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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, vurtual's vehicle base

Version: 1.39
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Based mostly off Richards.D's DAR_HMMWV, arma 2 sample models, and bits of DAR_MTVR, this is an M998 HMMWV. Comes in desert tan and (incomplete) woodland camo (with desert soft doors and top).

Date: 2020-05-04 17:05

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Vurtual's Transport HMMWVs


Based mostly off Richards.D's DAR_HMMWV, arma 2 sample models, and bits of DAR_MTVR, this mod features a "small" variety of HMMWVs, from unarmored cargo/troop transports, barely-armored M1025 armament carriers, to scalable-armor GMVs and M1114s, to FRAG 5 equipped M1151/M1165/M1152s.

2-door HMMWVs with cargo beds transport the driver and one FFV passenger in the cab, and up to 8 troops(4 with FFV) or VIV cargo/vehicles in the back. The 4-door HMMWVs have the driver and three FFV passeengers in the cab, and carry cargo in the back, or four more passengers if the bed is open. Vehicles with a gunner hatch have a gunner, who can use the turret's weapon(if equipped with one), and FFV(including launchers).

All the turret-equipped HMMWVs have M2s and Mk19s as weapon options, with the GMVs having an M134 and GAU-19 option as well; non-GMVs have an M240 main gun option instead. The GMVs have a side door gunner with an M240, who can turn out to FFV as well. There are TOW carrier variants of most of the non-GMVs.

All HMMWVs feature blackout brake lights, highbeam/lowbeam/blackout headlights, turn signals, and cosmetic Virtual Garage options. The GMVs and M1114s come with full uparmoring by default, which can be added or removed in the Virtual Garage as needed. The FRAG 5 equipped M1100 series HMMWVs have armor that can't be removed, except for the gunner protection kit.

All HMMWVs (except the semi-experimental M1035, and the M997) have Vehicle in Vehicle support(both carrying and being transported), they must be in "cargo mode"(driver's seat or tailgate) in order to be transported, this is an engine limitation. Vehicles with a 4-door cargo cover(slant back cargo shell, 4 door cargo cover) are always in cargo mode.

The M997 ambulance can carry 8 passengers in the back and is a medical vehicle for vanilla and ACE. The M1035 isn't a medical vehicle currently, and is designed to be used with my stretcher mod. Due to limitations of that mod, it's not very useful right now.

Has an alternate water fording damage system. Submerging the air intake of the truck will kill the engine non-permanently, and it can be repaired if the vehicle is recovered. With the advanced fording damage turned on in CBA settings: driving through deeper water without a fording kit will damage the engine, even if the air intake is above water. Submerging the exhaust and turning off the engine submerged will also kill it.

There are extra minor variants that aren't in the unit list for brevity, these are HMMWV variants that only slightly differ from those visible. (A0/A1/A2 revisions, versions whose added special equipment doesn't do anything right now, etc.)

Also includes an experimental M1102 trailer that you can use with boxloader or other vehicle in vehicle systems. It is buggy.

To install Vurtual's HMMWVs you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

License / Disclaimer:

Fix for the GMVs locking the rear right passenger seat.

Added radio antennas to most HMMWVs, when the radio is unhidden.
Added optional spare tire carriers to most of the HMMWVs, which can be enabled in the garage menu in the editor/achilles zeus. The spare tire takes damage like a normal tire, and can be removed to use as a functional spare if ace is loaded, same as any other tire.

Fixed FFV actions for the GMVs.

Made the direct/manual version of the M119 available in the editor. Ballistics are close enough now.
Added an option to remove the bedseats from 2-door HMMWVs, making them cargo-only.
Fixed a CROWS HMMWV cargo bed seat from not being locked properly.
Changed how the HMMWVs initialize their cargo/passenger state. Should fix issues with vehicle seats starting locked when htey shouldn't. Let me know if something breaks!
Added an "LTT chassis" trailer, that does nothing by itself, for using attachto with. Make specialty trailers, etc.
Added an M1097A2 Avenger HMMWV.
Moved trailers to their own pbo, so they can be easily removed if you don't want them.
Added the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radar, towable by HMMWV. (does not require a generator to power)
Sentinel radar has a 7.5km air target and 4.5km ground target radar range, plus a 7.5km passive radar range.
By default its EMCON is "active", so the radar will be turned on. It functions as a UAV with a "driver".
Manning the Radar Operator station or controlling the UAV will turn off the radar, but you can turn it back on as needed.
This is a built-in arma behavior I can't change easily.
Folding the radar will turn off the radar sensors and make it towable.
UAV control lets you automatically fold/unfold the radar.
For now, fold the radar when you need it to be absolutely off.
You should control it directly for passive radar use.
Radar reports targets it sees via datalink.
Radar has OPFOR/INDFOR variants due to having a built-in UAV AI unit.
Sentinel radar can be used to provide early warning when paired with the Avenger, but the Avenger cannot directly lock radar targets(stingers are IR).

Fixed AI being unable to fire the M119.
Small animation and physics improvements to the M119.
Added a direct fire sight for the M119, "zoom in" to use it. It's aligned with the M119's barrel. It uses the TOW reticle for now.
Increased nonstandard(flare/smoke) M119 magazine size to 12.
Unfinished hidden variant of the M119: vurtual_m119_direct.
Has no artillery computer, uses rounds with full muzzle velocity and air friction, but the air friciton values are too low for now. There's no range table for it yet, either.

Fixed carogbed error.
Fixed being able to unfold the M119 while it's loaded.
Added mirrored left door textures to the A2 woodland camo.

Added garage option to fold/unfold M119. This can intentionally "fail", if the M119 is in a state where folding/unfolding won't work. (towed, manned, etc)
M119 can only be loaded VIV when folded.
Fixed Mk19 GMV gunner protection texture.
Added CBA option to disable the built-in towing actions, if you are using lesh tow mod.
Lesh towing support added to the HMMWVs and towables.

Added CROWS versions of M1165, M1151, M1114. Comes with smoke launchers.
Added smoke launchers to the GMVs.
Tweaked headlights configuration, uses less reflectors, so it should make streetlights disappear less often.
New desert coloration.
Tweaked woodland and green coloration.
Moved several base configs to my vehicle base that were already shared with helicopters, as well as turn signal/FFV turn keys/etc functions, you'll need to edit those CBA keybinds again. In the future all vehicles will use that same keybind setting.

Adjusted minimum elevation for the standard HMMWV turrets to -10 instead of -5.
Added correct reticle and added a new HUD for the M119, the reticle can now be moved vertically independent of the gun like on vanilla artillery, the new HUD only shows the gun elevation, the scope elevation, and the gun/scope heading.

WIP Experimental towable M119 howitzer, under the "HMMWV" category. Works as an artillery piece, and can be folded and towed in the same manner as the M1102 trailer.

Fixed loading certain cargo into the 2 door HMMWVs.
Quick and dirty fix for HMMWVs easily flipping over when sling loaded.

Fixed animation issues on the soft tops that were introduced by fixing the M2 GMV animations.
Added the (cosmetic) camo rack as a toggleable option for the 2-door soft top.

Fixed small issues like the rear cover of the 4 door soft top.
Redid woodland textures, made them align better on the models.
Added first aid kits to vehicle inventories.
M1035 is now a medical vehicle and comes with stretchers pre-installed as passenger seats, instead of requiring the stretcher mod.

Fixed error when using the M1167 TOW sight.
Fixed animation of hiding the medical signs on the M997.
Adjusted the shade of the base green camo.
Added a new woodland camo. There are some pattern alignment issues due to the fact that most of the HMMWV model changes weren't made with camo in mind.

Added M1043 series supplemental armor carriers. (hidden A1 and A2 classes included)
Added M240 weapon variants of the M1025, M1043, M1114, M1165, and M1151.
Added M997 Ambulance, doesn't use the stretcher system, only has a woodland body texture for now. Works with ACE as-is. (hidden A1/A2 included)
Added TOW carriers M1167, M1025A2(hidden M966/M966A1 included), M1045A2(hidden A0/A1 included).
Added better lights, including nicer looking turn signals, side marker lights when headlights are on, highbeams(default key: ctrl+Q), and authentically ineffective blackout driving light(turn on headlights in blackout mode).
Small fixes/tweaks, including louder engine sounds, fix for certain Mk19 sights, unused garage animations removed, etc.

extra notice: the direction that cargo is loaded VIV has been changed to be front-right instead of front-left in an attempt to reduce issues. If you have anything that loaded into an empty HMMWV before but doesn't now, let me know.

Reuploaded, had selected the wrong folder in Publisher. Sorry!

Upload error.

Engines will now drown in CUP ponds properly.
Added extra interactivity to the instrument panel and switches. The light switch shows what light mode you're on, the oil pressure gauge moves, the gauges turn off when the engine is off, and the temperature gauge shows the temperature of the engine, letting you know roughly how hot you are under thermals.
Added turn signals. They require your lights to be in stoplight or headlight mode, and default to Q/E/ctrl+E. Thought they might be slightly useful.
Added front orange blackout markers.
Fixed FFV turret turn keys turning your turret when you're in the Zeus interface.

Blackout lights changed to be very dim, only dimly visible at night, impossible to see during the day. Needs tweaking.
Replaced old towing code with a much simpler version: after a user-configurable speed threshold, the M1102 trailer attaches directly to your vehicle.
Added ACRE radio support to all HMMWVs.
Tires should now touch the ground.
Fixed explosion armor code for GMVs, they should explode way less easily now.
Tweaked explosion armor in general, damaged armor is now much better than it was before.
The rear curtain(s) on HMMWVs can now be opened/closed by actions on the tailgate.
Fixed at least most of the broken passenger side mirrors, and adjusted the OGPK mirrors to be usable.
(Added hidden M1069 and M1123 variants for completeness sake)

Hotfix for the zany broken animations of the GMV rear gate that would cause them to spin around the middle of the vehicle. Sorry about that.

Fixed animations and gunner views on the Mk19-equipped HMMWVs.
Fixed the tow attachment position for the HMMWVs.
Fixed editor error with the M1035.
Fixed up the shadows of the bumper on all the HMMWVs.
Added the option to remove the cargo cover and ride in the back bed of the M1035.

I've been working on lots of stuff for this mod recently and got a bit burnt out, so I'm pushing what I've done so far. There might be some stupid bugs right now. If there's anything game-breaking, I can roll it back to the old version. The changes are too many to list off the top of my head, but here's some of them:

New from-scratch tire model with some modelled bolts and details, using photographic textures.
Organized the HMMWVs into their own vehicle categories, this might not be desirable, let me know.
Added animations for removing the roof, etc for some of the HMMWVs that didn't have it before.

Added M1100 series uparmored HMMWVs with FRAG 5 doors, which cannot be stripped of armor right now:
M1165 (4 door "pickup" body, with M2, Mk19, and unarmed variants)
M1151 (slantback, M2/Mk19/Unarmed)
M1152(2-door cargo).

Added M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV, with M2, Mk19, and Unarmed variants.
Added M1025A2 Armament Carrier with "basic armor"(thin aluminum), M2/Mk19/Unarmed variants.
Added M1035 mini-ambulance, for use with the stretcher mod. (not a medical vehicle (yet))

Added extra animation/garage features, like a cargo cover for the 4-door cargo HMMWVs.
Rebuilt the old HMMWV models using tweaks introduced in the newer ones, slightly better damage systems, etc.
Soft top HMMWVs(and the M1025) have "hillbilly armor" that can be enabled: scrap metal armor panels for the doors and cargo area.
Many tweaks to the layout and configuration of the uparmoring on HMMWVs to better reflect their real life armor.

Added a script that should hopefully try to keep the trailer stable, at least at lower speeds.
Added support so my other vehicles can tow the trailer. This made it very angry.

Fixed many bugs with trailer physics, mostly caused by my own incompetence.
Trailer is now relatively safe to tow at 1x timescale, 2x is risky, 4x is right out.
Added a simple setOwner server loop to make sure trailers are local to the player towing them.
Hid the settings for adding vehicle/trailer weight, as they're unnecessary for now.

Visual and fire geometry fixes/tweaks for GMVs.
Added turret armor for the GMVs.
Added an experimental M1102 trailer. Works sometimes, may not be MP compatible yet. Use with extreme caution. (if you use it for a serious mission and don't have a curator to fix things when it goes mad, that's on you.)

Added an ammobox for the GAU-19. When attached to( via Vehicle in Vehicle or directly using attachTo) the GAU-19 GMV, and the GAU-19 GMV is out of ammo for the titular weapon, use the action on the box to restore its ammo, consuming the box.
It won't fit directly into the GMV with Vehicle in Vehicle because of an arma bug, load another object first: eg, a can of beans, or something else small.

Massive overhaul of the GMV, now sports armor by default.
Added M134 and GAU-19 versions of the GMV.
Many tweaks to damage resistance.

Added turn-out mode for M240 and turret gunner on GMVs. Allows you to use weapons/binocular/etc. Turret gunner animation is a bit broken but manageable.
Lost the old model.cfg, rebuilt the GMV animations.
Adjusted some config properties, vehicle has less base "armor" now.
More damage textures.
Redid the ammo cans in the GMV, now uses actual 40mm/50cal cans, is less cluttered.
Mk19 now uses 48 round belts, has 6 spare.

Added new (properly working) effects to the weapons on the GMVs.
Fixed mirrors, missing gauges on GMV.
Fixed some small model errors here and there.
Changed Mk19 reload to be 10 seconds instead of 6.

Fixed several small model bugs, mostly with the GMVs.
Fixed fire geometry for rear passenger seats in 4 doors.
Added better slightly better animations for the mounted guns on GMVs.
Added M2 variant GMV.
Added FFV to the remaining seats on the 4 doors properly.

Hotfix for several small animation bugs, M1113 codriver seat being broken, and making the GMV "store" its turret gun to make it fit better in helicopters and other vehicles.

Added proper TFAR support.
Added removable bags, ammo cans, radio, bumper, BFT, and equipment for the GMV.
Added FFV to all remaining seats in the GMV.
Added more ammo to the GMV.
Added removable bumper, radio, and BFT to other HMMWVs.
Changed and split the PBOs, so you can use the base and cargo PBOs only, or base and GMV only.

Some fixes for bugs related to removing doors and passenger/cargo mode.
Added first version of an unarmored GMV based off an ECV chassis.

Fixed steep hill climbing torque.
Fixed engine drowning behavior in MP.
Added buoyancy geometry, vehicle now experiences drag in water.
REMOVED autocenter property to fix water physics, you will have to realign preplaced HMMWVs in editor missions.
Changed engine drowning behavior to not kill the engine if overturned in shallow water.
Changed engine drowning behavior so that submerging the exhaust with the engine off won't kill the engine unless the engine is also below the water.
Changed wheel steering angle.

Added a 4-door variant of the M998.
Added the ability to open windows and shoot out.
Added correct-bolt-number wheel textures.
Added M1097A2 HMMWVs, 2 and 4 door, with A2 parts, engine, etc. Has a higher payload capacity.
Added 2-door M1113 ECV, with ECV engine and upgrades. Has highest payload capacity.
Fixed a lot of, but not all of, the issues with damaging the vehicle. Added incomplete damage textures.
Other fixes and small stuff I forgot.

Hotfix for visual bug introduced in last update. Sorry!

"Advanced" fording behavior is disabled by default now. You can enable it in the CBA settings. CBA is required.
Basic behavior is to kill the engine if the air intake is submerged.
Submerging the exhaust and turning off the engine will now kill the engine in advanced mode. Going over 20km/h in deep water will slowly damage the engine in advanced mode. (This is an increase over the manual's recommended 8km/h limit due to practical limitations.)
Added a solid green camo, with the green canvas being used on the woodland skin.
Added color-matched cargo bench seat textures.
Added a fording exhaust model.
The quad bike should now fit in the back of the truck.
Improved engine sound config, engine should make noise when idling now.

Fixed transparency bug with vehicle windows.
Added a toggle-able fording kit air intake, use the "fordingkit_hide" animationSource, or the virtual garage. There is no exhaust model yet.
Added optional support for Boxloader's "drive-on" system.
Added pseudo-realistic fording simulation. Vanilla's misbehaving fatal fording depth value is now 1000m.
Without the fording kit, exceeding 0.76m of water depth at the engine will slowly damage it, and submerging the air intake at 1.3m depth will kill the engine. With the fording kit(default), submerging the air intake at 1.9m depth will kill the engine. You can repair the engine after this, unlike in vanilla.

Fixed engine sounds being in a format only supported by RC/dev branch.

Added license file.


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- vurtual's vehicle base

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