [GNF] Laumi

Removed custom insignias addon that was privy to my milsim unit

HotFix: Antenna and backpack not created in the correct position.

Added: Spanish localization by YoSoyGroot
Changed: lowered sound volume for the NVG- like sound

v 1.3.09
-Fixed DRO compatibility.
-Fixed all pip issues.
-Fixed various small bugs
-Fixed tracking cam movements are now global
-Changed : exiting interface will no longer stop target tracking and lasering.
-Added waitscreen for monitors until the satellite is initialized

-PIP will resume when you exit directly from fullscreen mode.
-Glitches which could happen when tracking targets.
-Compass and bearing display for the satellite view. (bearing readings might not be 100% accurate, will be fixed when my girlfriend fixes the maths for me **Oooh Maths!**)
-Tracking a target will now display it's speed and bearing.
-Name of units having a blufor transponder will be displayed next to their tracking icon.
-Hovering said unit's tracking icon will display it's name, speed and bearing.

-Fixed missing addaction for "isSatelliteConsole" without ace3.
-Partial fix for pip on monitors (feed will still disappear if you exit from fullscreenview directly to game, to fix reopen in computer view and exit)
-Added : option to change the satellite's max height.

-Added possibility to use without ace 3 . Ace 3 users will still get the awsome ace 3 interraction menu while ace3 non believers will get the bleak old arma 3 addaction.
-Added possibility to disable features: fullscreen, lasering, detection and target tracking via cba settings.
-Settings are now pre-init and will appear in the editor.
-Fixed slider: moving the slider will now increase or lower the camera.
-Fixed *hopefully* the isSatMonitor PIP in MP (untested)

Initial release

- Community Base addons A3

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