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Date: 2018-03-16 14:00

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BECTI Chernarus CUP - Sari/Luke Edition -

Luke, Sari, Benny

BECTI is a Conquer The Island game mode based on the old school OFP MFCTI from Arma 2 where two teams composed of Players or AI and you fight AI for the control of an island in a power struggle with towns and bases.

The commander is the leader of your side, voted in at the start of each round. Only he may build the base and set the income distribution. The commander is the only one which is able to perform upgrades and assign orders to AI.

Towns need to be captured and held by your side. To capture a town, you simply have to stand next to Central Depot while no enemy is around. But watch out! The town occupation may try to defend it! Survive by holding camps within the town to spawn from until capture. The generated income and the defending units may vary depending on a town's size.

Funds are mainly earned by capturing town and salvaging wrecks but killing enemies will also reward you with a bounty bonus. These funds may be used to purchase units and gear.

Information regarding the mission can be found in the action menu under "Menu: Options>Online Help"

This BECTI map is compatible with the CUP mods, you will be able to use the weapons and vehicles in CUP and more.
The orignal BECTI is made by benny then Sari Updated and added things to BECTI to make it better and now I have ported Sari edition to Chernarus but this version is compatible with CUP.

How do I play?
To find the mission host a LAN match and youll see it under chernarus or move the file to your single player mission folder.

Optional Mods
Project BECTI also added scripts to the mission so that other mods that are not REQUIRED are still supported by the factory,equipment menu etc.

Current Supported Mods:
- ACE 3
- Task Force Arrowhead Radio

Steam Workshop:
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