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Requirements: CUP Terrains Core, CUP Terrains Maps, RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 2.21

Date: 2020-01-27 13:00

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WarMachine PvP game mode


Advance And Secure game mode for Arma 3, with dynamically generated missions. Inspired by the Battlefield games, combining conquest and rush game modes. Multiplayer scenario can be played as SP / Coop / PvP. Game mode is playable from 1 to 48 players.

Every created mission is unique. In the mission generator, you can select any place on the map, set up mission parameters, or leave it randomized. You can easily create missions from small scale infantry combat to battlefield style scenario with all the vehicles, artillery and close air support. Mission layout is every time different.

Autonomous AI and advanced respawn system is designed to populate battlefield with low number of players. AI units respawn on the best position closest to the fight and ready to attack. If autonomous AI is enabled, all AI units will join the battle and attack objectives. It's recommended to be a squad leader. Occupy the squad leader positions first in the lobby, or select BECOME SQUAD LEADER in the actions menu.

Your main task is to fight with your team for victory. All weapons and vehicles are available from start. No restrictions to unlock equipment. No complicated logistics. Choose your favorite weapon and fight.

Advance And Secure game mode consists of two phases. First phase of the scenario is a sector control game, second phase is an attack/defend game.

SECTOR CONTROL: Both teams fight for 1-3 sectors. If your team holds more sectors than enemy, then opponent’s tickets start bleeding. You win first phase, if enemy runs out of tickets.

ATTACK/DEFEND: Team, that won the first phase, attacks the enemy FOB (forward operating base). Enemy team has to defend. If attackers capture enemy FOB, then defender’s tickets start bleeding. You win, if enemy tickets are depleted.

PvE, PvP
It's recommended to be a squad leader. If autonomous AI is disabled, AI units need to be led by the player. Occupy the squad leader positions first in the lobby, or select BECOME SQUAD LEADER in the actions menu. For pure PvP disable AI in the lobby.

SP, Coop
To play mission as Singleplayer or Coop, enable autonomous AI in the mission generator, or use ZEUS. If autonomous AI is enabled, all AI units will join the battle and attack objectives. All playable units and vehicles are editable by Zeus. Zeus is available for administrator and server host. Tickets are reduced when player or AI unit dies. Tickets bleed by holding majority of the sectors (1st. phase), or if Attackers capture enemy FOB (2nd phase). Do not delete any of the playable units or vehicles created by the mission generator. New units created by Zeus don't affect tickets.

MISSION GENERATOR (Actions menu): Create mission. Opens setup dialog window. Select area of operation, set up mission parameters, start mission.
SECTORS: The capture area of the Sectors (Fob) has a radius of 50 meters. Holding majority of the sectors reduces opponents respawn tickets. Capturing speed depends on the number of players and AI units present in the area. More players / AI units = faster capturing. Reward: respawn position, combat support.
COMBAT SUPPORT: Every squad leader can access combat support by pressing 0-8-(support type). Supply drop is available from the mission start (every 5 minutes). CAS and artillery is obtained as a reward after capturing a sector. (every 20 minutes)
FLAGS: Serve as a teleports for fast travel between Base, Fob and Runway.
MARKERS: Represent position of the Base, Fob and respawn positions of the vehicles.
CUSTOM LOADOUT: You can create custom loadout in the virtual arsenal, supply box on the base. Custom Loadout is available in the respawn menu: Default > Custom Loadout
EQUIPMENT: Appropriate equipment is required for special actions. No role restrictions. | Medkit, First aid kit - revive teammates | Toolkit - repair vehicles and defuse explosives | UAV terminal – hack and operate UAV
BECOME SQUAD LEADER (Actions menu): You can become leader of your squad.
LEAVE LEADER POSITION (Actions menu): To leave the squad leader position.
FORTIFICATION (Actions menu): As a squad leader, you can build fortifications.
REQUEST PATROL BOAT (Actions menu): As a squad leader, you can request a patrol boat once per game.
REQUEST BOAT (Actions menu): Small transport boat is available for the squad leader after each respawn.
PUSH THE BOAT (Actions menu): Player can push the boat into the water (Boat will be moved 15m in front of the player)

Zeus is available for admin or server host.
Mission generator can be available for anyone, or only for admin.
Virtual arsenal can be disabled.
Enable DLC content.
To access Administrator menu - Press 0-0-0


- War Machine community on Discord
- BI Forums

Required mods (differ by the scenario)
- CUP Terrains - Core
- CUP Terrains - Maps
- New Esseker
- Jbad
- Chernarus Redux
- Lingor/Dingor Island
- Isla Duala
- Fapovo Island
- Island Panthera
- Isla Abramia
- Virolahti - Valtatie 7


2.21 - 26.1.2020
Player respawns automaticaly with the GPS (minimap)
In night, player and AI respawns automaticaly with the NVG night vision goggles.
GPS and NVG are not used for the IFA3 (WW2 mod)

2.20 - 12.1.2020
Improved "Autonomous AI" and lot of another changes.
Added new terrains - 33 total
Supported mods RHS, IFA3,

2.18 - 10.5.2019
Added WARMACHINE Staszow
Added WARMACHINE Neaville
Changed time limit

2.17 - 23.4.2019
Fixed script error for "Full spectrum warfare".
Removed transport helicopter combat support.
"Autonomous AI: Enabled, add vehicles" added more vehicle types for spawned vehicles.

2.16 - 4.4.2019
Added WARMACHINE Tanoa for RHS mod (USAF vs AFRF)
Added new autonomous AI selection. Now you can choose from 4 variants.
1. Disabled - Only AI units lead by the player join the battle.
2. Enabled, infantry - All AI units join the battle and don't use vehicles.
3. Enabled, use vehicles - AI units start and use vehicles created at the BASE. AI units will board and drive vehicles to targets.
4. Enabled, add vehicles - All AI units join the battle. Manned Vehicles are created at the Sectors and FOB. Recommended, if AI units have problems with driving.
Changed mission generator default settings.
Fixed respawn system. AI units didn't respawn in the vehicles.
Code optimisation.

2.15 - 18.3.2019
Added WarMachine Chernarus Redux RHS.
Added Ticket bleed - Disabled/Enabled. Reduces enemy tickets by holding majority of the sectors and capturing FOB as a attacker.
Added Time limit - Disabled/45 minutes/60 minutes/75 minutes. Maximal duration of the game
Changed finding the position for vehicles and units. Prevent spawning inside the rocks. Less errors when creating the mission.
Area of operation for Infantry mission increased.
Autonomous AI system now affects AI units placed by Zeus as well.
Respawn mechanics improved. Respawn positions at the sector is randomized to prevent spawn killing.
Fortifications can be placed on top of the rocks, upper floors and roofs of the buildings.
Arsenal - Added laser designator for RHS factions.

2.14 - 3.3.2019
Added FORTIFICATION system. Squad leader can build fortification
Added LEAVE LEADER POSITION (Actions menu) - To leave the squad leader position.

2.13 - 9.2.2019
Added WarMachine Altis for RHS mod.
Fixed interference between 1st 3rd person view in incapacitated state (markers.sqf)

2.12 - 5.2.2019
If Player (leader) respawns on the mission begining at the FOB, all AI squad members respawn at the FOB as well.
Teleports (flags at the FOB, BASE and runway) now teleport whole squad, if player is a squad leader.

2.11 - 24.1.2019
Added 3rd person view options in the mission generator
- Enabled
- Available only in the vehicle
- Disabled
Added option to set up revive
- Enabled, FAK or Medkit is required
- Disabled
Debug console is now enabled for admin and server host.
Hint messages adjusted.

2.1 - 14.1.2019
Autonomous AI system improved. If it's "Enabled, use vehicles", then AI uses APC, Truck in the 1st phase and Tank in 2nd phase of the game.
Respawn system reworked from the ground up. Now works well with or without Autonomous AI enabled. AI choose best position to respawn, support players and occupy available seats in the vehicles.(Driver, Gunner, Commander)
Adjusted amount of the respawn tickets. 1st phase (Sector control) is now longer, 2nd phase (Fight for FOB) is shorter.
Briefing updated

2.03 - 7.1.2019
Ticket bleed system changed. Holding majority of the sectors reduces opponents respawn tickets(1st. phase). If attackers capture enemy FOB, then defender’s tickets start bleeding. (2nd phase). Game duration shortened.
Adjusted dusk, dawn and fog parameters for all terrains.
Added proper supply boxes for RHS mod.
Fixed camouflage for RHS AFRF cars.
Player(AI unit) now respawn with ammunition for rocket launcher. (RHS mod)
Scripts, functions optimisation, bugs fixes.

2.02 - 15.12.2018
Improved AI respawn mechanics, AI units now always spawn on the best position closest to the fight, ready to attack and follow leader.

2.01 - 12.12.2018
FIXED script error on the Takistan map when AI respawns and checking for available vehicle seat.
ADDED planes for Takistan and Malden if "Full spectrum warfare" is selected in the mission generator. Planes spawn randomly. Depends on the position of the Area of operation.

2.0 - 10.12.2018
Let me proudly announce you...


Required mods:
- CUP Terrains - Core
- CUP Terrains - Maps
- RHS - United States Armed Forces
- RHS - Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

1.09 - 26.11.2018
Virtual arsenal reworked. Finally works properly for hosted and dedicated servers. Arsenal can be selected in the lobby parameters.
Disabled, / Enabled - Recommended (Filtered by side and combat role) / Enabled - Full arsenal (No restrictions)
Aded WM_readme.txt into ZIP file

1.08 - 20.11.2018
Autonomous AI improved, Squad boarded APC didn't move to objective. Fixed.
Number of tickets decreased by 1/3, better duration of one game.
Automatic parameters selection changed. For better experience.
Time of day adjusted for all terrains properly (dawn, dusk)

1.07 - 9.11.2018
WarMachine is now playable as SP/Coop/PvE/PvP. ...YES :-)
Added Autonomous AI. If autonomous AI is enabled, all AI units will join the battle and attack objectives. options: Disabled / Enabled, infantry / Enabled, use vehicles.
Fixed virtual arsenal to filter items properly by side.
Become Zeus, Unassign Zeus and Teleport functions are now avaliable fo Admin, Server host and if player is alone on the server. Now you can enjoy SP even on the dedicated servers.

1.06 - 28.10.2018
Area of operation increased for combined ground forces and full spectrum warfare.
Boats requested by squad leader now include diving gear in the cargo.

1.05 - 14.10.2018
Added tickets bleed system. Tickets are reduced when player dies, or if playable unit controlled by AI respawns. Tickets bleed if one team holds all the sectors (1st. phase), or if Attackers capture enemy FOB (2nd phase).
Respawn changed. At the 2nd phase of the game, respawn for defenders at FOB is available first 2,5 minutes and than, until enemy gets close to the FOB.

1.04 - 4.10.2018
Virtual arsenal reworked
Items are filter by side and role. Arsenal is now accessible in radius 50m. Tested also with CUP mod and works.
No restrictions:
Basic items (map, radio, compass, GPS…), pistols, weapon accessories, ammunition, vests, goggles.
Restricted by side: West (NATO) / East (CSAT) / Independent (AAF)
Helmets, uniforms, UAV terminals, backpacks.
Restricted by roles: Based on the players primary and secondary weapons
Assault - All assault rifles, submachine guns.
Sniper - All sniper rifles, Ghillie suits.
Machine gunner – All machine guns.
Missile specialist - All assault rifles, submachine guns and all missile launchers
Zeus is now available if player is administrator/server host, or if player is alone on the server.
Now you can enjoy Zeus, practice, or play SP on the server, while you waiting for other players to join.

1.03 - 18.6.2018
Fixed script for random creating area of operation AO

1.03 - 28.5.2018
KNOW BUG - If you get stuck in the map press 0-0-0
Some times, when you join the game, you get stuck in the map and can't close it. In that case pres 0-0-0 on your keyboard.
Fixed script for creating area of operation AO manually

1.02 - 13.4.2018
Added Tanks DLC support
All DLCs ON by default (Can be disabled in the game lobby parameters)

1.01 - 1.3.2018
Virtual arsenal restrictions fixed (Thank you UD1E)
Hint “Become squad leader” fixed
Added automatic assignment of newly joined players

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